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I AM Present

Friday, October 18, 2013


Hi All

I've been using many of these listed items this year for healing of ailments and general improved health and well-being. The compilation also includes plants, trees and weeds useful for nutrition. What's amazing is so many of these are either free or very cheap...here and in numerous other countries, by all accounts and some of what I've seen on the net.

Foraging in fields kind of gets me excited (when I know what I'm looking for and don't end up poisoning myself!) because it really gives a sense of self-sufficiency. And gets me feeling closer to the Earth Mama.

A tip I follow: if you're foraging and not sure whether a plant is edible or poisonous, rub it on your lips and if they tingle, burn or go numb, assume the plant is poisonous.



Both chronic/acute sufferers of a range of illnesses and ailments could benefit from many of these listed items when the SHTF. And will prevent panic particularly when depended-upon pharmaceutical drugs are no longer available. In addition to helping solve all manner of personal and household difficulties when we’re down to brass tacks and in survival mode:

Bicarbonate of Soda. It regulates PH, so there's a whole range of benefits on this one - google it.

You can mix it to a liquidy paste with water for use as a shampoo and a drier one for a face and body scrub/soap substitute. And use a damp cloth to remove residue from body. Even the most ultra dry skins like mine are in for a huge treat when you feel the results…SOFT skin like no cream’s ever been able to produce.

It doesn’t end there because Bicarb also doubles as a toothpaste powder. I use it dry and combined with turmeric (excellent anti-inflammatory for abscesses, sensitive/bleeding gums, general oral hygiene) for that. And then apply a dab of dry Baking Powder to finish off - which whitens the teeth.
And for those who can’t do without deodorant, even in an emergency: sprinkle on your armpits to substitute.

It's also great as an insect bite antidote (mixed with a little water). And for washing those kitchen dishes, it cuts grease on dishes, pans and pots. And can be used as a scrub to clean the latter. As well as a floor cleaner, diluted with water. And on and on, because these are just a handful of its many uses…
For much more

Charcoal powder. Anyone making a fire, even once, will be able to make their own charcoal powder easily that can help self or others rectify food poisoning, diarrhea/dysentery, infections, flu fevers and fibroids, amongst others. What's more, it's extremely fast acting. And it’s safe for your animals too. Google others’ success stories with this.
I used to use this quite often for food poisoning and hangovers. I'm hypersensitive, so 2 glasses of wine inevitably produced a hangover for me the next day-practically every time. But with a couple of charcoal tabs, I'd be brought back to a happy state within 15 mins or so. Essentially carbon, charcoal neutralises poisons, cleanses, deodorises and disinfects, amongst others.
In a poultice, it works magically on mosquito, spider, snake or other insect bites. More importantly for an emergency situation, I’ve just discovered that ordinary charcoal from your own home fire will do the trick. Although activated charcoal is made from coconut shell, peat, sawdust, coal and others as starting materials, using wood alone can still be effective. This is another FREE healing agent that’s easy to make and use and is everywhere.

See 1/2 of the way down the page here to DIY:

3. Turmeric powder (the pure one). Again, so very many benefits, including being an anti-inflammatory. One is as a poultice for wounds, including on and for hurt pets. Take note that it stains all it comes into contact with a bright yellow!


4. Cayenne pepper. A century or so ago doctors never went anywhere without it. And for those with emergency heart-related situations, including attacks, a relatively small amount can remedy these quickly. It also stops all kinds of internal bleeding.


5. Apple Cider Vinegar. Again, too many benefits, both externally and internally to mention all. Basically, like Bicarb, it also helps the body to maintain a good alkaline PH level.
But a couple of pointers for a SHTF scenario. If you run out of your regular conditioner and don’t have Bicarb either, use a couple of tablespoons diluted 50/50 with water as one. The result on hair’s great!
And it's another great wound-healer as well as an excellent energy-providing tonic ( diluted 50/50 ACV to water).
And those with pets will want to know that it's an excellent flea repellent when combed deeply into your pet's fur (50/50 ACV to water) once or twice daily. Keep it going until your feline/canine friends scratch no more...


6. Stinging nettle tea. Infuse by pouring boiling water over the leaves in a lidded pot/jar for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight) before drinking. You can also cook to deactivate sting in stem/leaves and eat as a vege. This is super helpful to those with respiratory ailments. And has helped relieve asthma sufferers that I've recommended it with just a few cups a day. Good to know when meds/pumps may not be available. It also helps tremendously with all manner of women's menstrual and hormonal problems and generally nourishes the body in a multitude of ways. As well as being good for kidney problems and helping with sinus issues. It's packed with all sorts of vitamins and nutrients, in addition to magnesium, amongst many others...


7. Dandelion: is known as a superfood for good reason. In western countries it also has a negative association as a weed and it grows in so very many countries, so very easy to find as a food/nutritional source in an emergency. You can make a tea by pouring boiling water over leaves, roots, flowers. But DON'T BOIL up mixture; it can destroy the plant's good stuff. I like to leave mine overnight to infuse. Alternatively, and for hungry people, eat all parts of it raw (after washing)to fill you up. Younger leaves will taste more bitter.
Some benefits


8. Moringa Tree (aka Miracle or Malunggay Tree). Another superfood and source of much your body will need to survive in a SHTF scenario. I've got powder as the tree isn't native to my country. But grows in lots of countries; grows widely in India and the Phillippines – called Malunggay there. You can eat the leaves straight from the trees; quite palatable and gives you great energy, as well as the bark. I’ve also seen it grows in the US.



9. Liquid Iodine. I’m excited as I’ve just (re) discovered this and have been using a little bottle that’s stood a good few years in my bathroom. Besides helping to purify water, this can be an excellent help in emergency treatments. Iodine’s necessary to help regulate the thyroid gland, which in turn helps in so many areas physically as well as with mental agility, depression and is said to work on certain chakras, aiding with emotional releases, according to numerous reports. It's a potent anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti- cancer agent.
In addition to preventing against the toxic effects of radioactive materials, it helps with sinusitis, tonsilitis, cholesterol, stys, manic depression, shrinking fibroids and could improve vision. For maximum efficacy, it needs enough selenium (brazil nuts; dandelion tea; stinging nettle tea) to work its miracles. All this, in addition to being a fast wound healer.
There's different types you can take. I don’t take the ingestible liquid but the one for topical use only that colours everything a mustard yellow. I paint mine on with an ear bud daily to a thin-skinned part of the body for easy absorption - like inner upper thighs or inner upper arm area. People often paint right over the area of the body/organ they’re having a problem with. If you have too little iodine in your body, the colour will fade out altogether within 4/5 hours on your painted skin. If you're still yellow 24 hours later, your body has adequate iodine.


These have been some of my experiments and research this year. Hope some find something useful from this list of free/cheap emergency treatments and solutions.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello All!

Although written in 2010, this piece is still relevant, or even more so than it was then. Especially considering the timeless zone our celestial friends seem to occupy. And how the interminable delays in manifestation have been very much a part of both their journeys and ours.

In any event, I really resonated with this of Denise's as union with my HS (who I call Loony - not short for 'lunatic', but for 'balloon', btw)has been the serious life-prep theme of the past month or two.

Basically, she/they are anchoring in now...or finishing off that process after all these years of tough slogging...

And I loved Denise's descriptive analogies!

In lip-biting anticipation

In typical Denise fashion I perceive receive higher complex information and large concepts in almost embarrassingly simplified ways. This is why I write the way I do; I cut to the chase and go for the bottom line because I usually don’t perceive receive all the detailed filler information such as names, sub-zones, levels and such. It isn’t all that important to me in all honesty. Once I have perceived some main aspects of certain Bigger Pictures, I don’t need all the names and complex finer details. I perceive receive the overall gist and feel of what’s happening, why and when.

I’ve decided to write this exactly as I perceived/received this information and not do as much interpreting, explaining and defining of reality as I usually try to do. We’re all needing to evolve to where we don’t depend on certain people and/or systems and/or only our left-brained intellect to define reality for us. After thousands of years of deliberate dark BS, lies and distortions from lower frequency people and global systems, we’ve reached spiritual adulthood now and need to start defining reality for ourselves. The body and brain rewiring will enable us to do this and much more.

I’d like you to see in your mind’s eye exactly what I’ve seen, felt and know about the 09-09-09 through 12-21-12 transitions because I believe it’s how more of us are going to be perceiving/receiving higher Light information/knowledge now; decreased linear words (telepathic and physically written/spoken), with increased visual symbols as large chunks of complex Light information. Below are two highly simplified symbolic visual information concepts about the 10-10-10 energy stair step transition that I perceived/received a while ago. Actually it’s not only the triple ten’s of Oct. 10, 2010. Another level or phase (within the ongoing Ascension Process) was activated via the 09-09-09 of Sept. 9, 2009, and will continue to unfold quickly and dramatically now through the 10-10-10, and the 11-11-11, and the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 remaining important energy transitions. See, feel and know these two symbolic visuals and interpret this phase of The Process for yourself.

In your mind’s eye envision a massive dense rain forest from overhead as if you were in an airplane looking down on it. There is absolutely nothing down there but dense trees and other thick vegetation. No cleared areas whatsoever, no roads, absolutely nothing but thick, dark, dense, scary and impenetrable rain forest. Do you see it? Can you hear the airplane’s little engine running far up above? Can you see the vast and dense rain forest below you? See it, hear it, feel it and hold it in your inner mind’s eye and heart as you keep reading, feeling and knowing.

The pilot of this small plane has one very important passenger on-board who desires to land in that dense Earth forest. Problem is, there’s absolutely no place to land the plane, and this very important passenger must land and step off on to the ground. This passenger will not parachute, but must land and touch the ground in this precise way. So the pilot and his very important passenger continue flying in large slow circles overhead, searching, waiting, searching far and wide, hoping to find a small landing strip somewhere below in the massive denseness.


You have a burning, unrelenting cosmic soul NEED to carve out a landing strip in the middle of a dense, dark, rain forest by yourself. WTF! Really? Do you realize how insanely difficult and dangerous that’s going to be? Are you aware that you may not be able to complete the landing strip in time for the small airplane to land? Shit… Hum… No, I can do it. It’s what I do and do very well so cheerio, fuck-it-all, I’m carving out a damned landing strip in the middle of a massive dense, dark rain forest alone and by-hand and I absolutely will not stop until it is completed!

Amazingly you’ve succeeded in carving out a large magnificent landing strip in the middle of a dense rain forest. You are however all cut up, bruised and bloody, beat to hell, unimaginably exhausted, and you just wanna sit down now and have a good long hard cry and little Pity Party for yourself. Go ahead, you’ve earned it for gawd sakes! You carved out a freaking landing strip in the middle of a dense dark jungle where angels fear to tread! Have that hard-earned, gut-wrenching, snot-flying, deep soul sobbing cry and be proud because you did it despite the enormous difficulties and dangers involved. (This fellow Lightworking Path Pavers represents Phase One of the Ascension Process which I’m sure you recognize.)

So there you are in all your Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower/Pathpaver dirty, bloody and beat-up glory sitting exhausted and crying on your damned fine-looking landing strip in the middle of a dense—but now much brighter—rain forest. You wait and wait and wait there for months, then years, but no one comes. Insert more intense and dejected crying, confusion, anger and short periods of self-doubt here.

Then, one day you hear it… the ever so faint sound of a small airplane flying overhead far in the distance. OMG, could it be? Is The Great Day finally here? You bet your sweet Lightworker, Path Paving, tired Old Soul ass it’s finally here!

‘Da plane, da plane…’ your weary and nearly broken mind sings excitedly to you like a spiritual joke from that old TV show Fantasy Island. You hear the small plane finally approaching and you know its going to land on your beloved landing strip. Deep inside you also know that the real fun will start now. You glance at your watch to check the date and time and sure enough, it’s 10-10-10. Oh man, here it finally comes after all these brutal, isolated, painful and dangerous years of intense prep work.

See this next symbolic scenario in your mind’s eye and High Heart too for you already know all this but maybe haven’t put all the puzzle pieces together yet.

You’ve got very special company coming to visit you soon so you start the massive house cleaning, yard cleaning, window washing, buffing and polishing, washing and everything cleaning in preparation. This is so exciting and rare, but it is going to take plenty of time and serious energy-consuming cleaning and clearing work to get your house, yard, and yourself ready for the arrival of your very special company.

You start the massive cleaning, clearing and trash removal work on your house—inside and out—and in your yard too. You’ve got plenty of time to get it all done before your company arrives, however, you know your back is going to hurt like all hell doing it all, that you’re going to become profoundly tired and in a lot of extra pain and stress trying to do so much work, so much cleaning, so much polishing and prep work for this special company that’s coming. It doesn’t matter…you dive into all your cleaning and clearing work despite the extra aches, pains and fatigue that it causes your physical body and everything else. You rest when you can and get back to the intense cleaning and clearing work day after day. On top of all this, you still have your daily regular life’s work and chores that also need to be tended to, but you manage to get it all done somehow.

It’s slow going and there’s far more dirt and mess than you realized was there, but you keep at it because you really are excited to have this particular company coming. It makes the long and difficult cleaning and trash removal work worth it when you think about how much fun it’s going to be once this particular company arrives.

Finally, you take a long careful look around your house both inside and out, and check the yard to make sure it’s clean and beautiful. Most all the cleaning work is done now, and despite your being absolutely exhausted after endless months of cleaning and prep work, your house, yard and everything else is looking and feeling exceptionally nice, clean, tidy and ready for your very special company. You glance at your calendar one more time to check the date to see how long before your company arrives and you discover it’s only a few days now. 10-10-10 is right around the corner and your special company will begin arriving then. (This represents an aspect of Phase Two let’s call it, of more Ascension work during 2009 and 2010 up to now.)

You smile in anticipation and joy over having succeeded in carving out the difficult landing strip in the middle of the dense and nearly impenetrable rain forest on time. You smile in anticipation and joy over having succeeded in cleaning and clearing your entire house, yard, and everything else in preparation of the arrival of your special out-of-town company. And importantly, you finally understand WHO the special passenger is in the small plane that’s getting ready to land now; you understand WHO your special out-of-town company is that’s arriving with the 10-10-10 energies. You finally understand WHY you were so obsessed about carving a landing strip in the middle of a dense rain forest by yourself (the old lower 3D world). You finally understand WHY you were so obsessed about cleaning and clearing your entire house and yard (the transmuting and resolving polarity, karma, and all lower frequency energies within yourself, mind, heart, and bodies that was Phase One of the Ascension Process). All of this long, painful, and incredibly difficult prep work was absolutely necessary so that higher aspects of YOU could even land and/or come and visit you now…be embodied.

10-10-10 is the start of this intense phase of us embodying, continuously housing within our physical bodies more of US that has always existed at higher dimensions. You know why this can finally happen because you’ve done all the insanely difficult and painful work/cleaning/clearing for over a decade! Since 09-09-09 we’ve been inching our ways towards finally having these next particular transitions happen. The 10-10-10, the 11-11-11 and the two 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 stair steps/portals/gates are the last three important Ascension Process transitions we have to journey through. (There’s more than just these three but they’re huge in what and why!)

The plane is finally landing; our special company is finally arriving via these remaining 10-10-10 and beyond energy increments or stair steps. Guess how amazing and easily creative it’s going to be to literally embody so much more of YOU (the pilot, his special passenger, your special company, plus you who did all the cleaning and landing strip prep work) in-body on the new 5D Earth from here on out? Hey, that sounds like your doorbell ringing… you’d better get it.

Denise Le Fay

October 8, 2010

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zionist rabbi Dov Lior calls for building ‘camel stables’ for Arabs elsewhere so holy land is ‘cleansed of terrorists’

Hello good people!

It's almost always with dismay and a sinking heart I read about the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people.
For decades they have endured; had their land pillaged and plundered, been raped, tortured, imprisoned and murdered unjustly. And continue surviving as the victims of racism by Israel on land that remains essentially theirs, the Palestinians.
All while the plots and ploys of the Elite continue to hold those people and that region in a state of ongoing, unresolved tension. This IS their game, after all...

It ends only when that fraction of humanity's controlling Zionist Khazarian psychopaths (who are barely concerned with publicly passing themselves off as human anymore in their final, desperate gasps of Life!) are once and for all removed from the face of this beautiful planet.

Then, and only then, does this region, along with the rest of the troubled world, have a chance at rebuilding towards the sovereignty and peace all the peoples of this earth so richly deserve.

In ongoing hope


Source: http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/zionist-rabbi-dov-lior-calls-for-building-camel-stables-for-arabs-elsewhere-so-holy-land-is-cleansed-of-terrorists/

Times of Israel

“We are not far from seeing the day when our land is cleansed from terrorists,” said Rabbi Dov Lior, the prominent, controversial, nationalist chief rabbi of the Hebron-area settlement of Kiryat Arba.

The rabbi was speaking Thursday following a tour with several Jewish visitors at the Temple Mount, the religious site holy to Jews and Muslims in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Lior’s statements were broadcast Sunday evening by Channel 10 TV.

The rabbi was outlying his “vision” for access to the site, which is restricted for non-Muslims, according to Israeli law. The Temple Mount is controlled by the Muslim Wakf, but security is overseen by Israel. Non-Muslims are allowed to visit, according to instructions by security forces, but all non-Muslim religious ritual is banned.

“Our generation is charged with reclaiming the Temple Mount” and returning its sovereignty to the people, Lior said.

One of the most outspoken religious leaders supporting the Jewish claim to the entire Land of Israel, Lior added that he didn’t know “how to get rid of them [Arabs]. We’re not far from seeing the day where our lands are cleansed of terrorists and their supporters. They can go to Saudi Arabia.”

“I’m not saying we shouldn’t help them from a humanitarian point of view. If need be, we’ll build stables for their camels. In Saudi Arabia. Not here,” he added.

In 2011, Lior made very similar comments, calling Arabs “camel riders” and “wolves” who “hate peace,” adding that they should be given the “right of return” to places like Saudi Arabia.

Lior is affiliated with the hard-right Tekumah party, which merged with Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home before the elections earlier this year.

Tensions on the Temple Mount have been running high in recent months, especially during the period of the Jewish High Holidays, when non-Muslim worshipers and tourists planned to visit the site. On several occasions, clashes between Palestinian worshipers and Israel Police forces broke out in protest of such visits.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday that he was considering an appeal to the United Nations Security Council over what he termed as Israel’s continuous violation of Palestinian property, especially the Temple Mount, as well as ongoing settler violence in the West Bank.

“Israel has no right to split up the Al-Aqsa Mosque, neither physically nor in terms of prayer times,” Abbas said, and stressed that “all East Jerusalem is Palestinian.”