I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, May 1, 2014


by Shellee-Kim Gold

Thank you supermarket cartel in South Africa! Thank You dear criminal cellular networks cartel. And THANK YOU to the country’s current ruling party, the African National Congress!

For it is by all of your actions that you have helped us to truly ‘know’ you. Depending on who each of us are and our individual journey, discernment has taken a long or a short time for us to draw our measured conclusions of Truth about you.

And as we have done so, so we have sought alternative ways and means not to support the corrupt soullesness at the centre of what motivates you all. And this means all posing as our ‘authorities’: be they political parties or corporations. Yes, SA consumers perceive both as authority figures & then wonder why we get dished up what we do!

For instance, through your stranglehold dear supermarket cartel many of us have been forced to look elsewhere to feed ourselves and our families. At least, the miniscule percentage of the population who still have the luxury of earning a salary. And we have consistently found that those selling food ‘unoffically’ sell their items at a quarter to a half of what you sell yours for. Yet, still they’re making a profit. Granted, not 1000% like you often do on your fresh produce.

While these tiny food suppliers (even when they group together) are not indulged in the huge discounts you enjoy for purchasing units en masse, more and more of us consumers are supporting more and more of them purely because they operate ethically and are more affordable to us. And most important of all, they are completely independent of you, your shareholders and your food producing suppliers’ shameful tactics of deception! Especially since an increasing amount of our population goes hungry – at your hands, directly or indirectly. Personally: I make it my business to spread the news of their existence far and wide – though I live a few minutes away from one of your Big Five.

As for you, criminal cellular network cartel: during the past few months you’ve begun a campaign of open theft of money/airtime from your customers. As all three major networks are involved and doing the same thing, it’s clearly an agreement between you.
An ever-increasing percentage of purchased airtime now routinely and automatically disappearsfrom peoples’ airtime, which may even be as much as 50% in some cases, I understand. And your response? You hide behind the ‘well, this is a third party, so we cannot be responsible’ or kill your future with the customer by using the BLAME THE CUSTOMER tactic instead of customer-resolution approaches. Well, your boundless greed now ensures your Law of Return is at work.
How much have your sales on Pay As You Go airtime dropped in the past three to six months?

Those that can are using Skype increasingly and other ‘alternative’ means for their calls. Your criminality is getting around….by old-fashioned, potent word-of-mouth means. And we don’t need to spend millions a week getting your open lying and cheating scam broadcast either.
Some of the market you do have left consists of the ever-shrinking tiny population of the privileged, employed and often well-educated, who also, in many cases, already have permanent access to the internet.

These are often the same consumers who’ve bought into the idea that slathering sunscreen onto their skin, for instance, is a protective measure. And they’ve been doing it for years. Often fully and blindly trusting in their god-doctor’s word and the might of the media in the promoting of the product. And then they get skin cancer. And still they refuse easy research at their fingertips with evidence showing them that ‘sunscreen’ cream actually helps produce skin cancers.

They refuse to accept that their doctors could possibly rate their bonus’s, commissions and other goodies dished out by their pharmaceutical company/medical mafia (unofficial) ‘bosses’ more highly than your life and health. Why would they? They don’t have the same emotional investment into you as you do into them. Thereafter it’s the good doctor’s Hippocratic duty to refer said patient on to the biggest money-spinner of the medical/pharmaceutical industry – chemotherapy. One which kills more cancer patients than the actual dis-ease itself.

So what have these seemingly disparate examples of consumer exploitation and consumer stupidity/denial both have to do with the general corrupt soul of a nation and it’s large-scale lies, manipulation and open cheating at election-deception time?

Well, everything really. As it's this same mindset of the sunscreen user and seeming-voicelessness of the masses that South Africans refuse to see – and to our peril once again come the May 7 elections. As we turn our backs on consumer Truths, so do we also on political ones. This commitment to acquiescence is like our collective shadow. Because wherever we go, it is always present.

Our mass media – and the rest of the globe’s - is controlled by the same body of people that have controlled all past elections and their outcomes here. And, whatever it takes, they will run this election their way, too.
The ‘hidden hand’ tactics of these shadow government controllers and their minions are well versed at deceipt and manipulation. Mainly because they’ve been doing it for millennia. They keep running the same old workable tactics on us they’ve employed down through the ages. Demonstrating their prowess particularly in places having ‘democratic, free and fair elections’ as in here, now.

Any potential ruling party Truths that manage to slip through the cracks and are exposed through the media are just as quickly snuffed out by ‘wag the dog’ media tactics. Depending on the size of the scandal, this could even involve a campaign. But usually creating a diversionary story, assassinating the character of whoever threatens or digging up some dirt on the whistleblower suffices. Even so, an increasing number of VIP's see through the entire charade and aren’t afraid to say so.

Such as Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi who represents the huge population of South African Zulus, in the main, through the Inkatha Freedom Party. He’s publicly stated the voting’s going to be rigged. And he’s not the only one in high places that knows and has talked about this either.
(Controlled)Opposition party leader, Helen Zille is herself worried about vote-rigging,urging people to remain watchful for corruption through the process.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's a done deal already it seems. Advocate Pansy Tlakula of the (not so)Independent Electoral Commission, herself tasked with the job of monitoring free and fair elections has already been found guilty of corruption and conflict of interest. But she's staying on to do her 'job' through the elections.

Nor would president Zuma have so brazenly allowed himself to be quoted in the mainstream media saying whether people liked it or not the ANC would be staying in power and that the ANC would rule until the second coming of Jesus or until Jesus returns if he were not confident of the fact. And if that's not practically admitting vote-rigging will be used, I don't know what is.

So, whether widespread dissatisfaction on the ground exists or not, the puppet-string pullers, aka the shadow government’s global controllers called the Zionist Khazars very much intend to allow the country to be run further into the ground while they continue raping the land of its mineral resources and draining the life forces from the masses.

Keep the people in misery and agitation and you can repeatedly employ the problem-reaction-solution tactic in a variety of ways and means-providing a continuous round of empty promises. No better way to keep people in this state than encourage or turn a blind eye to front man, president Jacob Zuma, and his playing and killing fields.

You can maintain a collective sense of continuous dissatisfaction amongst the masses that way. Remember the consumer issues mentioned earlier? Our big vulnerability in SA is our collective lack of self esteem and huge self-consciousness to the point that protest marches (demonstrated elsewhere in the world for centuries to agitate for and achieve change) are perceived here as a dirty word. Especially by the minority of South African Whites who’s culture informs the rest of the population. All helped along well by the self-censoring media.

Zuma’s abuse of billions of Rands of taxpayers money for an upgrade on his private Nkandla homestead or the 700 charges (in 2012) he has against him, including, rape, criminal and corruption are either ignored or dropped by the equally-controlled country’s judicial system.
A good case in point would be the contrived drama that was the recent Oscar Pistorius trial, who is likely to walk scott free after murdering his girlfriend. With the judge in the pocket of the prosecutor, it’s said.

Very recently, Zuma also quickly rushed a new law through parliament ensuring retired parliamentarians receive 24 free flights annually. Probably because he knows he’s about to be replaced by another (ANC) puppet.

I think the KZ’s are ready to install a new face and personality to represent the ANC. And that’s really the only time that they encourage a bit of public rage. Although we've yet to see seriously-enraged and much needed uprising from the mainly White, mainly wealthy, dominant culture. In the meantime, the ANC isn't about to be overthrown by the people anytime soon.

That people put so much time and energy into buying into election fever and all the contrived drama is what disturbs me, even as the ‘result’ is already set in stone by someone, somewhere.
So based on what I learned about a few of the larger ones, I decided only one party was in integrity enough to warrant my vote if I voted and that’s Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu Party.

Proof for me and anyone else of him walking the Truth he talks is the fact he’s lost his assets fighting SA’s criminal banking cartel for all of SA's benefit. And his party’s slogan reads: ‘If it’s not good for EVERYONE, it’s no good at all'. I trust the man.

His manifesto, more importantly, is about ordinary citizens taking our power back from the KZ corporations and multinationals. And, what's more, he has inspired so many around the globe already that the Ubuntu Party is being started up in various countries across the globe. And that is the start of real freedom…

So far, I’ve learned that opposition party, the Democratic Alliance under Helen Zille is financed by ‘an Israeli intelligence organisation’( think here Mossad - who continue destroying millions of lives in many countries, quite apart from ongoing atrocities against Palestinians).
While Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters – a one time real hero of the working class masses - recently declared that ‘banks, corporations and supermarkets’ were backing him.

Where did your ethics and integrity go, both of you? Don’t you know that the blood is indirectly on your hands now, Zille? And how can you ever preach economic freedom again, Malema, when you clearly know the industries backing you are some of the selfsame imprisoning the people you claim to be fighting for? And that they’re merely KZ tentacles appearing to do your bidding.

The KZ’s aren’t taking any chances in this election and they’re ensuring all bases are covered – just in case. How, presumably they decided to put the problem-reaction-solution formula into play with their ‘vote spoiling’ campaign deception game.

Simple. Get former Intelligence Minister, (double agent?) Ronnie Kasrils to express enough disillusion about the upcoming elections. Make sure he’s on record about people’s dissatisfaction with the ANC in particular. Then have him suggest people ‘spoil their vote’ to make their statement. And voila! You have a hot media story that every MSM presstitute is all over for a long time.

Now that that’s installed in the public mind, by the time vote counting (aka rigging)comes around, the solution is already in place. And suddenly it will be evident that all the many, many ‘spoiled’ votes found, were done so deliberately. And there we have the vote-spoiling campaign as a major justification to aid their ends in the final counting/rigging. And another element of confusion and deceipt nicely set in place for the final phase.

So, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but isn’t it true that the greatest deception is self-deception? And that our precious energy would be far better used on building our knowledge base of the Khazarian Zionists that we might oust these psychophantic chess masters.
After all, that move would both unite us and bring real change, finally. And not just here, but for the entire globe's people.

Until then, the KZ lust for the blood of innocents goes on. In one country or another over a religious, ethnic or political conflict engineered by them and their black operative minions.

Now just imagine if ALL polling stations throughout the country next week were boycotted by ALL voters? No, let's think bigger. Imagine if all people in all countries did this for the next handful of elections - wherever else they may be held in the world.

To my mind, that would be the most real demonstration of ‘enough is enough’. And it would lay total waste to all their carefully-laid voter response plans. That would definitely get the KZ’s knickers in a serious knot. But we’re not yet thinking that expansively, are we?

Or realizing our own election issues and our responses to them are but a macrocosm of the world’s.