I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Truth Trickle

I meant for this to be posted yesterday, to coincide with the start of one of the Jew-ish high (un)holy days - Passover. Nontheless, it is the start of the week long 'abomination' amongst the secret orders of global Talmudists. And I heard: 'It will be the last time for this abomination' (dunno if that meant the last Passover or the last (un)holy day of ritual blood sacrifice of their victims. I seriously doubt the latter as that happens daily around the globe.

The Talmudist-enforced Passing Over of those they decide will die for them has been top of mind and heart for me the past few days.
And all I have been asking for is that the Lighted technology and assistance from the higher realms which allows these beings to experience a pain-free departure is given them - if they wish it and it is in their highest and best interest to have this.

As an old Jewish friend of a friend of mine told her years ago: 'There's nothing wrong with a father having sex with his daughter. It says so in our holy book, the Talmud'.
Of course it does. How could we possibly question, therefore, anything other than the great 'wisdom' of such a source?

THIS is the God of Gods, our Creator, and more importantly, his mercy, love and FREEDOM speaking? Yeah, right...

Only an anti-God entity or collective would utter the endless mockery that is the Talmud, arguably the world's most wicked. And mostly because it attempts to pose as the opposite of what it really is, brainwashing those who chose to be Jews and deluding the rest of the world with what they do best...deceive, destroy, twist and imitate!

But far from anything being lost, there are apparently great gains being made. According to spiritual scientist, Lisa Renee, the timeous destruction of the holocaust grids (victim consciousness?) and, along with it, the relevant imprisoning aspect of the human mind has been just one recent successful Lighted realm operation, along with the destruction/dysfunction of the low electromagnetic frequencies tech pulsed into humans on planet.

Then there's the newly-activated aquiline sun frequencies that humans can also currently choose to work with.
So, all in all, a propitious time right now.

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I wrote the piece below when that dear elderly truth-telling German lady, Ursula Haverbeck, was arrested and imprisoned last November - for having the courage to inspire public questioning about the holocaust.



Shellee-Kim Gold

International Jewry may be in a state of terror. The perceived threat? This time the uproar appears to be over an elderly German widow of 86 years old.

Ursula Haverbeck has got German Jewish ire up so much that Angela Merkel’s Thought Police were dispatched to invade and ransack her home. Her crime? To publicly question the Holocaust, as per its official line.

Unlike all of the many and varied wars and events in our world history, the World War II’s Holocaust is punishable by law in several European countries if challenged and questioned –with a zero tolerance approach.

In researching for greater clarity on this historical event, Haverbeck submitted repeat questions about where the murder of the six million Jews took place. After being consistently ignored by the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the Ministry of Justice and the German Association of Judges, amongst others, Haverbeck’s finally getting some attention. Albeit of the negative kind.

After a recent German television appearance on the subject with Robert Bongen, her home was ransacked by the German police. Charged with hate speech and Holocaust denial laws, she potentially faces five years in jail.

‘Anti-Semites’ and Self-Hating Jews

Jewish authorities mean such serious business that the backlash for courageous questioners usually leads to career or financial ruination, imprisonment or even death. Not unlike the experiences of high-profiled German Jew living in Canada, Ernst Zundel, who was tried for publishing pamphlets, questioning whether six million died. He ended up being jailed for more than seven years in Germany, Canada and the United States.

While his German attorney, Sylvia Stolz, was made an equal example of in defence of Zundel. For her efforts she was sentenced to more than three years in prison and has just been re-arrested for her stance for another almost two years of prison time.

However, thousands in Germany and elsewhere have been arrested for challenging and questioning this ‘sacred cow’, some of whom currently continue to rot away in prisons.

South Africans are such a tame and timid breed in the main that Holocaust challengers remain far and few between. And one of the few I can think of who merely stated his views on Hitler, was ex South African Reserve bank director, Stephen Goodson. Nontheless, his views which conclude similarly to Haverbeck’s, are now associated with being ‘right wing’. And, if like me, you’re Jewish and you publicly question, you’re nothing but a ‘self-hating Jew’. Watch the response to this piece carefully for proof.

Decades Of Mass Mind Programming

Like many countries around the world, South Africa’s also perennially-plagued by the ‘never forget the Holocaust’ syndrome-through both movies and the media. Though only the less than 70 000 Jews in South Africa have any real investment in this. Even while we here, ironically, continue to speak of letting apartheid go. I guess it really helps if you own the global media, like the Jewish people do.

In mantra-like fashion, the Holocaust figure of ‘six million’ is repeated ad nauseum at every public opportunity,both here in South Africa and abroad. It’s what you might call subliminal programming of the mass mind. By comparison, isn’t it curious how the deaths of 66 million Russian Christians at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks under Lenin and Stalin conveniently go largely ignored?

Officialdom Reworks the ‘Six Million’ Figure – Again

Provoking mass public suspicion, Poland’s Auschwitz museum has confusingly, and for the second time, ‘revised’ the numbers of the Holocaust’s Jewish dead. Up until 1990 or so, for decades the figure was set at four million. They dropped this suddenly to 1.5 million (the total deaths for all races and religions), now appearing on …’s Museum plaque. But now, according to the US Holocaust Memorial museum, that figure has been further reduced to just 960 000 Jews who purportedly died at Auschwitz. Despite all this officialdom, the Holocaust Museum in South Africa – and I’m most assuming elsewhere around the world – have conveniently ignored this, in favour of continuing to mislead the public with the past century’s most unthinkable lie.

Playing around with numbers merely serves to undermine the credibility of an organisation, the people who run it and an event that’s already seriously questioned by many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Some of whom believe that the suppressed truths of World War II’s concentration camps are on the verge of exploding into the public arena.

On the question of Jewish deaths alone, a leaked Red Cross post-war document with its fastidiously-recorded wartime statistics of prisoner deaths clearly stated Jewish deaths during the war amounted to the grand total of 271 301 people. Mostly perishing from starvation and disease.

But perhaps the Auschwitz museum and global Jewish authorities have the objective of eventually acknowledging their manipulated number publicly. Because clearly they’re inching ever closer to the true figure.

Gas Chamber Coverup

Then there’s the much-investigated gas chamber deaths. Although many researchers have come to the same conclusion, engineer Fred Leuchter, an American gas chamber expert, years ago said it was ludicrous to consider the facilities in Poland’s Auschwitz could have been used as gas chambers. He said none of the chambers ever contained hydrogen cyanide! While the Viennese investigation by the Military Police’s Allied Committee of Inquiry found no poisoned gas was used to kill people.

Author of ‘Hitler’s War’, David Irving, was arrested in numerous countries for hate speech for omitting references to gas chambers in his work. He found none of the camps, including Auschwitz, had any gas chambers and that it was ‘a fraud’.

Motives Behind the Suppression

Mass-scale fraudulence over what many now refer to as the Holohoax is super-serious business –especially when it involves a global group of powerful ‘establishment’ people who demand respect and sympathy at every turn. But what would the purpose of a lie of such epic proportions be set up for, I hear you asking.

As long as Jews can collectively continue to be perceived as the world’s victims, Germans will continue to cough up guilt-induced Holocaust compensation funds. But the continued extortion racket means vehemently defending and protecting the ‘official’ version of the Holocaust.

And why Holocaust challengers must be arrested and exterminated, in some cases. Remember, the first line of defence is to respond with offense. Playing the outraged victims to ‘anti-Semites’ is also a useful little ploy in detracting anyone else from even trying to ask the real questions.

In a United States media interview, late ex Israeli minister, Shulamit Aloni, said criticism and the Jewish anti-Semitic response was ‘a trick…we always use it’. “When people from Europe criticise us (Israel), we bring up the Holocaust. In this country (the US) when people criticise us, then they are anti-Semitic...and that justifies everything we do to the Palestinians”.

Stealing Palestine to create Israel was another major reason for justifying Jewish ‘victimhood’ post World War II. And why the Palestinian question is the other enormous issue that Jewish authorities globally have to defend from challengers at all costs.

This is why it’s that important that Jewish people need to maintain their position as the world’s most indubitable people.
There’s just too much at stake to play it any differently.