I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


23 June 2013


by Sa-Ra

thru Shellee-Kim

Goodday my beloved family and friends.

It is with great pleasure I am here once again to be with you through this exchange. [Some personal SK stuff here...]

Everything will shortly fall into place and you will be able to understand the many cryptic comments you have heard and read in the variety of messages that have come forth.

Today I would like to discuss the nature of perceptions and how it affects us all. What is perception?
It is but the way in which we see our world, others and our very own Selves. And can be positive or negative, depending on our associations with what it is we’re viewing or focused on and why. The why’s are very important. Because what motivates you within will most certainly affect how you perceive the person or set of circumstances.

Yes, perception is coloured by many factors. And therefore cannot hardly ever be seen as ‘objective’. *Motivation and association usually comes from your past that triggers a positive or negative emotion or response. This can push your buttons with a negative/irritated/intolerant charge when dealing with a person or situation, additionally colouring your perception. So, all in all, as you can see, you are not entirely free to arrive at a conclusion. And especially one that is judgement-free.

With these many factors affecting you and your conclusions and decision-making at any given time, you can see how easy it is to arrive at unfounded conclusions around a person or situation.
Other than perhaps for a tiny handful of you who have sufficiently understood the obstacles in the path of true objective perception. And have gone to lengths to transmute the subjective perceptions, bringing yourselves into greater balance that can be used in all areas of your living.

However, most of you, most of the time fall prey to less objective perceptions. Your intuition and taking guidance from within notwithstanding. Of course, taking guidance from within as you ones do (SK: referring to AH folk and committed Light workers elsewhere, I think) makes the sorting process far easier. In that case there’s less room for taking turnings away from your HS’s wishes/plans – which would mean lesser decisions are made. And which would potentially also allow you to be influenced by other external factors that may complicate your lives further. Instead of helping you solve your life challenges.

But even this does not necessarily mean there is nothing to work on for you ones. Often what motivates you within are your associations from your personal past, as already mentioned. And so you will daily need to ask yourself where those particular thoughts and emotions come from, before making decisions based on your perceptions and which come up when assessing a person or situation.

Much of this works below the surface of your conscious minds. And while many believe they respond to life objectively, in fact most are often responding to varied life circumstances and situations by how they were made to feel growing up as children. What manifests then is a feeling of ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ in the mind during assessment of such situations.

An easy way to assess how much of your mind still remains in judgement of others, thus preventing your objective response, is to step outside of yourself mentally. Take a step away from yourself while you ‘weigh up’ a situation. Watch your chosen reaction. Ask yourself ‘why that reaction’ every step of the way. And don’t be afraid to embrace a negative reaction to someone or something. Because in embracing it, you’ll much easier be able to arrive at the reason behind it. In so doing, you’ll then know whether this has anything to do with the other or is, in fact, a result of one or another personal prejudice of your own that now colours the situation.

On your earth plane, duality is a fact of existence. Or has been so far. And it’s been most difficult for those who’ve seen this to break free from it. As more of you embark on the journey involving moving towards your own inner wholeness in the immediate future, so your outlook and perception will become more integrated and less subject to the whims of an unhealed mind.

This is I, Sa-Ra, always at your disposal. I need only be called should you wish to speak.

Things are moving at a fair pace now and we hope to soon have you in our arms offering huge hugs *smile*.

All is well.

I wish you all the blessings and fortitude for your weary spirits.

You are all much loved.

This is your beloved Sa-Ra saying goodbye for now.