I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remaining Anchored In Your Core by Monjoronson

via Shellee-Kim

ps. Monjo also wanted to put forth a few reminders here, received by me or others in recent times from him.

3 May 2013

I AM Monjoronson

Come to you this evening through this one who receives me most graciously. It is time now, my friends and dearly beloved ones. You are now to know the reasons behind all that has occurred.

It is with great pleasure and honour that we now bring to you the start of the many events to burst forth into your world. Amongst them will be your pre-ordained roles being made known to you, the reunion with your many galactic friends and family members and an intensive (re)education/training period for you on ship and on the ground for you wayshowers.

It is with great love and merciful compassion that those fumbling in the dark will have a swift removal to the places of their individual choosing. Recourse for the remainder of you will be also in accordance with the ‘sorting hats’ of your own choices.

In the days to come much will be said publicly about many of you who are part of AH and those outside of it and on the ground who are yet to join with you. There will be talk about who you ones are, you will be put to the test publicly and some will attempt ploys at ‘catching you out’. You will NOT rise to the bait of any of these superficial attempts of others to rile you or shake you loose from your centre. But instead hold true to your course, guided always from within.

There will even be some who may put you under surveillance in a bid to prove your ‘fakery’ to the general population. It will be wise to show these ones compassion, while simultaneously letting them know quite plainly that you will not tolerate a single of their antics. And clearly marking your boundaries, while remaining open of heart. This has been said before and serves as a reminder.

These will be desperate times for some amongst your people, who will find themselves in a conundrum within. Particularly those of certain religious persuasions that will hold even tighter to their conditioned religious ideologies. Listen to your hearts as to what should go said or unsaid, be done or left undone. And this rule should apply to all you interact with and in all circumstances and situations.
Know that, as you have already heard, your every endeavour will be fully supported in ways imaginable and unimaginable in this immediate moment.

There are a few who are to be brought up to ship to receive some additional instructions and training. And by this we mean in your fully conscious state as you know yourselves to be. We do not mean here in the etheric, as this one is querying mentally.

But first let us take the initial step forward in breaking new ground as the dimensions merge, the veil lifts and dissolves and where you are to finally perceive and know us in physical form.


Let it be NOW.

In the name of the Father’s unfolding will on earth.

I AM Monjoronson

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why the Deliberate Trashing of Planet Earth?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 9:08

(Before It's News)

by Zen Gardner

Ultimately those who awaken invariably come up against the big question; why would the so-called “elite” self-appointed rulers of this planet bring the house down around their own ears? Don’t they get irradiated, chemtrailed and ultimately modified like the rest of us? Aren’t their children in peril just like ours?

Underground bunkers or not, the rapid deterioration of our environment is leading toward a dead planet if their machinations aren’t halted some time very soon.

What these manipulators are up to is not life giving, it is death dealing. For humanity and all of nature. Why would anyone/anything do such a thing? To answer that, people first need to realize that that’s what they’re doing.

Deliberately trashing our planet.

The Utter Insanity

It’s beyond our fully grasping how these entities think and operate because of the difference in vibrational understanding. They’re insane in our minds, we’re dumb sheep in theirs. Someone said the reptilians told them to trash the environment but don’t worry, their greys will restore everything. Neat little package but it always makes me wonder since they’re doing exactly that, trashing the place.

The oceans are being deliberately killed off. The Macondo oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico never ended. It’s still gushing oil and other toxic elements which work their way around the gulf and then take the Atlantic current up the US coast and over to Europe, screwing that whole system up. What did they expect would happen when you drill miles down into a known volcanic undersea region? And oil leaks and spills continue worldwide with hardly a mention anymore.

To then spray the banned dispersant Corexit over the area so it wouldn’t look so bad, further killing off sea life and dangerously toxifying the entire region is even further insanity.

Sewage and waste, much of which won’t decompose for centuries, is flooded into the seas and tributaries in gargantuan amounts. On top of that the US Navy is “experimenting” with huge algae blooms that starve sea life of oxygen and disturb the natural life-cycles of the sea, while they’re also playing with sonic warfare equipment that also results in mass fish and other sea life die-offs.

Add chemtrails to the mix now, and weather manipulation and earthquake induction. How about genetic modification of just about anything that’s alive.

To top it off, the irradiation of our planet–all from years of hundreds of atom bomb tests, reactor meltdowns and even medical and so-called security usage. Remember, Fukushima, like the Macondo well, is still spewing, and our atmosphere and oceans are getting massive amounts of radiation. With hundreds of reactors reaching deterioration point and a mad world on the verge of a nuclear holocaust, the outlook is, what you my might say, a little tenuous.

That’s the state of our home. The planet on which we live.

Feeding Off Accelerated Entropy

At the very least these manipulative forces imposing their paradigm upon the earth and her inhabitants is a purely anti-creative force, a form of relative darkness that feeds off of the entropic breakdown they engineer and exacerbate. Instead of the magnificent creative growing complex force of life, entropy is the breakdown of organized structures into lower, simpler forms which in turn releases energy.

In nature this happens as living forms decay, giving off heat and and water vapor and replenishing the soil with nutrients for the next cycle of growth of living, wonderfully complex organisms. All natural.

Engineering entropy is another thing. While harnessing a river’s energy via electric generators may seem innocent enough, the by-product of man’s actions are cumulative. Damming up the world’s rivers has changed the natural flow and distribution of water. Drilling for oil to burn and mining massive amounts of other natural resources is changing the make up of the earth’s interior and the balance of nature as well. Asphalting and paving the surface of the earth is literally turning the world inside out. That cannot bode well.

This entropic reduction for power can be dramatically seen in an atomic explosion, which only results in death, destruction and the lingering of deadly radiation for many hundreds of years. Other forms of massive energy releases such as other weapons of war are using entropy for power and control. Fluoridating our water, chemtrailing our skies and altering our food are other forms of this. Besides organic and even inorganic structures breaking down unnaturally, these and other toxins and drugs are making humanity stupid and dazed – chemically lobotomized and unable to function properly.

In addition, our geoengineered skies are also precipitating increased methane releases, more entropic breakdowns, that seriously threaten our planet’s very existence. EMFs from cell masts, GWEN towers and massive antenna arrays such as HAARP further break down the natural magnetic resonance of the planet, ourselves and everything on it.

The entire biodiversity of the planet is shrinking drastically as plant and animal species are disappearing at an exponential rate. All a designed breakdown to harvest energy and bring the planet to a lower vibrational state.

This is where it becomes apparent who is engineering all of this. We’re dealing with a force not natural to our environment, something we often call other worldly that exists in another dimension and seeks to transform and take over the world we inhabit. It is not only from another plane of existence, it is parasitic in nature and seeks the complete subjugation of our planet and our species.

Ultimately It’s Psycho-Spiritual Vampirism

Similar to the chemical and biological programs, breaking down the human spirit for psychic energy harvesting is another exercise in entropy. This is the big one, their drug of choice. We know the entities that guide and motivate the dark rulers of this world feed off of fear, violence, pain, suffering and even death. For them the more heightened the intensity, the better, which is why drugs, perverted sex, human sacrifice and energy sucking Satanic rituals are so madly pursued by these dark energy vampires.

The breakdown in society’s complexity and the cultural variety of the planet has always been important to them. Our natural tendency as conscious beings is to love and care for each other, unite in cause and purpose for the betterment of all. This tremendously creative force generates incredible spiritual awareness and empowerment and re-creation, like crystals spontaneously growing beautiful fractal structures as consciousness taps into infinite potential.

That forces have always fought against this for the empowerment of some titular energy/control freaks at the top at the expense of the many has apparently been our planet’s plight for hundreds of thousands of years.

Our connection to infinite, conscious creative awareness is diametrically opposed to the world they come from. While we revel in empathy, compassion and love they have no such affinity. It is not just foreign to them, but anathema. Their cold, calculated realm runs purely on self gratification, which extends from sexual lust to the dark ecstacy of having control over the lives of others. It is two dimensional. They wish they had what we have but wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. That’s why they fear us, manifested in the intense hate and violence they breed. They know the only control they can have over a superior consciousness is fear, which shuts off our connection to Source.

Where the Hell Are We?

Is this planet a playing field to see who wakes up and who doesn’t? Are the asleep destined to constant recycling into this strange arena called Earth until they get the point, wake up and make an effort to help get this planet on its true track of conscious awareness and a society based on love and cooperation?

You can sure see why the religions have a field day with this. People want to know, they want this question answered. Even if it’s only a belief, they want to lay it to rest. Unfortunately they play right into the controllers’ hands when they do so.

“Back to sleep, now. Don’t want you to ask too many questions.”

Even the dualism we see being played out is part of the game. While there is a struggle between what we call light and dark forces, these dualities we see being played out at different levels are illusions, distractions from the core principle of life – conscious awareness.


There are a lot of very interesting theories as to what’s really going on here. Knowing there are infinite parallel worlds at play makes it all the more exciting. Our particular 3-D theater is quite macabre at the moment and about to get a lot worse if and when these entities unleash the big stuff. That there’s an ongoing ascension of the awakened could be true at some level, but last I checked I’m still here.

However things are shifting vibrationally and continue to shift so it should be exciting wherever we’re headed.

If there is a cavalry to be sent in it sure should have happened a LONG time ago. Don’t hold your breath. This is up to us. That’s how they got away with it, by continually berating and intimidating humanity via lies and deception. The enforcement trip is mainly a ruse, as there’s no way they could stop all of humanity if we all rose up to throw them out. The problem is centuries of dumbing down, physical weakening and spirit breaking.

That we’re being terraformed for habitation by an alien life form isn’t that far fetched to me. Those who’ve yielded to and carried out the programs of these parasitic entities are clearly no longer human by the natural, spiritual definition, so they are carving out their own hell to say the least, no matter the expense to the races that populate the planet.

One thing for sure, knowing the realities outlined above will help find a more true answer to our current predicament. But much more profound than that, discovering and awakening to the infinite true nature of who we really are is the ongoing solution to it all.

From there everything makes sense. We may not have every answer to every individual question, but we know what’s important.

And that’s important.

Stay awake and aware, conscious and acting accordingly.

We do our parts first and foremost. Universe will lead us one step at a time.

Enjoy the ride!

Love, Zen


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dangers of Dairy (Milk) Revisited

Goodday to you all!

Years ago I 'accidentally' investigated just how bad dairy milk - ie cows milk in the main - is for the human system. Besides the killing recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBST), growth hormones, antibiotics and other animals (cannibalism) added to cows' diets - is it any wonder all sorts of human dis-ease are linked to milk?

After research at the time, I never could look at a glass of milk again with anything except feelings of revulsion as I 'saw' the invisible-to-the-naked eye blood and pus that I knew was floating around in there! A result of a poor cow's body under siege and plagued by dis-ease and pain in the name of profit. Particularly the immense pain caused by mastititis, as a result of these harmful additions.

Being a lacto vegetarian and seeing all other species as sentient beings, this is not okay for me. So today I just never buy the stuff. Although I still have milk in coffee when at a restaurant or another's home, at home I mostly use powdered rice milk or soya milk. And I tend to stick to feta cheeses and rarely buy cow's cheese.

If anything, the situation as practised by most dairies around the world has gotten worse. Regarding both the health of cows and the ill-health effects on human consumers.

While goverments, medical and health (illness) industries globally continue to push their countries' respective dairy board's toxic agenda and the 'benefits of drinking (cows) milk daily', it stands to reason that anyone challenging them are either ridiculed/opposed (see my own snippet piece on Human Health And The Dairy Debate below) or/and are axed from their position of authority.
Such as the two reporters recently fired for reporting on the dangers of dairy on Fox News. That's how threatening lone Truth rangers are to those who control the above industries. And particularly in the media if the reporters choose not to tow the party line like all the other good little press-titutes.

Below my localised bolded piece here (although global in practise), read a nicely-written more detailed explanation on the subject, also offering up some alternative solutions. My own piece accompanied a 'softer' lifestyle health article, where I was forced to focus on how to deal with allergies produced by dairy for an internationally-branded magazine. Naturally also owned - right at the top of the food chain - by the same controllers of the dairy industry!

In magic, madness and mystery


by Shellee-Kim Gold

It's no sick joke that when we drink cow's milk we also consume their blood and pus.

Benefiting the industry rather than consumers, South African law allows for a percentage of white blood cells to be present in the milk humans consume. But we don't only have that to contend with.

Retired professor of Medical Bioscience, Walter Veith undertook research on the effects of diet of commercial farm animals and the consequences for human health.

His findings were delivered internationally with positive results. In addition to the common practise of feeding or injecting animals antibiotics, growth hormones and rBST, Veith found animals are fed each other.
"To save costs the industry feeds them as cheaply as possible. Carcass meal and blood meal (offal) are fed to animals, while poultry by-products (gut, head, legs) are fed back to chickens".
He also found dairy cows being fed chicken manure and an antibiotic resistance in pigs.
As worrying were the presence of prions (a protein) which causes Mad Cow disease.

A major element of his research show dairy to be 'one of the most calciuretic (calcium decreasing) products in the world'. "The protein in calcium causes more calcium loss for humans which amounts to degradation of bone. This gives rise to osteoporosis, allergies and antibiotic resistance."
He poses a simple question: 'Why do countries with the highest milk consumption have the highest rate of osteoporosis?'

Despite the professor's acceptance in a post-doctoral position at the prestigious Harvard as a result of Veith's research, South African academia are apparently loathe to accept his now-factual findings.

Such as professor Christian Cruywagen, head of the department of Animal Sciences at Stellenbosch University. "I've heard of Veith's work, but don't believe it and disagree with Harvard's findings. What I know about dairy is it’s a wholesome product and not detrimental to humans". Besides, he added, milk had a substance - CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)- which was proven to be anti-carcinogenic.

Dairy Milk

Written by Mussarrat Butt

Milk is supposed to be a natural health promoting drink. Why then are some health practitioners recommending cutting down or even eliminating milk?
In this article I will explore some of the issues around milk so that a more informed decision may be made about whether to include, reduce or eliminate milk from the diet.

Milk has been consumed by many cultures and is the source of many dairy products like, cheese, yoghurt, butter and cream. Whole milk is a good source of protein and fat. It contains vitamins A, D, E and the B complex vitamins. Milk also contains substantial amounts of the minerals calcium and phosphorous with smaller amounts of magnesium and zinc. Trace amounts of the minerals manganese, selenium, copper and iodine may also be present in milk.

The nutrient profile of milk is dependent on many factors like the season, farming practices and what processing techniques have been applied to the milk. It is also important to consider state of health as this will also determine whether milk will be a challenging food for the body.

I will discuss each of these issues in further detail:

Farming Practices
It is important to understand that if hormones or antibiotics have been routinely administered to the cow then these substances will eventually make their way into the milk.

In the UK, about two thirds of all milk comes from pregnant cows; the rest comes from cows that have recently given birth. Due to the practice of milking pregnant cows, the cow has to be held in a pregnant state by means of a cocktail of different growth factors and hormones. This results in elevated levels of hormones like oestrogen and other growth hormone being present within the milk. When these hormones are ingested through drinking milk they can trigger hormone responses within the body like growth.

About a third of the entire UK herd of dairy cows at any one time are diseased with excruciatingly painful mastitis. This condition makes them produce copious amounts of pus from their udders which finds its way into their milk. To try to control infections and disease, cows are regularly given antibiotics, which eventually make their way into the milk. Consumption of antibiotics through regular milk production will have a negative impact on gut flora and may destroy beneficial gut bacteria leaving room for harmful micro-organisms to grow and interfere with digestion.

Milk and dairy products produced in the United States - unless otherwise labelled - may come from cows routinely injected with a genetically engineered hormone called recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) which is also known as recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rBST). This engineered hormone works by interfering with a cow’s natural physiology. Drug manufacturers claim that injections of rBGH will cause an increase of up to 20% in milk production. However rBGH has been shown to increase disease rates in cows and a significant body of scientific data has linked it to possible increases in cancer and antibiotic resistance in humans. The injection of rBGH in cows elevates a powerful growth hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), which also stimulates growth within humans.

The hormone IGF-1 has been identified in numerous studies to increase breast, prostate, colon, lung and other cancers in humans. Scientific studies suggest that IGF-1 survives pasteurisation as well as digestion and enters the bloodstream in sufficient quantities to potentially trigger increased cancer rates.

At the moment, recombinant bovine growth hormone has been banned from use within the UK.

Pasture Fed Animals
Research has shown that meat, eggs and dairy products from animals raised on pastures are better for health. When compared with grain-fed animals, they offer more beneficial fats as well as being richer in antioxidants. For example, grass-fed cows produce milk containing significantly more omega 3 and vitamin E than cows fed pre-dominantly grains like corn or soya beans. By feeding on grass these animals are able to access omega-3s formed in the chloroplasts of green leaves. Sixty percent of the fatty acids in grass are omega-3s.

Most modern diets contain significantly more omega 6 than omega 3 essential fatty acids. At the cell level, omega 3 promotes cell membrane flexibility whereas omega 6 promotes membrane rigidity. The right balance is therefore required for structural integrity of the cell membrane. If the diet is biased towards omega 6 intake then over time this promotes stiffening of the cell membranes which in turn interferes with the movement of nutrients and wastes to and from the cells.

An imbalance with essential fatty acid intake will also have a knock on effect on prostaglandin production. Prostaglandins are hormone like substances produced by the cells. Excess dietary omega 6 can trigger prostaglandin production, which promote inflammatory reactions within the body and imbalances within the nervous and endocrine systems.

Farming practices are therefore significant factors influencing both the digestibility and nutrient profile of milk. Choose dairy products from pasture fed animals as these foods will provide a more balanced intake of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Avoid consuming milk if it comes from cows reared with the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides.

This is a process whereby milk is heated to destroy harmful micro-organisms. Pasteurisation counteracts poor hygiene within milk production. The downside of this practice is that it can destroy any beneficial bacteria which may have been present in the milk. Heating also destroys valuable enzymes found within milk designed to support digestion of milk when consumed. For example lactase is an enzyme found within milk which helps to break down the milk sugar known as lactose. Enzymes like lactase are damaged by the pasteurisation process.

Valuable heat-sensitive nutrients like the B vitamins are also damaged during the heating process, which impairs the nutrient content significantly.

Calves fed pasteurised milk do not thrive and usually die within six weeks! This illustrates how pasteurisation significantly degrades the nutritional quality of milk.

Other heat processing techniques such as sterilisation, ultra-heat processing will also destroy valuable heat sensitive nutrients and enzymes found within milk.

You may be worried by the concept of consuming non-pasteurised milk which is termed ‘raw’. There are many nutritional benefits to raw milk but strict hygienic practices must be employed at all stages of milk production.

In this modern processing technique the milk fat has been reduced in size and dispersed within the milk so that it does not form a thick creamy layer on the top. Homogenisation makes the milk appear better and does away with shaking the milk bottle in order to mix in the cream.

However the downside to homogenisation is that it causes the fat globules in milk to be fragmented into small, compact molecules that will not regroup. Not only do these intense molecules of fat refuse to regroup, they also resist digestion and manage to directly enter the bloodstream unaltered via the small intestine. As the tiny undigested fat globules pass directly into the blood vessels, they can contribute towards a fatty build up in the blood vessels. The small undigested fat globules irritate the blood vessels, which in turn promotes inflammation which over time can damage blood vessels.

Removal of Milk Fat
Skimmed & semi-skimmed milk have had the milk fat removed. However it is the milk fat which contains the beneficial fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, The fat soluble vitamins are vital in order for the body to make use of other nutrients found within the rest of the milk. For example in order for the body to utilise calcium found within milk it will need an adequate supply of vitamin D which is naturally found within the milk fat.

Fortification of skimmed and semi-skimmed milk with synthetic fat soluble vitamins may be done to resolve this issue but they are chemically not the same. For example, full fat milk contains pre-formed vitamin A (retinol) and pre-formed vitamin D (D3). Fortified milk on the other hand usually contains pro-retinol (beta carotene) which requires a conversion process within the body in order to be converted to pre-formed vitamin A. This conversion is dependent on other factors within the body and may/may not fully take place. Similarly fortified vitamin D (also known as D2) will require a conversion process to D3 which again depends on other factors within the body.

The vitamin A and D fortified versions of skimmed and semi-skimmed milks do not contain fat soluble vitamins in similar ratios to the naturally occurring ones found in whole milk. This may cause imbalances in how these nutrients react within the body or toxicity.

Calcium and Magnesium balance
Milk is naturally high in calcium but is low in magnesium. In the body one of the many functions of calcium and magnesium is to ensure that muscles and nerves work in a balanced way. In general terms, calcium triggers muscle and nerve contraction and magnesium triggers muscle and nerve relaxation.

Consuming lots of milk without the right amounts of magnesium in the diet can over time trigger imbalances in nerve and muscle functioning.

Magnesium also helps to keep calcium in a soluble state, when magnesium levels are low, calcium can precipitate out of solution and contribute to nerve and muscle tissue hardening.

Mucous, bloating, gas and spasms
Many individuals do not have the required enzymes in place to fully digest milk. For example, the enzyme lactase is required to digest lactose, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in milk. Consequently consuming milk results in toxicity from undigested milk, which in turn irritates the lining of the digestive system. The body responds to this irritation by increasing its protective layer of mucous. However over time a thickening layer of mucous becomes a barrier to nutrients and will also encourage the growth of micro-organisms. This situation can result in symptoms of intestinal bloating, gas and spasm.

The increased flow of excess mucous can become thickened and block the smaller channels within the lymphatic system. This often occurs in the smaller lymphatic vessels of the ear, nose and throat resulting in congestion and symptoms of blocked nose, ears and excessive phlegm in the throat.

Issues of poor digestibility may be resolved once the conditions within the body to assimilate milk have been improved. Cutting out milk and following a cleansing nutritional program will help to clear up excessive mucous congestion and symptoms of bloating and spasms. Once the body is in a more balanced state small amounts of dairy such as organic goat’s yoghurt may be slowly introduced.

Are there alternatives to cow’s milk?
Alternatives to cow’s milk may include milks made from nuts like almond milk if there are no nut allergies. Coconut milk and oat milk are also suitable substitutes for replacing cow’s milk. I do not promote the use of soya milk as it has a negative impact on the body affecting nervous and endocrine system functioning.

Goat’s Milk
Certain individuals find that goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk. Switching from cow’s milk to goat’s milk often results in symptoms of mucous, bloating, spasm or eczema clearing up.

Unlike cow's milk there is no need to homogenize goat's milk as the fat globules in goat's milk are much smaller and will remain suspended in solution whereas the fat globules in cow's milk tend to separate to the surface.

Like cow’s milk look for raw goat’s milk from a clean source which have been grass fed. Milk which has been heat treated, homogenised or containing contaminants should be avoided and suitable alternatives used.