I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Pale Ibongi 12/13/14:Last Call/Jesting Seriously/Ode To My Feline Family



Let love be my shield and sword

And melt the hearts

Of every conman and fraud

For naught knows love’s power

Until the last hour

When chaos reigns supreme

And the will of all

Is tested amidst the fall

For each who chooses

To align with strife

Shall be in opposition

To those pro life

For life is the heart

And change and feelings

And in THAT alignment

Can there be great healing.

For one and all

It’s your last call

What will it be?

Do you choose to rise with me?

Will you have your say

Or will you call it a day?

Where do you place the power

Pre-sent within you?

Do you give it up
Or allow it to stand you up?

The power of your centre

Has ever been love

It makes of you

Like the gentlest dove

White ones for peace

Providing a brand new lease

Of harmony and joy

In the spirit divine

That the gathering of the children

Be ever refined.

The light of love

The love of light

Will come out of the blue

Like a perfect fright

Though not unwelcome

It shall be received

With shock and exultation

That brings great exclamation



And more…

And more of the ever-rushing river

Of infinite love that floods forth.

So it is! It has been spoken!


Why am I speaking to you in rhyme

Dear beloved Father mine?

It is no joke but I ask of thee

What is this communique

You have planted in me?

Would you answer now

That I may know

What your purpose is

In this holy flow

I smile, I chuckle

At this light-heartedness

But never do I forget

The plight and life

Of the many in strife

For they too must be freed

To discover the need

Of the spiritual life that brings

The peace that passeth all understanding

Then we can take all

Another step forward

Finding all root causes

For all that is untoward.

Ever upwards and onwards

Is the life so lived

For in each is the spark

And free will to choose

An opportunity given

By the divinity that is ‘we’

Are you driven.




Dear cat family from Sirius

This homecoming is way too serious

How long it’s been

Oh my queens

You are too sweet and furry

Filled with love and all things purry

You, you and you and me

What joy we create, what a party

We have it outside

Inside fun too

We even have it in the loo

We love each other so desperately

Wherever I go

You follow me


This way and that

Whatever I do

You smell a rat

When those uninvited ones

Aka the parasites come

You know how I think

Often in a blink

And then the waterworks start

Though you stand steady

Staring at me beseechingly

Knowing it’s all a trick

But it’s for me to see

Yet I know not who I AM

And that’s just so sick

I know you know

And wish you could show

Me just how it’s done

That we can all live

In consistent fun.