I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Here’s what I’m wishing humanity for 2016. And this is what some of my prayer time has consisted of for the past month or so. Should you feel it, please join your ‘voice’ with mine, so we are collectively stronger in our intent:

To those who haven’t the needed material resources - even for life’s basics, and for whom the ‘holidays’ are just regular days, continuing to challenge basic survival:

I wish for you tremendous openings and a great flow of blessings in your world, laden with opportunities – that you first see and then take the necessary action towards helping yourself.
Should you have any fear-based blockages such as worthiness or guilt in receiving and allowing these, see those doors of fear melting in the presence of your God intent (once you understand why) – and be triumphant over the ego.

To those who feel lonely, isolated, rejected or without love, family or companionship at this time, when those emotions are currently blasting the ethers and collectively and individually having extra impact on the human psyche :

May you first know to discern the STS (service to self) energies and entities that work so hard to emotionally and mentally manipulate your mind and feelings so you might recognise the game and choose God’s will instead. And may you find it within you to celebrate yourself with and in the love and acceptance that you seek, that you need no longer feel the need to seek it outside of you.

To those who’s lives have become distorted, addicted, depressed, panicky, suicidal and more due to collective brainwashing and mind-control programming on the planet:

May the veils of denial and unconsciousness within you that gave rise to this be pierced to their core– like the sun’s rays on a burning hot day . That you might know the Truths of yourself and the world you live in. That you might then see and know how much of your life has been usurped by creations other than your own. May you grow ever more resolute towards your personal freedom by the day, burning away veil after illusory veil in increasing Light.

To those plagued by unwanted thoughts, feelings and sensations that negatively-inform you about yourself that you automatically think are your own [which may or may not be the case]:

May you again first be easily able to discern within, familiarising yourself with that which is of your own creation and that which isn’t.
Heavenletters through Gloria Wendroff suggests sending these unwanted thoughts to a no man’s land where they can never again bring harm to you or others.
Arrest those thoughts and feelings; stop them in their tracks and laugh at them. Then round them up and command them gone from you forever, never to be accepted into your consciousness again.

To those Targeted Individuals of psychotronic warfare, chips and implants:

Whatever symptoms of discomfort you may be experiencing, call upon St Germain and his violet flame of transmutation to assist in your greater physical, emotional, spiritual and mental comfort. Also call upon STO (service to other) Light specialist teams, such as those who are a thousand steps ahead of such technology, to help. Even if you feel you’re locked into a contract/agreement.
See Light at the end of the tunnel and your freedom as being unobstructed in God’s will.

To those living in unforgiveness of self and thus still playing the blame game – blaming others and self for dysfunctional aspects of your lives:

I wish for you the great release from your specific unforgiveness ‘package’. And the courage to putting that package down, that it no longer has the power over you to trap you in victimhood. And I wish for you the great liberation of this…that allows you to be closer to Oneness with God. Whatever unforgiveness still remains stuck despite all efforts, unburden yourself by giving it all over to God. LET IT GO AND LET GOD FLOW.

Lastly, whatever your life’s discomforts and imbalances in whichever sphere, may you come to an acceptance of that which you cannot change through karma/agreements. And may you see and have the ease of ability to change that which you can.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as a change of mind that’s required to provide a little ease and greater Light and harmony for you on your journey ahead.

Whoever you are and whatever your experience, I wish for you all to know the deepest peace; that which passeth all understanding.

Love and blessings