I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, May 22, 2016



Doubt is a disease – of the mind and the heart; of the mental and emotional bodies.
It does what all diseases do... it becomes an all-pervading force that weakens the entire system. It erodes the immunity of the being and accumatively and eventually, even may impact negatively upon the physical body – as with many diseases.

Doubt is the opposite of authentic confidence.
Lack of confidence = lack of trust.
Lack of trust= lack of faith
...in God and Self both - as both are One.

In doubt things are shaky and wavering – by its very nature.
Therefore nothing can ever be firm in commitment or consistency, making choosing a new and better way of being almost an impossibility.
In this state, consistent God Knowing will always be kept at bay.

This is some of the power that doubt has over our lives – if we allow it.

When we are in doubt within we are also in rejection of ourselves, unable to accept certain parts of us. If we reject ourselves, we are not in ownership fully of ourselves and therefore cannot freely command our lives as the creators we naturally are.
Thus leading to a bumpy ride instead of the smooth flow of Life that manifests easily when we embrace all of ourselves.

Like all other aspects and patterns of behaviour sourced in fear that are required to be brought into balance within us that we may progress onwards and upwards, this catch-22 is one that will keep repeating until we acknowledge its existence. Only then can we begin understanding it and have the opportunity to change its impact. If we desire it enough.
Ranging from uncomfortable to downright painful, how doubt’s limitations play out in our lives is a good thing as we have pointers as to the direction we each need to go in.

What is it that stands behind your particular brand of self doubt?

Is it the be-lie-f you’ve told yourself that you were unlovable deep down? Since your (then) all-powerful parents/caregivers reiterated that repeatedly in verbal or non-verbal terms to you, it must have been true. Right? And you’ve been clinging to it ever since.

Or was it that you were made to feel and be-lie-ve you were undeserving and unworthy – of life, God, joy and everything that’s good and is your birthright? And so you erroneously spent your life playing that misperception of self out.

Or perhaps parents/care givers – who we looked to as gods in childhood - told you (not necessarily directly, but often in subtle messaging) that you were just not good enough.
Even if they didn’t, maybe that’s what you ended up feeling about yourself. And perhaps you became an A-grade student and something of an over achiever to compensate. Or you might have played this feeling out at the other extreme by being a ‘world failure’ in one sense or another.
At some level, you thought and felt you were living up to expectations of you. Living 'down to' describes it better.

Neither the over-achiever nor the failure are real and true, of course. Yet, that’s never stopped the feeling from overwhelming you and deciding your life for you.

Doubt and misperception of the self manifests in a myriad of ways and means from one individual to the next.
Ultimately, doubting the self is great at getting us to feel ‘lesser’ about ourselves in some or many areas of our reaction, behavior and expression.

Essentially, we rejected our True whole Self early on in life. And try as we might have, we just could not accept ourselves. At the very deepest levels, doubt continued to stir up trouble for us, separating us from self at any and every turn, often exacerbating our denial.

However we scripted our individual attachments to a doubt-filled identity, we made it a part of our reality and part of our daily interactions with and in the world.
There was a level of comfort in it; it was something we could identify with even if it was destructive.

Yet it was all part of the establishing of the falsehood of us; a moving away from the truth of our real selves from early on. It’s where we found some crazy, misguided sense of validation and approval (even in feeling disapproved of!) from our external sources that helped in laying our foundations.

These lies and be-lie-fs we clung to became the places within we gave our power away to. In turn, opening the door in our external worlds to lacks, limitations, fears and worries.

It all starts and ends with the negative self-talk we feed ourselves continuously.
So much a part of the many thoughts and feelings that pass through us on any given day, it takes a certain amount of inner discipline to first be aware of these, and then choose to take charge of and over them.

The objective being that once we are conscious of them, we can ‘catch’ these oft-imperceptible thoughts and feelings in action, choose to let them go and replace them with new thoughts or feelings aligned to our God Selves. Or just return ourselves to that place of truth within. Our real identity.

The good news is that this may be a lot easier to do at this time than any other time on earth. Besides, every moment of every day is an opportunity to choose our reality anew. There is never anything we cannot change or perceive in more balanced fashion. Sometimes its just 'a step to the left' that's required, which may take some of us decades to eventually understand, while others may get it in a short period.

Ultimately it's a question of knowing the obstacles, choosing to let them go and then applying whatever exercise/technique individually resonates for bringing in new, authentic, positive thoughts and feelings about ourselves. This way we can move into new and better choices.

If we don’t want to do this we stay locked into victim mode – the opposite of feeling and being the Sovereign gods and goddesses we are. Being victims mean we cannot or will not take full ownership and responsibility for our lives and what we create.

And this is one of the reasons we came to this time-space, after all. To be examples of what living in full acceptance of all of us looks like and to stand tall as beings confident and True in our God Selves for others.

We came to share of our Knowing, which is the opposite of doubt.
And we came to integrate ourselves in a world of polarity.

I can’t bear rap music as a rule but this Prince EA guy speaks of no “‘kinda’ wanting something” in this inspirational recording and speaks about DOUBT as the ‘thief in the night that is after your dreams…called doubt’ (starts about at 2.20 in)

I love it! (But to be real at the same time he also collaborated with one of the criminal multinationals, Nestle, for the vid)