I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pale Ibongi 9/10/11: Filled With His Will & Children Of The Sun & Holy Flow



Is the opposite of control

Filled with his will[x2]

Can only be

When you live fully in Him

Filled with His will

Is yours for the taking

It is your very making

Filled with His will

Is death to the small self

Happily left on the shelf

Now it knows its true place

For this self is…

In His will

Filled with His will

No hindrances

No more obstacles

For all is filled with His

…With His will




Children of the Sun/Son

Children of the One [x2]

We are bound to you

But we may not know that’s true

In you we have our breath

Our life, our light, our joy

It matters not - our toil

For we, we are One; enjoined

All it takes is desire

To know we’re close to His fire

Burning and yearning for His will

To be remade from the soil

Effort is effortlessness-that’s His game

His DNA running through our veins

In our heartbeat, our blood

Our bones, our tone

Our light, His life, His glory be

That all can see

Him shining through me

And thee



Its the flow of the holy milk

Comforting and healing

Like superfine silk

Soothing, smoothing

Mind conflict aside

Graciously overriding

All false pride

That it’s will be done

Released, shared and spread

A flowing river of Love

Bound ever upwards

Like the messengers, the doves

Across the open sky

Of the heart

Wherein lies the Universe

So Light

And all the creations

Wrought of His might