I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, June 16, 2011



Through Shellee-Kim Gold

I’ve been wondering about material practicalities and what to take with me when the time comes to make a quick escape by car from my valley on the coast or am guided to one of Star Fleet’s beams. Then I started thinking about what they have on board…

This is what I heard from someone by the name of Tara of the New Jerusalem ship. We have not (consciously) chatted before, but she says we have in other/dreamtime. She refers to herself only as an ‘on-board facilitator’.

TARA: You will be permitted to take one item of luggage or bag. If it goes through the beam, good and well. If not, you will have to leave it behind.
Athough, once on board, none of your material possessions will be necessary as we have the technology to recreate your own homes and the things that gave you the illusion of comfort and security. We do this for your own well-being and for your initial adaptation to our surrounds.

SK: What about our own personal clothing?

T: You may bring your own clothing, but you will far prefer to wear our own, which we will provide for you. Each will be provided a garment/s that will fit and reflect his/her station. This means according to what you have accomplished spiritually thus far in your lives, so you are given the appropriate garb to wear which reflects these accomplishments. This then informs others and helps them to more easily identify you and your place, so to speak.

The garments feel alive on the skin and radiate Light and Love, meaning your entire being will feel resonant in them, providing a sense of comfort and well-being, as with all else you experience here.

Please understand this is not a question of judgement of you by us in any way, nonetheless there is a hierarchy and protocols that are most definitely observed here also, as on your world.

Remember, many of the mother ships are absolutely enormous and are worlds in themselves. As is ours.

SK: Talk to me please about our domestic pets.

T: Do not fear or have worries about your four cats. As has been mentioned many times to you previously by numerous beings, they will be safe. And you have been told specifically how you and they will assisted.

Pets will be taken to a specific place on board where they will be cared for. You are free to visit them anytime you like, and to spend as much time with them as you deem fit.

SK: Can we take them around with us and have them close to us, as in our surface homes?

T: It is preferred that the different species (pets and humans) stay separately so that a co-dependant relationship cannot develop. We see this as unhealthy in the development of both. But in emergency situations we do and will make such interaction available for mutual benefit.

There are beings who’s choice of service and work is to interact with the animals constantly, and that is different. Of course, we know this is very different than the approach you take with your animals on your world.

SK: Because of what I’ve been experiencing since the end of May (will elaborate on this in an upcoming personal piece in ‘Diary of A Crazed Ascensionist' category), I recently asked someone from the Inner Earth I was chatting to about celebrating through dancing and music-making. Can you elaborate on the type of music you listen and dance to, and is it that different from the IE?

T: Our music is composed and selected, as you were told by your IE contact, especially for the purpose of feeding the body and soul a particular frequency. In accordance with our objective and the mood we are trying to achieve on a musical occasion, so we employ different focuses musically to enhance the experience. Through dancing, we then ground this into our physical bodies, whether its a light and elevated, earthy or energized mood we’re celebrating.
We utilize the power of sound in its entirety to unite with our God Selves and each other. Creating and experiencing this is vastly different from how you enjoy music on the surface of Earth. We have room only for the harmonious tones, rather than any inharmonious ones, as these are not beneficial.

The Inner Earth have based their music largely on our models. With a little modification here and there to suit their specific circumstances, but essentially it is the same.

Everything we have and do is designed to raise our frequencies and vibration. This way we are constantly enhancing our harmony within, in order to perform that much greater a service to our brethren. In whichever capacity we so choose to do it.

SK: Anything else you’d like to add?

T: Those of your loved ones that will be accompanying you on the journey going forward with the Earth Mother will be quickly and easily able to be located in your new environments. We would like to put your hearts and minds at rest on this one. As we see this as a chief source of concern for those who are taking this route.

SK: I have a lot more questions in mind(I’m often teased about being the Interrogator), but will give you a break for now. ;-)

T: Certainly, ‘O Questioning One’ *grins*. I will be available anytime to answer any further questions you have about life on board.

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.