I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


[I received this on the 16/12 and have been reluctant to post it. During my activation period of the past six months my telepathic abilities have been somewhat fuzzy. Although I’ve received quite a bit, I’ve not been able to identify the origins of some messages. This one included. However, I have recently been assured this new, collective unknown voice is of the Lighted realms. And that’s good enough for me.]

There is much we wish to bring you at this time. Events on the horizon of all of your lives are to change…for good. Take that in both senses of the phrase.
For, in fact, the due date has now been reached. And the moment of change is upon you.

It is encumbent on each one of you reading here to rise to the challenges that are to present themselves to you. This you already know. What you perhaps don’t know is some of us will be joining with some of you.

SK:Which means what exactly?

This means we will also physically be at your sides. To assist and advise and offer our support in numerous other ways, as may be required. Our expertise will be on tap, so to speak.
This will be a life-changing experience for us all via these many upcoming partnerships. It is to be an invaluable period of co-creation and learning. And we would ask that all be open and receptive to the opportunities that come your way in this. It will certainly be an honour and a great gift to partake of such.
Some of these partnerships have been long planned, while others have recently been agreed upon. We would also ask these ones involved to treat these relationships with the due reverence they deserve. Remember, we will be as unfamiliar with your ways of doing things in your world as you will be with ours. And while we come to assist you out of love and in service, know that we are come as the equivalent of you ones bearing the Light on earth. We too now come to witness, experience, learn and partake of the soon-to-be-unfolding new world. And we do need each other here.
You are not expected to go it alone. Although it will be you of earth that will be doing the work of building anew. Nontheless, our presence will be ever constant.

Tools and technology that we will bring with us will be shared with those at the level of responsibility enough to use these for the benefit of humankind and to help raise one another. And not for the purpose of exploitation, greed and as a means of power to have and hold over others. This will not for a second be tolerated.
Should it occur that tools or technology have been placed in the hands of those who waver or turn away from their commitment of service to the whole, that which those ones have been gifted with will be immediately withdrawn to protect all concerned.

There will be no place for faltering, particularly amongst the Lightbearers, the forthcoming leaders and wayshowers. It is imperative that integrity and service to others be at the heart from which all things spring. The driving force behind all things, if you like.

Not all of you will be gifted tangibly. Some will. Yet this does not make those who have the gifts better than those who don’t. Or those who haven’t received these as lesser-thans. It is merely a question of already agreed upon contracts, the level of responsibility the soul is willing to carry and the ability to remain unaffected by external ‘power’ identification.

Ultimately, what is to come forth will be regarded as an enormous boost, a leg up, into the new world. When worlds end and begin again, there is always a certain amount of chaos to be expected. And this is what our role will be for, amongst the others already mentioned, to assist through the coming chaotic moments. We see this, with your assistance, as being handled relatively smoothly during the interim period after the major stasis.

There will be upheavals, of course, but with your guidance and calm, we see the residents of the new world adapting fairly well to the enormous upcoming changes in every area and on every level of their living experience.

For you ones, you forerunners, it will of course be remembered for being the most exciting time of being present in the physical human form. One where advancements are made in leaps and bounds, both personally and in worldly terms. And one where obstacles you have known all your lives will seemingly be no more. This is not to say you will suddenly have a ready-made instant nirvana of a society. Far from it. Yet it will be apparent that progress is consistently being made.

Your world has not chosen to evolve instantly, but evolve it will. It will be exactly at the pace that you pioneers will be most comfortable with. And you ones shall show the rest how to do this.

This is all we would like to leave with you this day.

We thank this one for opening herself to do this with us.

And we greet each one of you with great love and joy
In anticipation of our meeting

Thursday, December 23, 2010


A Mass Interdimensional Psy-Ops Programme?

Shellee-Kim Gold

If I happened to be home on a Sunday, whenever I could I would watch potential Christians on television about to be ‘saved’. Those downtrodden, depressed, diseased, et al who had arrived looking to the charismatic minister preaching sometimes to thousands in an auditorium or stadium for their salvation.

The entire process fascinated me for years. Why? Because I was never sure whether yet another soul had, in fact, just (spiritually) died and been born again to Jesus. Or whether an entirely more sinister drama had unwittingly been given permission by these innocents to unfold. While the ritualistic laying on of hands occurred – more often while the latest human church acquisition was in the process of an emotional breakdown – I would be watching very carefully. When the person was asked whether they accepted Jesus into their life and heart and they answered ‘yes’, essentially what they were doing was laying down of their sacred free will.

Not unlike the disciple in India making a commitment to serve her/his guru, his philosophy and all he represents, in exchange for the much-touted peace that the disciple claims to then experience. It’s an exchange of energy that takes place. Whether conducted through the above Christian ritual or the more subtle, new age varieties.

My big burning question regarding Christians, though, has always been: ‘Giving over of their free will so overtly to what?’ I’m not doubting something potent and energetic at an ethereal/astral level takes place when these new Christians supposedly ‘give’ themselves to JC. Yet, after feeling ambiguous about it for ages, what I currently intuit and feel clairsentiently is that this power is not and never has been anything that relates to the powers of Light and the Creator God/dess of this planet.
I sense this is part of an elaborate hoax, eons worth of programming at an incredibly deep level of humanity's psyche. A hoax that has used the (re-written) bible to justify its existence. And the astral imposters impersonating g(o)odness during this born-again metaphysical experience and the sensations visited on these ones, are all means to the darker dimensions harvesting unwitting souls for their own lethal and psychically-imprisoning ends.

It certainly seems I’m not alone in my opinions. This is one of numerous related postings by an anonymous poster I found on GLP (godlikeproductions – a conspiracy website) that resonated like hell, ringing some serious bells for me:

“When people project their hopes, fears, desires, etc onto a spiritual target like "Jesus" or any other visualized image, the figure takes on these vibrations on an astral level and becomes a repository of the energy they have projected.

For 2000 years now people have poured their selfish desires into this thought form of "Jesus". This visualized being has received all the negative vibrations from events like the crusades, witch burnings, use to justify the reign of corrupt kings and tyrants, forced conversion of indigenous peoples, and countless other horrors. Even selfish prayer for worldly purposes and personal wealth has added to the torrent of dark psychospiritual energy flowing into this astral vortex.

The result on the astral level is a gigantic, horiffic and evil energy being that feeds vampirically off it's worshippers and harvests their souls. The true God does not have a human image or visual form; it is too far above the manifest realm of concrete images or manlike figures. DO NOT BE TRICKED by a thought-form that is steeped in millennia of negative energy. It has taken on it's own life now and craves souls to consume”.

Apart from what may be going on astrally when these folk give their souls over to their ‘saviour’, there are many other disturbing common denominators they share that have always aroused suspicion in me. Now I’m not saying the above is not true of all the other religious and spiritual paths and their adherents. It’s merely that Christians behave differently than any other of these toward the rest of the ‘non-believing’ world. And subsequently many non-Christians become highly offended at what they perceive as invasive, fear-mongering tactics by bible-punchers.
But is this not all done ‘at the Lord’s insistence’? Then we should ask: who is the Lord?

I’ve heard constantly how the Lord guides his flock to convert and ‘save’ members of the public (even if it means violating the free will of another in the process). And how dissing anything and everything that is not in alignment with the biblical take on everything from evolution to spiritual practices and everything else in between is not being closed-minded, but just unrelated to ‘true’ spirituality.

Yet, no matter how the ‘spirit’ has moved powerfully in the lives of Christians as they claim, when they feel threatened by viewpoints different from their own, recalcitrant in their own self-righteousness and 100% comfortable in overriding another’s free will, it all smacks to me of way less than the forces of Light at work. And then there’s that arrogance of ‘our spiritual way or the highway (to hell)’ syndrome.

In my understanding and experience, no known forces of authentic Light working through a human heart and god-mind can possibly express in this manner. The way of the Lighted realms is always encouraging, allowing, a gentle, non-judgemental/accepting approach of others and their choices. It’s also, above and beyond all else, the way of completely honouring the free will of human beings. This is, in part, what the Christ consciousness expression is.

Therefore, if Christ was in the hearts of these ones would there be a need for these many fear-mongering and manipulative tactics? A need to use emotional bribery or blackmailing tactics, coercion, honing in on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of an-other, all in order to reel them into becoming born-again Christians?

Perhaps it is at some level they themselves are in doubt that their chosen god and associated beliefs are actually authentic. Or is it the force which governs them moves them to obediently haul in more lambs to the mass astral-energetic spiritual slaughter house? Or a combo of both?

For me, this all boils down to a single word or e-motion: FEAR. And If you’re in Fear, you cannot be basking in the higher, more liberated frequencies of Love.

I’ve singled out this faith here as there is no other established authodox religion that responds to the rest of the ‘unbelieving’ world in quite the same way.
I know this from personal experience as I’ve travelled extensively around the globe and into both the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhism and other worlds of alternative spiritualities.

More than anything else, the ‘unbelieving’ world continues to have great difficulty in the extreme judgementalism of the Christian expression. Frankly, I don’t see how it’s possible to be in this state of (lower) mind and still be preaching godly teachings, as they contradict each other. Whatever lower mind state or quality perpetuates in our expression is a red alert as to how we feel about ourselves. Therefore if Christianity bring the peace and freedom so many proclaim, why would so many of them still remain in a state of judgement=self-judgement? Authentic feelings of peace and freedom go hand-in-hand with acceptance. First of your own self and then of those around you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Going Forward Doubt-Free

Since last year I’ve thought we’d not be making it on the planet beyond Christmas 2010. Or Christ-mess as someone called it. I’ve even been silly enough to invite the skeptics and critics amongst me to throw ‘vrot’ (bad) tomatoes at me, if overt signs of change on this planet hadn't happened by year end.

But perhaps that outcome has also shifted somewhat now. And the ever-unfolding drama that is our journey to becoming more Hu-man takes on yet further unanticipated twists and turns. So what is it that I've been waiting for? As if you didn’t already know…

Seemingly as easily as the wind changes direction, so does our course appear to, here in the density of this plane. In any event, it still comes on pretty good authority that the revelations about our galactic family and the purpose of human existence I have always foreseen are still to take place. This is after plans on this count have shifted back and forth over the past few years.
Yes, actually manifest on this dimension, within earshot and vision of our deeply limiting senses. What a relief!

On the plus side, the extra time spent waiting has provided some great opportunities for the further developing of those much-needed qualities such as patience, acceptance and surrender within me. I’m getting the image of a piece of metal being lovingly worked to transform it into a more desirable form.

I was just thinking the other day how much of my life’s longings have been played out outside of this body (in parallel and etheric existences). Which has naturally bred immense dissatisfaction. How many of you feel similarly? This is mainly because I’ve had the misfortune of actually remembering a lot of these potentials-in both visions and dreamtime. I say misfortune because as far as this goes, the ‘ignorance is bliss’ maxim is definitely preferable! Yes, choices not taken, not made and opportunities subsequently missed on both the relationship and work front of my life have cruelly made themselves known to me. What in the goddess’s name has my Hissy (pet name for my Higher Self) been thinking here? I say enough with the torment already. Alright, I admit that some of this has been self-imposed!

But drama queen histrionics aside, the good news is: I’ve acknowledged it all, mourned and grieved the last energetic remnants within of broken contracts with others and timeline journeys not taken. And most importantly, have released any regret and disappointment related to these. It's a certain step into further limitation without that happening and choosing additionally to remain in unforgiveness of self. As this too can then impact negatively on that potential timeline of your highest possible choice.

I am now what I consider to be clear and free. Yippee! And…hopefully prepared enough to never let a single opportunity further for growth and fulfillment pass me by again.
Although this sounds contradictory, I keep being told: I've now chosen a new and even better timeline than the last in the one regard. This can happen when the timeline choice involves two people and one (not me, in this instance) decides not to follow through on a mutual soul plan. In this case, as I understand it, I get an even more potent opportunity. To quote my beloved Nada in a chat of a few days ago: ‘All that you have ever dreamed of and much that you haven’t is now to occur. Seeing’s believing, LN, for this doubting Thomasina!

But doubts aside, I want to share with you some really inspirational moments I’ve experienced over the past few weeks.
I did a process granting myself permission to receive more in all aspects of my life a few weeks ago. After discovering how residual traces of the past could still be influencing me, even though I’d done the ‘work’. 24 hours after this short and what I felt was an encoded process, I had a beautiful experience. Sitting in bed and contemplating, just before going to sleep, I suddenly felt the presence of a group of around 10 people, standing in semi-circular fashion around my bed. They felt modern and looked it in their dress. I can see, hear and feel things clairsentiently and etherically. In fact, they felt like my inner earth family and friendship connections from there. Each stepped forward in an almost-sacred, ceremonial manner and placed a beautifully wrapped gift on the bed for me.

I remember one packaging in particular in an elaborate and shiny green and gold wrapping with a big gold bow. I asked what was going on. And was told these were gifts for me, of me. This group of beings, or one in particular, told me they were gifts of my own Self. My own multi-dimensional ‘gifts’ that they had been safeguarding for me, some for eons of time -as we know it on the surface. And now it was time to return them to me for my personal use and expansion. I wasn't too receptive that night and didn't get any more info from them as to their origins.

I’ve experienced something similar to the energy of this group once before. It may even have been the same folk. It was much more frightening to me then, though. It was a couple of years ago sitting on my lounge couch. I had just got through something particularly tough, obsessing about leaving the earth plane before my mission was officially complete. And I was still feeling very fragile about it all. That night my attention was half-focused on the TV when I suddenly felt this group rush. There were again a whole gang of them, seemingly rushing forward, coming at me in semi-circular fashion again. And again they felt modern. I later ruled out the possibility that they had been ancestors or dead family members. It literally felt as if they were calling me to come to or with them, or coming to fetch me to take me someplace.
I immediately went into fear and resistance, not knowing who they were or what was happening. ‘Oh my goddess’ I thought, ‘This is it, I’m about to leave my body, aaargh!’

I never did find out whatever that experience was supposed to have been about either. We were stonewalled each time I and a psychically-connected friend tried to get answers. And sadly, a disconnect between me and my inner earth family had already begun at a conscious level. Not necessarily because of that experience, but I’m sure it could have added to it.

Last Tuesday was my birthday. I still get excited about them at the ripe old age of 48, believe it or not. The day began with a friend taking me out to brunch. Our venue was a vegetarian restaurant cum art gallery overlooking a bay on the Indian ocean. It was a rare, wind-free day for our neck of the woods. We were the only diners on the balcony and as my friend and I were chatting I kept feeling urged to look up towards the sky.
Suddenly I saw psychically/etherically a dark circular dinner-plate shaped starship hovering above, over the sea. On a curved banner attached to one of its sides read the words: ‘Happy Birthday, Shellee-Kim’. I was gobsmacked, as you can imagine. No one else saw this, not even my sensitive friend. This has never happened before. And for sure that was the best birthday gift ever! With not an iota of doubt.

Magic, madness and mystery

Saturday, December 11, 2010


...about their evolution. And committed to clearing-serving on this plane.
Please read Lisa Renee's latest piece. Go to Resources - Newsletter - it's dated December 10 and called 'The Fine Print' :


It perfectly summarises the psychic hijack I experienced a short time ago. She speaks about why there's a particularly nasty wave of a collective attack on humanity right now and what we can do to protect ourselves more adequately. Lisa's focus is on the science of ascension and its effects on energy fields and the human consciousness.

Weaker attempts to derail me (and so many others around me) continue on. But with each hit, my vigilance and discernment grow ever more potent. :-) Presumably part of the lesson here.
I wrote about this under the title 'What Belongs To You And What Doesn't' in the Emotional Intelligence category recently, for those who didn't read it.

[A new piece to be posted shortly].

In magic, madness and mystery

Sunday, December 5, 2010


On Tuesday morning Lady Nada wanted me to take a message, although I only managed to connect with her that evening. I thought it was to be a public one, but it turned out to be much more personal. She was with Monjoronson and was unlike her regular calm energy - much more urgent and excitable than usual.
I’ve asked before for a 24 hr heads up for the upcoming stasis event so I can prepare. I was told things would start happening on Wednesday. And then received both a time and an image of the sun being at around the noon mark (for me) when ‘it’ began.
So on Wednesday when I suddenly felt myself being washed with that instant drugged-like sleepiness and heavy-lidded feeling by 12.30 – 1pm, I couldn’t bear it anymore and went to sleep – for 2 ½ hrs.
During the past years of prep I’ve experienced this feeling/energy numerous times. But I was so wired I hardly slept that night. And I knew it wasn’t only because I’d slept during the day. Mixed in was a fresh onslaught of body sensations, twitches and ever-changing ear tones and frequencies. The charged feeling emotionally consisted of a strange kind of joy; and it didn't feel like it was emanating altogether from my own core. Apart from my own excited anticipation (which definitely was mine), it felt like the joy was coming from both somewhere external and internal. A weird and new feeling altogether-as if I had temporarily been plugged into something that radiated joy.
Others are reporting similarly on some of the physical symptoms on a forum I visit regularly. All in all, I have a strong sense that this time it really is ‘it’.
Then on Thursday am Nada told me there had been a small hitch and something else? Had to first be in place before the events could begin playing themselves out, so to expect things a bit later on (?) now… So, again, it’s anyone’s guess I suppose, as to when things begin physically manifesting in our reality. But I still can’t help feeling that ‘it’ is upon us now…

A very important point to remember as to why many so-called predictions and plans through various channellers and telepaths keep changing in their outcome: What is seen and communicated as a seemingly-solid prediction by someone about something in that moment may in just an instant shift again, affecting that predicted outcome. Choices and determinations that would have ensured that particular predicted outcome then become null and void. Or are delayed, as in this case. Yes, sometimes even for close on a decade!!
As with our own individual choices made/not made, so the same universal laws apply at a collective and a higher level.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Shellee-Kim Gold

A few weeks ago I was hijacked again. Psycho-spiritually speaking.
I unconsciously allowed a parasitic life form to hijack me without my knowledge or awareness of it at the time. It took several days, a strange body rash, body pain and other uneasy feelings for me to finally twig. It had entered my field via an old re-opened cord of love and affection that I had had for someone I was once close to. That previous bond, emotional openness and vulnerability was all that was needed for it to successfully enter me.

A few days later of feeling decidedly strange, I identified and located the critter that had mistakenly thought its frequency-feeding fest off me was guaranteed. During those few days though, I began feeling those feelings that characterize parasitic forms. I knew those waves of panic, anxiety and fear I was feeling were not emanating from my core, from me. Although they were most definitely coming through me. It had been discovered and was none too happy! With that, I ordered it gone from my energy field. I then actually felt it being pushed up from the base of my spine in very physical waves of heat, as it shifted up and up and finally…exited out of me at my nape. With a loud pop, to boot!

The person from whom this had come had decided on a very different life path from mine in the intervening years. She had sold herself - with the influence of another with a dark agenda - to the forces of dark. And as a committed worker for the Light, I was her/their biggest threat. To have her protect and defend her current choices (from which these parasites greatly benefited), they naturally needed to keep us as far apart as often as possible in order that she be prevented from being open to any ‘light’ influence. Therefore, the physical contact often resulted, as it did that day, in bizarre and unrelated verbal attacks by her (or should I say ‘through’ her), coming seemingly out of the blue. The object, I believe, being always to get her feeling justifiably angry enough at me with the dark parasites distorting and twisting her mind with misperceptions during our conversation. She remains willfully and completely unconscious as to all that occurs within her regarding me on this count.

For the following day and a half I found myself thinking about her intensely, almost involuntarily. Not realizing these were the ‘cursing’ thoughts emanating from her/her parasites. Because I’m such an empath, I still find it tough to discern the difference between feelings that emanate from me at core, feelings and thoughts coming from others that I’m psychically and telepathically attuned to, and the auric after-effects that produce similar feelings after close contact with someone etherically/in dream time.
This is how subtle and easy the manipulation of our fields by the invisible dark parasitics can be.

In my observation, this year seems to have been subject to an even more massive orchestrated event of even greater attempts to enslave increasing numbers of humanity through these means. And we wonder why depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Some of the low-frequency feelings and conditions we think may belong to us could include chronic or recent emotional states that have descended into various conditions over time. Such as panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal compulsions, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, amongst others. And while these may now be firmly lodged within us, causing us to feel constantly in battle with ourselves, these states may never have come from us in the first place. Yet, on some level, we did ‘invite’ the dark parasitic critters in via some means or another. Whether knowingly or not. And it is our shattered personal energy or unwholeness that attracts and keeps them there. After all, this and the accompanying low-frequency emotions are their major food source.

Perhaps it happened initially as a result of our inability to let go of a destructive or harmful pattern, a person or an event from our past. It could be that as a result of that experience we felt so bad about ourselves, our feelings then transformed into self-blame and unforgiveness. And holding onto those emotions is like an open invitation at a caviar and champagne banquet for these entities and their psychic feeding frenzy.

Now more than ever, if we truly wish to consider ourselves in service to this earth, our family of humanity and other sentient species it’s imperative we’re able to discern such subtleties, boot out that which feeds off us and heal that which needs it, if we are to do so successfully.

So how do we discern what belongs to us at origin and what’s been offloaded onto us by another? And what do we do about it, more importantly?
Fear-inducing thoughts and feelings and will-weakening tactics are major specialities of service-to-self energy parasitics.

As an example, one of my clients experienced childhood sexual abuse by several people. For her, it all became self-hatred, misogyny and an eating disorder as symptoms. Her parasites were also entertwined with her partner’s, who she had been trying to leave. As he had no intention of this happening and as a master manipulator, he worked her at the level of her deepest fears as he witnessed her progress with me. And because she was still re-acting to her childhood pain, patterns just continued repeating. As long as the parasites could continue aiding her in justifying her 'victim' feelings, they had won. But they also worked through a decades-old food addiction each time she made a potential breakthrough in this and her relationship issues. Finally she chose to return to the limiting comfort of being her partner's adult-child emotional prisoner. The energetic thought forms, fears and compulsions had overwhelmed her.

Unfortunately, my dealings with her occurred just prior to my introducing parasitic cord-cutting sessions to clients. And had we done just a few of these first I'm certain she would have felt very differently and been far stronger, which could have led to different choices. I now recommend for practically every person I see to first have identified and removed whatever parasitic attachments might be blocking their desire to change and heal a condition or situation.

I use Meg Hoopes’s very potent replicator and programme removal approach. http://www.spiritedclearings.com/replicatorremoval.html
It’s work done in partnership with all sorts of etheric and celestial service-to-other ‘experts’ on identifying and clearing out these destructive energies. It’s only then we can begin some real work, knowing that what’s coming up is in actual fact your own, originally-created stuff.

Bear in mind, parasitic attachments come in the form of collective programmes, individual/collective entities and even actual thought forms, amongst others. And these life forms are now well aware that their time for feasting off surface human food sources is ending.

We’ve discussed how the past can hold us through these energy parasites. But what about identifying them in the present?
You know how there are some people you instinctively back away from when they hone in to hug or touch you? That’s probably because you sense they are either out to steal some of your precious energy or having an energetic ‘dump’ on you.

Humans are unconsciously constantly dumping energy onto and stealing from each other. This is because we come from a genetically very sliced up and tampered with collective history. With so much of our total selves missing in action (and apparently why we have so many parallel lives playing themselves out across other times and spaces), it’s clear we are fragmented beings. And the reasons why we are constantly needing to feel whole in our expression and living. How often do you see profiles on dating sites mention: ‘…looking for my other half’ and ‘…looking for someone to complete me’. And when we’re not doing it in relationship quests, we’re trying to get there through the energy of others in various ways.

This can include feeling ‘inspired’ by a book author or a website channelling, being motivated by a ‘charismatic’ leader or having an uplifting/enlightening/powerful experience with a guru of some kind. Just be aware that perhaps any or all of these experiences can also involve the giving away of your precious power (in unconscious agreement) to these folk - in exchange for those positive feelings. These are instances when yet another unwanted energy cord can bind between you and subtlely affect your energy field and personal power down the line and in ways you don't know about. It would especially happen if such folk are fragmented themselves. Chances of them then harboring parasitic attachments of their own are greater. Meaning they're likely also looking to steal or dump. And the parasitics that work through gurus (including politicians,celebrities,royals; any who are worshipped by the public including music groups) are particularly well versed at harnessing collective energy off the masses.

In a state of wholeness we can read a book or channelling or listen to an inspiring speaker as just that. We can even get excited speaking about them. But how we re-act to them energetically is determined by how much or little of ourselves we have already retrieved and subsequently filled ourselves up with inside. And staying out of energetic harm’s way while we continue healing and figuring ourselves out means daily doses of self-vigilance in all our interactions and emotional responses with others.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Shellee-Kim Gold

The start of the new earth and the re-building of humanity is right around the very next corner.
And it’s going to take more than magic wands and miracles to right eons of human wrongs. Particularly the wrongs we've done ourselves.

Mother Earth will be needing as many people as possible who honour and love themselves sufficiently to journey with her in this great, forthcoming adventure.

Unity consciousness can only begin with one heart and mind at a time. And I believe it is only when a substantial amount of us will be living lives anchored in states of unity and balance within ourselves that the ripple effect will have a decent chance of taking hold amongst the majority. Then we'll be able to see real change at work between all sentient species on the planet.

For that ripple to spread, an increasing amount of us need to first and foremost be developing and nurturing the greatest personal relationship available to us on this planet...the one with ourselves!

Though rewards for having an harmonious relationship with ourselves are many, journeying to get there is no mean feat. In fact, even when we get 'there', to that space of maintaining a mostly-balanced state of unity consciousness, we will still continue on; learning, integrating, chipping, polishing, refining ourselves. We are truly works in progress.

If we don't go out on a limb, however, we cannot have the fruit. And the conscious intent and awareness required to continuously be directing self within to review our daily interactions with ourselves and others requires the W-word. W.O.R.K.
And did I mention the lion-hearted courage it takes? Many of the places we need to go to within for what I call polarity-resolution are not exactly pretty. For me personally: I've had my fair share with that little critter called denial from early on. One of the toughest fear-based responses. Get passed that one and you are well on the way to taking actual responsibility for the issue/pattern at hand.

Our consistent efforts to find and return all the 'lost' parts of ourselves toward our inner wholeness is the immediate goal. Raising our frequencies in this way to become living gods is why we are here. This is consciousness expansion in action. And the more highly-evolved beings (both in and out of body) apparently agree with this sentiment. In the process, we're gifting back our Higher Selves by making those choices most in alignment with the highest possible outcome for this lifetime.

Improving our relationship with ourselves means becoming conscious of the game we have come to this planet of free will to play and experience. And accepting polarity consciousness is a part of the package deal.

We are all subject to polarity within our psyches and worlds on an ongoing basis. The ego-judgement mind of separation: good/bad, right/wrong, dark/light, etc. When investigating a destructive pattern or feeling within us this can almost always be traced back to some judgement (and hence unforgiveness) of ourselves we have locked ourselves into over time.

Scoring soul brownie points, as it were, means working to resolve our inner polarities enough where we can gradually enter the state of neutralised light, once a particular issue is healed and our mental/emotional body is returned to greater balance. I like that term best, although there are others. To me, neutralised light aptly describes that we have authentically moved ourselves beyond the polarity within on that specific issue and its underlying cause.

I’ve spent decades of my existence thus far getting to understand myself by who I'm not; a process of elimination. Yet it still requires consistent discernment and excruciating self-honesty to know that I have moved into neutralised light on an issue.
This is where an outside source can become an excellent means of monitoring personal progress – through mirroring.
It doesn’t have to be an intimate partner – even strangers in supermarket queues will do. Of course, we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the same manner with strangers as we do with our intimate partners. But the real point of the exercise is to watch our mental-emotional responses pertaining to the issue/pattern we’ve just been busy investigating.

It is all our bodies, including emotional and mental bodies, that need aligning in order to activate more of our DNA, raising our frequencies further. So every time we have a ‘negative’ emotional charge response (irritation, anger, feelings of disempowerment, etc) to someone or something external, these provide major clues that we have not completed the work on the particular issue in question.
When no negative charge is triggered in the same situation we can be confident that we have successfully integrated.
Observing our emotional responses to the person or situation always provides major clues to our true inner state.
Issues can also carry ‘symptomatic’ associations and feelings with them, which may not appear to be directly linked to the issue/pattern. So you’ll likely need to delve further.

A potential pitfall to successful integration here can be our beloved monkey minds. Because our egos/inner child often feels seriously threatened and resistant to this work of merging with and loving ourselves more deeply, it could convince us we have arrived at resolution point when we may not have. Subsequently, we may be distracted by a charismatic person, a book’s teaching or something else during the initial review stage.
Such distractions have convinced many new age fluff bunnies that by the practice of rituals or be-lie-fs from various schools of thought, they have overcome the issue/pattern and arrived at a new space within as long as they remember to ‘stay positive’.
I interpret this as: remaining in denial from the deeper aspects of self that need work, as above. Ditto when it comes to ‘staying humble’=feeling holy?. Although a sought-after quality by both religions and the new age, this pitfall is merely another encouraged means to keep the self small, unacknowledged and subsequently unloved by us.
Being held in limitation to a place, person or event in memory through parasitic entity cordings are another subtle but powerful means of keeping us separated from self and our personal power. [Which I'll tackle in the follow up piece]

The whole point of living in neutralised light is to retrieve our authentic power so we can live and share it, not swop one state of powerlessness for another.

Our own personal commitment to being more emotionally intelligent with ourselves first is the road home to a community, nation and world of empowered and sovereign Hu-man beings.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When you've watched, read my piece below: THE WISDOM OF AFRICA


Hello All

Yes, it has been forever since I posted and I’m not even going to try and apologise. I have felt like the victim of a firing squad (that refuses to die!) with all the ‘activations’ that have been occurring in my bodies, brain and biology these past weeks. But all that’s better left for my next ‘Diary’ piece...

Please watch Credo Mutwa’s short message first before reading my piece below inspired by him:


Shellee-Kim Gold

I watched sangoma (spiritual healer) Credo Mutwa's recent heart-felt plea for the recognition of Africa with tears pouring down my face. For his sorrow. For all of Africa's. And for humanity's.

Like the systematic wipe out of modern history's indigenous people global wide due to their inherent wisdom, the cleanse of the wisdom of Africa and its people by the planet's Dark continues unabated.

It's no mistake that Africa is called the Cradle of Civilization/Humankind with its many fossil and paleontological finds. Including paleontologist Dr Leakey's find of 'Lucy' in Kenya - the oldest set of human bones found on the planet. While scientist Mendel said 'Africans are the original people and the parents of all human beings'.

As a Zanusi (keeper of the history) of the Zulu nation, I remember Credo saying elsewhere that between 300-500 groups that he had come across in his visits and research on the continent of Africa were all familiar in one way or another with the story of the shape-shifting reptilian female alien who found and mated with the men of earth. So it's not just the Dogon people of Mali with their sophisticated astronomical knowledge who had the understanding of the gods who came from the sky embedded in their culture and spiritual memory.

Africans are a continent of storytellers. And wisdom has been passed down orally. Well, that's the official line. Not that it’s not true. It is. But that’s not all that it was.

When the discovery of the now-famous Timbuktu manuscripts of the 15th century were recently made, it showed the prosperity of this African centre. Known far and wide for its wealth of gold, salt and ink, it also showed there was a superior ‘Ink Road’ of scholarly activity in the region.
Evidence of the navigating skills of Africans having crossed the Atlantic way before Columbus’s discoveries of the 1400’s have been found in Mexico. In addition to skulls, there are also the huge stone heads with African features – built 2000 years before Columbus’s voyages and the start of the slave trade.
At roughly the same time that Kenya’s African Stonehenge astronomical observatory was found by scientists(dated 300 BC), suggesting a complex calendar system based on astronomy, a steel furnace was also discovered. With scientific evidence proving that Africans produced carbon steel in furnaces around 2000 years ago on the shore of Lake Victoria. Matched by Europeans only in the 19th century. And then there was the use of the drum for long-distance communication which rivaled the telegraph, or the Congolese discovery of the 8000 year old bone – among the earliest evidence of the use of numbers.

These few examples of many are the polar opposite of the perceptions of Africa today. And not facts that the Dark controllers would happily promote after expending such energy in vilifying the continent. It suits their agenda to have the world continue perceiving Africa as a huge, hopeless and chaotic mess. And coming from an equally dismal history of underachievement to continue perpetuating the perception of an inferior race. But we know differently.

It's no untruth that history has been written and re-written. Always in favour of the Dark's agenda. Of which an enormous part is designed to keep humanity from knowing and loving ourselves.
And which better way to keep this from humanity than by keeping the 'slave consciousness' alive and well in various forms and guises, including that of so-called ‘freedom’.
Particularly on the continent from which slavery originated and one that today could well hold the secrets of innate wisdom and humanity.
Credo Mutwa’s own insights about Africa extends far beyond his duty to his Zulu nation. And when he said: 'We Africans are the golden link that connects all humanity together' it found deep resonance with my own sense of the way of things. And what Africa could still bring to the (new) world.

Our ancient ancestors of 200 000 years ago were those first genetically-altered slaves used by the off-world Annunaki to mine gold on earth. Besides Mesopotamia, southern Africa was one of those first mining bases. And it seems that the mix of slavery consciousness - in genes, heritage and on the very land itself have all been trapped in some kind of time-bound twilight zone, with the replay button being hit at regular intervals over the eons.
Simultaneously, what exists in Africa is just a microcosm of the same slave-god syndrome we still see being adhered to (if unconsciously) by the majority of the world’s population today.

The Dark controllers have sowed their seeds of hate to turn African brother against brother in the continent’s various wars fuelled by their agendas of destruction. And the raping and pillaging of its resources and people over centuries and spreading the poison of corruption and misery through disease and poverty are amongst the greatest tactics they employ in efforts to counter what I still see daily. And that is the inherent wisdom of the African psyche at work.

In South Africa, black Africans are in the majority of the almost 50 million population at 79,4%, the white group at 9,2%, the mixed race (coloured) people at 9,9% and Indians at 2,2% of the total. South Africa is often also seen to lead the way on the continent. We are frequently seen as the most progressive and liberated country by others in Africa.

Here's the irony, though. While apartheid is long since officially dead, this is one country in Africa where its black majority has been psychologically-brainwashed to gradually buy into the minority white, western-orientated culture. (as the superior one to aspire to—regurgitating old stereoptyical thinking of black culture as inferior. But this time including having blacks turn on themselves without realizing it!) And as during apartheid, the same control of a majority by a minority exists again. Except just through different means this time around. Control South Africa and you can control the continent?

And here’s my take on other reasons why the Dark controllers need to do this. Besides the need to keep the still mostly-White driven economy happy, that is.

Many qualities are needed, I believe, for the evolution of a people. But amongst the attributes at the top I feel we need to integrate within us are those of forgiveness (including self-forgiveness), a sense of community and perceiving ourselves as One, and the ability to move beyond denial of what’s really happening in both our world and within ourselves.

These are the same three qualities I see expressing themselves widely amongst the black African people wherever I go. These qualities are nowhere near as prevalent in my white culture. And I don’t mean that due to our small numbers. While our coloured people seem to fairly easily recognise the Dark Agenda behind the mainstream media, but not necessarily be particularly resonant with the other qualities.

African people, whether living on or off the continent, refer to each other as their ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, whether there’s a blood tie or not. That natural sense of extended family and community is ever-present. In South Africa we call this ‘ubuntu’ although the word doesn’t have a direct English translation. Our Archbishop Desmond Tutu described ubuntu as: ‘My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours…’.

Whenever I’ve shared some of my knowledge on this subject with an audience, it’s almost always black Africans who seem the ones least in denial of the possibility of a global ruling elite existing, its agenda and how it has affected our consciousness. And therefore most open to exploring humanity’s slave consciousness. Not amongst all, but most. I often wonder whether this is the result of a politically-conscientised people from our recent history or is it a genetic encoding that is responsible? Because my own race responds very differently, in the main.

Then there’s the all-important forgiveness. For a long time I never understood why the majority of black African people in this country never took their revenge after centuries of oppression. Or at least chased us whites out of the country. What was it at work then that has allowed such a peaceful transition to reign over the collective? Where did the collective forgiveness come from? By all rights these were people that should have been enraged to lunacy.

Yet instead of resorting to a full-blown war in protest of apartheid and the many lives that that system took, I believe a group of master souls literally came together the past 60-70 years to hold the psychic and energetic peace and the balance for the masses.

It is the quality of forgiveness that Nelson Mandela radiates and which the world recognizes as the stuff greatness is made from. Yet, while he may have spearheaded this during his lengthy prison term, he was the first to give recognition to his contemporaries’ achievements also. Now all deceased, watching men like Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and Steve Biko living out their missions, you can’t not be moved by their dignity and humanity. Most notably is the absence of anger in these men born into oppression. The most telling point of all. For I believe it is only in spiritually mature souls that emotional intelligence can express itself.

To me, these three qualities: Forgiveness, the practice of Ubuntu (you and I are One) and the easy ability to see the Dark hand in so many events and agendas appear to be naturally present in African people. In trying to bring this and other African wisdom forward to the public over the decades, it’s little wonder Credo Mutwa has been betrayed and dismissed by the media and people of his own land. If you can’t assassinate the person, assassinate the character, I remember good friend of his, David Icke, saying.

I’m sure so-called skeptics/the closed-minded denialists will say ‘but look at the enormous corruption of Africans. Where’s the wisdom in that’? True. But I suppose when slavery is so literally under your skin and encoded in your genes and history, moral codes are blown to the wind. And breaking rules and selling your soul for a piece of the pie become a second nature survival game when you’ve always been a slave. I’m not defending or making excuses for this behavior. Merely offering up a possible explanation for such.

Ultimately, what I’m saying is the seemingly ‘most-fallen’ races are often the ones possessing innate wisdom-solutions. And why they were taken down in the first place.

It’s not too late for Africa to bring its message to the (new) world. Even while the tentacles of Dark control move ever closer to obliterating traditional African culture. As South Africa’s tourism slogan says: ‘Alive with possibilities’.
Ones we haven’t even begun exploring yet. And ones which I feel the whole (new) world can embrace on humankind’s evolutionary journey.

So, dear Tata (Father) Credo Mutwa. In this my tribute to you, I say:
Regardless of the numbers who have openly supported you, your presence on earth and all you have tried to do for Africa has been honoured and is appreciated by those with the eyes to see and hearts to know.

May the Force of Source be with you all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A long, but potentially life-altering piece for our collective next move. Add your energetic voice to this ‘destiny is choice’ message. [My highlights in bold]

This is a letter from ET to Earth: Do You Wish That We Show UP?

Translated to English:

This long letter to humanity appeared with no apparent return address. It is being posted here and there. This is another Internet piece for which I cannot assess the validity. All I CAN say is that it sounds like a good idea, is coherent, and is written skillfully at a level of intelligence and maturity with I would associate with a serious, non-technical, matter-of-fact level of discourse. It is not ethnically loaded and the writer has a very good understanding of language and human psychology, though there are a few moments where the grammar is different than we are accustomed to and there are a couple of language errors.
Most importantly, it makes no reference to impossible constructs, faux-tech, nor any type of religious or New Age buzzwords. I am also sending it to you because it might be real.
The main assertion in the letter is that human civilization is now in an uncontrollable free-fall implosion which cannot be “fixed” from within existing social systems. The implosion is causing, will cause a major rupture in all human orders. There is a dark road down toward the use of technology to rapidly enslave human populations in a badly degraded and unhealthy environment. Those who are defining this path, many of them unintentionally, have the greater advantage of power over resources and may gain the upper hand during the coming rupture. There are many who would take a liberating path, they could gain the upper hand if they UNDERSTAND THE CHOICE and can lose their fear, sense of isolation, and ignorance about the true state of affairs.
The main proposition in the letter is that the mass appearance of ET in the skies now could help humanity clear away the veils of illusion and deceits, help settle many existential issues and dilemmas, and provide an “attractor” to help pull positive mentalities out of the social death-vortex and enable them to refocus the next stage in evolution.
The main question in the letter is whether you want ET to thus show UP. ET suggests that direct contact and some cultural assistance would provide the means to overcome the major blocks in human social and cultural evolution. ET argues that the mental/emotional ground needs to be prepared for such contact. Consent and expectation for such contact needs to be created around the world, less humans react in mass with fear and become manipulated by reactive power elites. ET suggests that a focused telepathic answer from each reader will be sufficient to assist ET is reaching a conclusion about what it should or should not do. Even as the internet is achieving universal penetration during this time, ET requests that this letter, its first mass communication, be universally translated and transmitted throughout the world. ET also suggests that this should be done by people to people, forget the mass media.
Here is the letter. Here it is unaltered by me. Decide for yourself.
Whoever transmitted this translated message to you is irrelevant, and should remain anonymous in your mind. It is what you will do with this message which matters ! > Each one of you wishes to exercise her/his free will and experience happiness. These are attributes that were shown to us and to which we now have access. Your free will depends upon the knowledge you have of your own power. Your happiness depends upon the love that you give and receive. Like all conscious races at this stage of progress, you may feel isolated on your planet. This impression makes you sure of your destiny. Yet, you are at the brink of big upheavals that only a minority is aware of. It is not our responsibility to modify your future without you choosing it. Consider this message as a worldwide referendum! And your answer as a ballot!
Who are we ?
Neither your scientists nor your religious representatives speak unanimously about the unexplained celestial events that mankind has witnessed for thousands of years. To know the truth, one must face it without the filter of one´s beliefs, however respectable they may be.
A growing number of anonymous researchers of yours are exploring new knowledge paths and are getting very close to reality. Today, your civilization is flooded with an ocean of information of which only a tiny part, the less upsetting one, is notably diffused. What in your history seemed ridiculous or improbable has often become possible, then realized, in particular in the last fifty years. Be aware that the future will be even more surprising. You will discover the worst as well as the best.
Like billions others in this galaxy, we are conscious creatures that some name “extra-terrestrials”, even though reality is subtler. There is no fundamental difference between you and us, save for the experience of certain stages of evolution. Like in any other organized structure, hierarchy exists in our internal relationships. Ours is based upon the wisdom of several races. It is with the approval of this hierarchy that we turn to you. Like most of you, we are in the quest of the Supreme Being. Therefore we are not gods or lesser gods but virtually your equals in the Cosmic Brotherhood. Physically, we are somewhat different from you but for most of us humanoid-shaped.
Our existence is a reality but the majority of you does not perceive it yet. We are not mere observations, we are consciences just like you. You fail to apprehend us because we remain invisible to your senses and measure instruments most of the time. We wish to fill this void at this moment in your history. We made this collective decision but this is not enough. We need yours. Through this message, you become the decision-makers ! You personally. We have no human representative on Earth who could guide your decision. Why aren’t we visible?
At certain stages of evolution, cosmic “humanities” discover new forms of science beyond the apparent control of matter. Structured dematerialization and materialization are part of them. This is what your humanity has reached in a few laboratories, in close collaboration with other extra-terrestrial creatures at the cost of hazardous compromises that remain purposely hidden from you by some of your representatives.
Apart from the aerial or spatial objects or phenomena known about by your scientific community, that you call ´UFOs, there are essentially multidimensional manufactured spaceships that apply these capacities. Many human beings have been in visual, auditory, tactile or psychic contact with such ships, some of which are under occult powers that govern you. The scarcity of your observations is due to the outstanding advantages provided by the dematerialized state of these ships. By not witnessing them by yourself, you cannot believe in their existence. We fully understand this.
The majority of these observations are made on an individual basis so as to touch the soul and not to modify any organized system. This is deliberate from the races that surround you but for very different reasons and results. For negative multidimensional beings that play a part in the exercise of power in the shadow of human oligarchy, discretion is motivated by their will to keep their existence and seizure unknown. For us, discretion is motivated by the respect of the human free will that people can exercise to manage their own affairs so that they can reach technical and spiritual maturity on their own.
Humankind’s entrance into the family of galactic civilizations is greatly expected. We can appear in broad daylight and help you attain this union. We haven’t done it so far, as too few of you have genuinely desired it, because of ignorance, indifference or fear, and because the emergency of the situation did not justify it. Many of those who study our appearances count the lights in the night without lighting the way. Often they think in terms of objects when it is all about conscious beings.
Who are you ?
You are the offspring of many traditions that throughout time have been mutually enriched by each others´ contributions. The same applies to the races at the surface of the Earth. Your goal is to unite in the respect of these roots to accomplish a common project. The appearance of your cultures seems to keep you separated because you substitute it to your deeper being. Shape is now more important than the essence of your subtle nature. For the powers in place, this prevalence of the shape constitutes the ramparts against any form of jeopardy.
You are being called on to overcome shape while still respecting it for its richness and beauty. Understanding the conscience of shape makes us love men in their diversity. Peace does not mean not making war, it consists in becoming what you are in reality: a same Fraternity. To understand this, the number of solutions within your reach are decreasing. One of them consists in contact with another race that would reflect the image of what you are in reality.
What is your situation? Except for rare occasions, our interventions always had very little incidence on your capacity to make collective and individual decisions about your own future. This is motivated by our knowledge of your deep psychological mechanisms. We reached the conclusion that freedom is built every day as a being becomes aware of himself and of his environment, getting progressively rid of constraints and inertias, whatever they may be. Despite the numerous, brave and willing human consciences, those inertias are artificially maintained for the profit of a growing centralizing power
Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which lethal consequences on the earthly and human ecosystems become irreversible. You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist that affect your body as well as your mind. Such plans are on their way. This can change as long as you keep this creative power in you, even if it cohabits with the dark intentions of your potential lords. This is the reason why we remain invisible. This individual power is doomed to vanish should a collective reaction of great magnitude not happen. The period to come is that of rupture, whichever it may be.
But should you wait for the last moment to find solutions? Should you anticipate or undergo pain? Your history has never ceased to be marked by encounters between peoples who had to discover one another in conditions that were often conflictual. Conquests almost always happened to the detriment of others. Earth has now become a village where everyone knows everyone else but still conflicts persist and threats of all kinds get worse in duration and intensity. Although a Human being as an individual, yet having many potential capacities, cannot exercise them with dignity. This is the case for the biggest majority of you for reasons that are essentially geopolitical. There are several billion of you. The education of your children and your living conditions, as well as the conditions of numerous animals and much plant life are nevertheless under the thumb of a small number of your political, financial, military and religious representatives.
Your thoughts and beliefs are modeled after partisan interests to turn you into slaves while at the same time giving you the feeling that you are in total control of your destiny, which in essence is the reality. But there is a long way between a wish and a fact when the true rules of the game at hand are unknown. This time, you are not the conqueror. Biasing information is a millenary strategy for human beings. Inducting thoughts, emotions or organisms that do not belong to you via ad hoc technologies is an even older a strategy. Wonderful opportunities of progress stand close to big subdual and destruction threats. These dangers and opportunities exist now. However, you can only perceive what is being shown to you. The end of natural resources is programmed whereas no long-term collective project has been launched. Ecosystem exhaustion mechanisms have exceeded irreversible limits. The scarcity of resources and their unfair distribution - resources which entry price will rise day after day - will bring about fratricide fights at a large scale, but also at the very heart of your cities and countrysides.
Hatred grows bigger but so does love. That is what keeps you confident in your ability to find solutions. But the critical mass is insufficient and a sabotage work is cleverly being carried out. Human behaviors, formed from past habits and trainings, have such an inertia that this perspective leads you to a dead end. You entrust these problems to representatives, whose conscience of common well being slowly fades away in front of corporatist interests, with those difficulties. They are always debating on the form but rarely on the content. Just at the moment of action, delays will accumulate to the point when you have to submit rather than choose.
This is the reason why, more than ever in your history, your decisions of today will directly and significantly impact your survival of tomorrow. What event could radically modify this inertia that is typical of any civilization? Where will a collective and unifying awareness come from, that will stop this blind rushing ahead? Tribes, populations and human nations have always encountered and interacted with one another. Faced with the threats weighing upon the human family, it is perhaps time that a greater interaction occurred. A great roller wave is on the verge of emerging. It mixes very positive but also very negative aspects.
Who are the “third party”? There are two ways to establish a cosmic contact with another civilization: via its standing representatives or directly with individuals without distinction. The first way entails fights of interests, the second way brings awareness. The first way was chosen by a group of races motivated by keeping mankind in slavery, thereby controlling Earth resources, the gene pool and human emotional energy. The second way was chosen by a group of races allied with the cause of the Spirit of service. We have, at our end, subscribed to this disinterested cause and introduced ourselves a few years ago to representatives of the human power who refused our outstretched hand on the pretext of incompatible interests with their strategic vision. That is why today individuals are to make this choice by themselves without any representative interfering. What we proposed in the past to those whom we believed were in a capacity to contribute to your happiness, we propose it now to … you!
Most of you ignore that non-human creatures took part in the exercise of those centralizing powers without them being neither suspected nor accessible to your senses. This is so true that they have almost very subtly taken control. They do not necessarily stand on your material plan, and that is precisely what could make them extremely efficient and frightening in the near future. However, be aware that a large number of your representatives are fighting this danger ! Be aware that not all abductions are made against you. It is difficult to recognize the truth ! How could you under such conditions exercise your free will when it is so much manipulated? What are you really free of?
Peace and reunification of your peoples would be a first step toward the harmony with civilizations other than yours. That is precisely what those who manipulate you behind the scenes want to avoid at all cost because, by dividing, they reign! They also reign over those who govern you. Their strength comes from their capacity to distillate mistrust and fear into you. This considerably harms your very cosmic nature. This message would be of no interest if these manipulators´ tutorate did not reach its peak and if their misleading and murderous plans did not materialize in a few years from now. Their deadlines are close and mankind will undergo unprecedented torments for the next ten cycles. To defend yourselves against this aggression that bears no face, you need at least to have enough information that leads to the solution. As is also the case with humans, resistance exists amongst those dominant races. Here again, appearance will not be enough to tell the dominator from the ally. At your current state of psychism, it is extremely difficult for you to distinguish between them. In addition to your intuition, training will be necessary when the time has come. Being aware of the priceless value of free will, we are inviting you to an alternative. What can we offer ?
We can offer you a more holistic vision of the universe and of life, constructive interactions, the experience of fair and fraternal relationships, liberating technical knowledge, eradication of suffering, controlled exercise of individual powers, the access to new forms of energy and, finally, a better comprehension of consciousness.
We cannot help you overcome your individual and collective fears, or bring you laws that you would not have chosen, work on your own selves, individual and collective effort to build the world you desire, the spirit of quest to new skies. What would we receive? Should you decide that such a contact takes place, we would rejoice over the safeguarding of fraternal equilibrium in this region of the universe, fruitful diplomatic exchanges, and the intense Joy of knowing that you are united to accomplish what you are capable of. The feeling of Joy is strongly sought in the universe for its energy is divine. What is the question we ask you
How to can you answer this question? The truth of soul can be read by telepathy. You only need to clearly ask yourself this question and give your answer as clearly, on your own or in a group, as you wish. Being in the heart of a city or in the middle of a desert does not impact the efficiency of your answer, YES or NO, IMMEDIATELY AFTER ASKING THE QUESTION! Just do it as if you were speaking to yourself but thinking about the message. This is a universal question and these mere few words, put in their context, have a powerful meaning. You should not let hesitation in the way. This is why you should calmly think about it, in all conscience. In order to perfectly associate your answer with the question, it is recommended that you answer right after another reading of this message. Do not rush to answer. Breathe and let all the power of your own free will penetrate you. Be proud of what you are! The problems that you may have weaken you. Forget about them for a few minutes to be yourselves. Feel the force that springs up in you. You are in control of yourselves!
A single thought, a single answer can drastically change your near future, in one way as in another. Your individual decision of asking in your inner self that we show up on your material plan and in broad daylight is precious and essential to us. Even though you can choose the way that best suits you, rituals are essentially useless. A sincere request made with your heart and your own will will always be perceived by those of us whom it is sent to. In your own private polling booth of your secret will, you will determine the future.
What is the lever effect?
This decision should be made by the greatest number among you, even though it might seem like a minority. It is recommended to spread this message, in all envisageable fashions, in as many languages as possible, to those around you, whether or not they seem receptive to this new vision of the future. Do it using in a humorous tone or derision if that can help you. You can even openly and publicly make fun of it if it makes you feel more comfortable but do not be indifferent for at least you will have exercised your free will. Forget about the false prophets and the beliefs that have been transmitted to you about us. This request is one of the most intimate that can be asked to you. Making a decision by yourself, as an individual, is your right as well as your responsibility! Passivity only leads to the absence of freedom. Similarly, indecision is never efficient. If you really want to cling to your beliefs, which is something that we understand, then say NO. If you do not know what to choose, do not say YES because of mere curiosity. This is not a show, this is real daily life, WE ARE ALIVE ! And living !
Your history has plenty of episodes when determined men and women were able to influence the thread of events in spite of their small number. Just like a small number is enough to take temporal power on Earth and influence the future of the majority, a small number of you can radically change your fate as an answer to the impotence in face of so much inertia and hurdles! You can ease the mankind’s birth to Brotherhood. One of your thinkers once said: “Give me a hand-hold and I’ll raise the Earth”. Spreading this message will then be the hand-hold to strengthen, we will be the light-years long lever, you will be the craftsmen to … raise the Earth as a consequence of our appearance.
What would be the consequences of a positive decision ?
For us, the immediate consequence of a collective favorable decision would be the materialization of many ships, in your sky and on Earth.
For you, the direct effect would be the rapid abandoning of many certitudes and beliefs. A simple conclusive visual contact would have huge repercussions on your future. Much knowledge would be modified forever. The organization of your societies would be deeply upheaved for ever, in all fields of activity. Power would become individual because you would see for yourself that we are living. Concretely, you would change the scale of your values! The most important thing for us is that humankind would form a single family in front of this “unknown” we would represent! Danger would slowly melt away from your homes because you would indirectly force the undesirable ones, those we name the “third party”, to show up and vanish. You would all bear the same name and share the same roots: Mankind!
Later on, peaceful and respectful exchanges would be thus possible if such is your wish. For now, he who is hungry cannot smile, he who is fearful cannot welcome us. We are sad to see men, women and children suffering to such a degree in their flesh and in their hearts when they bear such an inner light. This light can be your future. Our relationships could be progressive. Several stages of several years or decades would occur: demonstrative appearance of our ships, physical appearance beside human beings, collaboration in your technical and spiritual evolution, discovery of parts of the galaxy.
Every time, new choices would be offered to you. You would then decide by yourself to cross new stages if you think it necessary to your external and inner well-being. No interference would be decided upon unilaterally. We would leave as soon as you would collectively wish that we do. Depending upon the speed to spread the message across the world, several weeks, or even several months will be necessary before our “great appearance”, if such is the decision made by the majority of those who will have used their capacity to choose, and if this message receives the necessary support. The main difference between your daily prayers to entities of a strictly spiritual nature and your current decision is extremely simple : we are technically equipped to materialize!
Why such a historical dilemma ?
We know that “foreigners” are considered as enemies as long as they embody the “unknown”. In a first stage, the emotion that our appearance will generate will strengthen your relationships on a worldwide scale. How could you know whether our arrival is the consequence of your collective choice? For the simple reason that we would have otherwise been already there for a long time at your level of existence! If we are not there yet, it is because you have not made such a decision explicitly. Some among you might think that we would make you believe in a deliberate choice of yours so as to legitimate our arrival, though this would not be true. What interest would we have to openly offer you what you haven’t got any access to yet, for the benefit of the greatest number of you?
How could you be certain that this is not yet another subtle manoeuvre of the “third party” to better enslave you ? Because one always more efficiently fights something that is identified than the contrary. Isn’t the terrorism that corrodes you a blatant example? Whatever, you are the sole judge in your own heart and soul! Whatever your choice, it would be respectable and respected! In the absence of human representatives who could potentially seduce into error you ignore everything about us as well as from about those who manipulate you without your consent. In your situation, the precautionary principle that consists in not trying to discover us does no longer prevail. You are already in the Pandora´s box that the “third party” has created around you. Whatever your decision may be you will have to get out of it. In the face of such a dilemma, one ignorance against another, you need to ask your intuition. Do you want to see us with your own eyes, or simply believe what your thinkers say? That is the real question!
After thousands of years, one day, this choice was going to be inevitable: choosing between two unknowns. Why spread such a message among yourselves?
Translate and spread this message widely. This action will affect your future in an irreversible and historical way at the scale of millenniums, otherwise, it will postpone a new opportunity to choose to several years later, at least one generation, if it can survive. Not choosing stands for undergoing other people’s choice. Not informing others stands for running the risk of obtaining a result that is contrary to one’s expectations. Remaining indifferent means giving up one’s free will.
It is all about your future. It is all about your evolution.
It is possible that this invitation does not receive your collective assent and that, because of a lack of information, it will be disregarded. Nevertheless no individual desire goes unheeded in the universe. Imagine our arrival tomorrow. Thousands of ships. A unique cultural shock in today´s mankind´s history. It will then be too late to regret about not making a choice and spreading the message because this discovery will be irreversible. We do insist that you do not rush into it, but do think about it ! And decide ! The big medias will not be necessarily interested in spreading this message. It is therefore your task, as an anonymous yet an extraordinary thinking and loving being, to transmit it.
You are still the architects of your own fate…

Sources.. Mufon Report # 23825
Or Here..

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Shellee-Kim Gold

Feasting on the flesh of raw and fallen human e-motion
Is sustenance to the lives of the great parasitic ones
Silently they go about their business
Hissing dis-eased feelings, thoughts and words
Into the minds of the lost, confused, innocent and angry alike
Subtly eroding the soul of higher, healing emotions
Carefully injecting the emotional muck and mire in a slow-release poison
That is the downfall of the psyche of Hu-man kind
Aligning with Darkness, like Light, is a choice after all
Yet the ignorant ones know not the power they possess, given away so freely
It turns swiftly and soundlessly to imprison them
Swelling the life force and ranks of the Dark Ones
And all without Hu-man consent or knowledge
Until the day when they sit face to face with themselves in review of a life
Less than lived
A life that they chose to live in denial, pressed into unconsciousness
In favour of the freedom that was sought before the start of the earth walk
And so it is to begin again
In new beginnings comes fresh hope for a better lived life in unfettered Light.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Mother Earth's To Birth

...and we ain't gonna know what's hit us when she does! Yes, I believe the Earth Mother is finally to unleash all she has been holding back on with some giant movements global wide.

For the past week, I've been waking up with belly nausea in the middle of the night as well as bad sweats. During the day, I have to steady myself when walking anywhere...it literally feels like I'm walking on a ship as it navigates stormy waters. That same kind of heaving and unbalanced motion is what I'm feeling. Watching me weave, someone even asked me whether I was drunk the other day- at 11am in the mall!
I've also been going momentarily deaf in one ear, with balance returning after a few minutes. And I can't stop sneezing at night.

Like others reporting similar symptoms around the world, I'm one of those sensitives who are psychically plugged into where the Mother is at during this time. And feeling her lack of balance now in full force.

I'm of the understanding that evacuation craft are on standby to assist when the biggies begin occurring. But I don't believe Starfleet will be making advance announcements about this or the coming movements to the public.
And as usual, the Elite-controlled media who the majority of the world population still mistakenly put their trust into for 'accurate' world news, are just not telling!
They are NOT going to give warnings so people can make informed choices to save themselves and they are NOT allowing for accurate earthquake movements to be commonly made known on the Internet(even removing those quakes on sites such as USGS).
The crazy agenda: They want sleeping slaves to remain sound asleep till the bitter end!

Some may see what's just ahead as our moment or day of judgement. I see it as an opportunity to start afresh, free of the Dark's doings (or should that be undoings?)and all its detrimental effects on the body of humanity.

I see it as a time to put aside our petty differences, including philosophical ones, coming to the aid of those in our path who will be needing it in such a crisis.

I see it is a time to put into practise all I've been preparing my various bodies for for so long. A time to rise to the challenges that this unique, exciting and shocking time is to present to us all. And most importantly, a time to stay calm and centred when the fit hits the shan so I can be of use to others.
It seems I've been through the full spectrum of emotions during the past days, so hopefully when the times comes I will be exorcised of all but a sense of calm.

And the cherry on the top: I also see it as a time of joyful celebration and reunion with our galactic family, once the immediate geophysical crises have been tackled. Am I looking forward to that cosmic glass of carrot juice with my brother, sister n all!
Mostly I want to be able to sit with them and say: In that final hour of chaos I behaved and responded to others in the manner that was most aligned with the Christ within.
That is my deepest intention.

Remember, you will know Starfleet are with you/nearby if you see a coloured beam coming down (red, green, other) from above. Or if you don't, you can telepathically call for a beam. Apparently, being in one is like riding in an elevator.
If you go into fear, please ask the human-looking ET whether they are of the Light. According to Universal Law they have to reply. Also ask for their identity.
But, as I understand it, no Dark beings will be allowed anywhere near earth during evacuation.

I've probably been the most anxious about my four cats, but recently heard our pets are to be taken care of. One less thing to worry about.

See you on board! What a celebration it will be!
Love SK

Sunday, May 23, 2010

PREPARATION & WHAT'S TO COME through Shellee-Kim Gold

This is my first conscious contact with a being who works closesly with Christ Michael, is very up on the antics of the Dark and only wants to be identified by a number - S333 - for now.

19 May 2010

SK: *Laughing as I tell him how excited I am for the pending events*.
Do you have a message for me?
S333: *Smiling* I do.
There are many who now need to prepare themselves on the suface of your planet. Big movement – on all levels – are about to occur. We would like those who sense or feel the slightest bit of intuition regarding these great changes to please listen within. You will be able to trust that what you hear is accurate. Perhaps you can also ask others in your lives whether they have been having the same dreams or feelings as you. This should give such feelings that extra validation needed to be taken seriously enough to prepare yourselves.

We would ask that preparation at the physical level be minimal. (SK:Apart from keeping yourselves well stocked with dried/tinned foods and water provisions, should water and electricity be disconnected in the upheavals). You will be leaving your world behind as you know it. And be entering a brand new one. It is advisable therefore to not cling to that which is already redundant, both emotionally, materially and physically. Your basic needs are to be taken care of more than adequately.

SK: Is there anything more you would like to say?
S333: Plenty more.
SK:Please go ahead.

S333: After the changes begin there are to be those from our side that will acquaint themselves with some of you. This serves two purposes. The first is to (re)introduce themselves to you. The second is for you to receive an instruction of sorts. Each of you playing a role will need to acquaint yourselves with its respective requirements.

There are some on earth who will be given tools with which to assist others, as well as yourselves. These ones will be the most trustworthy amongst you who have the best interests of the planet and its people at heart. And they will conduct themselves in integrity at all times. It is a question of whether and how these tools are received and used that makes them effective or not. Planet crises such as these never pass us by without us offering some assistance to those affected.

There are those amongst you also who will be invited to go on board the starships for a briefing pertaining to this. Yes, comprising some of the same individuals as above. And then there will be others who will continue to be worked with during the sleep states. It makes little difference which of these groups, if any, you are from. The fact of the matter is your roles are about to begin – in earnest. And there is not a second to be wasted. Our starting time for all this is a little earlier than expected, as you have already seen CM say. One of the reasons for this being that the Dark Ones have very little of substance behind their houses of cards and they are easily toppled. Even these recalcitrant ones will be taken with the least effort on our part. All the more fool them for not knowing who we are. They will learn in time. For that is one thing they will have much of in their upcoming future.

Back to the subject at hand: Some of you who are ready and able will be given certain abilities. Or rather have your own natural abilities returned to you in order that you may assist others. You are not to fear these, but rather embrace them wholeheartedly for they are indeed a part of who and what you essentially are.

As regards the earth upheavals. All of you need to know that we will be doing all we can to assist as many of you as possible. But soul choices have been made and many will be dropping their bodies. We ask you ones assisting to bear this in mind at all times so you may help in the most efficient and compassionate ways necessary.
And then there will be those who have last minute changes of heart. Their bodies may or may not be prepared for what is to occur. These ones will need your help also, although of a different type. Exactly what it is you need to do will become apparent at the time.
As already mentioned, please rely on your inner voice where you will also find ours, and this will be your greatest guidance in the times just ahead.
That is all for tonight.

I thank this one most humbly for availing herself of her time. For she is showing what she can do if she puts her mind to it.
Good night beloved sister.
This is S333 signing out.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


by Esu through Shellee-Kim Gold

Goodday beloved, It is I, Esu.
SK: Are you of the Light?
Esu: I am indeed. I come in the name of the great Light that is about to pour forth across this planet in the form of change.

Humans have an adverse reaction to change, in general. Of course this is a generalization and there are exceptions to this. But by and large change is not a welcome experience on your planet or in your realm.

Why are people so afraid of change? It signifies the necessity to leave the old behind – whether thought forms, beliefs or practices –both of the physical and abstract variety.

There are many amongst you that believe that change will never happen to them. So when it does it is all the more shocking due to the mental resistance and non-acceptance to such.

And so it is that the tidal wave of change is now upon you. Even those with awareness of such changes in the making that are to occur in their lifetime, cannot fully prepare consciously for what is to come.
The changes are now to be global wide and we ask that you ones in the know ‘keep your head’. Many will be relying on your stability and balance to guide their own in the coming chaos.
We ask not that you preach unnecessarily about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what is occurring, but rather lend your emotional support by way of comfort to those who could gain from it.

There will be those, of course, who continue to deny what is happening, even while it is happening. In front of their very eyes, even. This will be a bid by ones committed to fear to return to the old, limited ways and the control of the Dark ones. Even then we do not see some of the Dark power mongers giving up or wishing to acknowledge their days of inauthentic power and rule are over.

During the chaos these ones will try to vilify those who come in truth to uplift and serve humanity. It will be a weak ploy that will not get them very far. Yet they will still try to destabilize the process of change in whichever ways possible.

The media is their most powerful ally and they will utilize this as far as possible to sow seeds of added confusion.

It will be important to remember those who came before. And the many warnings from the numerous prophets of your time. Not to lodge oneself into unnecessary fear, but to have an understanding and acceptance that all that is occurring has been a very long time in the making.

Those who stand up to speak words of truth must expect vilification from at least some quarters of the public. It is important to acknowledge these ones are so deep ‘inside the box’ that vilifying serves as their only sense of self-protection. Please do not take it personally, though it may be personally directed at you.

Too many amongst you suffer from a multitude of programmes designed to limit your faculties, keep you emotionally numb and continue on in states of denial.

Please be advised that you ones of the Light are to be as anchors in a stormy sea for the many vessels bobbing around directionless and at the mercy of the elements. We hope this analogy is a useful one.

Long preparations have been in the making for this time and those of you to be players are constantly updating yourselves in preparation during your sleep time. How and what you should be in order to serve others in the highest possible manner will therefore come to you at the moments you are needed to step forth. Be alert to and follow this inner guidance at all times.

If there is even a second of doubt, call on us of the Light for clarity and assistance. There are literal armies of Light gathered now in your atmosphere, at the ready and on standby.

These are the times you have been waiting for. And, as with this channel, there is great excitement and joyous anticipation for what is to come when the mists of confusion clear.
And so it should be, because there are many surprises in store that are to delight each of you. Indeed, it has been a job well done!

And each of you are deeply honoured, blessed and protected for your great service. It is time for you to also enjoy some of the fruits of your labour.

In deep gratitude
Your brother Esu/Sananda/Jesus the Christ

Thursday, April 15, 2010


'E-motion(energy in motion) is the soul's navigation tool to human evolution and personal transformation'.

Shellee-Kim offers a range of services designed to assist towards the state of personal sovereignty or empowerment:



The main objective being to bring awareness and transformation to places of disempowerment within. Including, but not limited to, assisting in:

Couples dealing with relationship issues
Lesbian and gay issues
Sexual identity issues
Personal growth
Dealing with chronic traumas (past and current)
Understanding and releasing limitation

Symptoms of powerlessness can include: addictions of various types, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anger, fear, feeling victimised by a person/situation, various mental disorders, envy, gossip and other 'lower-vibrating' emotional responses to life/people. Or whatever it is that keeps us in self-sabotage mode, in a state of discontent, feeling blocked and unfulfilled.

Sessions also conducted via phone nationally and Skype internationally.
(Find me under Shellee-Kim Gold, South Africa)

Shellee-Kim's counselling is described as 'a profound mixture of transformational pyschology, spiritual insight and soul alchemy'.


LIFE READINGS (non predictive!)

Designed to help you make better choices, those more in alignment with your soul Self.
My telepathic abilities mean I am able to receive inter-dimensional assistance for your use.

Sessions also conducted via phone nationally and Skype internationally.
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Small, comfortable and intimate.
A focus on using our relationships as a mirror in the quest to know, forgive and love the Self. Using emotional intelligence, we 'wake up' our dormant DNA, breaking fear barriers and raising our all-important frequency/vibration.
A practical approach to integrating aspects of our shadow towards our increased balance, integration and subsequent survival in the Coming Times.

Groups shortly to begin on Skype internationally via conferencing.
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Groups have asked Shellee-Kim to transmit messages or conduct Q and A sessions.
Amongst them, the Ascended Masters, Inner Earth beings, benevolent ET's living on starships and beings residing on other planets have come to share.

Shellee-Kim works exclusively with STO (service to other) beings who are fully committed to and aligned with the Light. Those who's joy and service it is to see Light and Life returned to Earth and her people.



Periodically conducted for small groups. Working with the power of intention.

To know where we're going, we need to have an accurate picture of who we are and where we've been. Understanding what has helped or hindered our evolution is an enormous part of this. Hence, we will explore:

The programming of humanity as a ‘slave’ race to the Annunaki; Lemuria/Atlantis – the ‘fall’ and floods; the vision and building of Inner Earth cities; humanity’s mistrust of galactic influences; the dark cabal’s millenia-long stranglehold on humanity’s evolution; acknowledging and getting free of fear by recognizing how it influences us in our internal and external worlds; the taking of personal responsibility to free ourselves; using the gift of intimate relationship as a mirror; releasing/integrating our 'shadow' to raise our light frequencies so more of our dormant DNA can naturally be activated=becoming a Living Master; accessing higher dimensions where light ship and Inner Earth help becomes available.

Groups shortly to begin on Skype internationally via conferencing.
(Find me under Shellee-Kim Gold, South Africa)


Note: All the above constitute working with EmoAlchemy principles.

While physical alchemy is the process of turning base metals into gold, Emotional Alchemy can be described as the process of transforming base emotions into integrated, higher frequency ones for the purpose of a raised human vibration. Clearing and releasing of destructive inner records increase your ‘light’ (information) quotient. This way your emotional/etheric/physical bodies can more easily transform from a carbon-based to a crystalline one - a necessity to survival on The New Earth.

For those choosing a life contract in the New Earth/5th Dimension, this is what it means to get through the ‘dimensional doorway’.