I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cognitive Dissonance? Or Mass Dissassociative Disorder?

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As always, Zen is right on the money regarding the fracturing of humanity's psyche currently. Not that it's happened over night. No, it's been aimed at steadily eroding humanity for decades already. But during the past week or two, I've sensed a definite new low in many around me, a new kind of psychosis, an on-the-edge feeling, as well as a dissapeared-over-the-edge feeling in many others. And, additionally in both public figures and celebrities also(who have to work even harder to keep their varied manifestation of psychosis covered up). It's making itself known in all sorts of gruesome ways, shapes and forms...and aren't necessarily visible to people, either.

Even though I get they're panicking hugely, what the few remaining diehard core Darkies won't acknowledge to themselves is the Light has won already. Even as the mass of humanity respond to their mind-control. For this is all temporary, part of the illusion, though each has made that choice for him/herself. In the grand scheme of things, the reality is that the Light has already won, Earth Mama is going through with birthing her new Self, along with all those that have made the necessary preparations to continue serving her and surviving in a new world that will never again know such abuse.

Once you're done reading this, go to my very tiny link list and head for www.energeticsynthesis.com and read Lisa Renee's latest August newsletter under Resources and then Shifting Timelines.
Profound stuff, as always.
It ties in beautifully with what Zen says here. Albeit from her more cosmically/galactically technical perspective, that we've come to know and love so well.

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August 17th, 2013.

by Zen Gardner

Sounds like a false choice, I know, but it’s not. Unconscious humanity is in a real pickle. A little term defining first since these concepts may seem confusing.

Cognitive dissonance, which most people are familiar with, is a psychological phenomenon that takes place in less than conscious human thinking, and a favorite tool for manipulation by social engineers. It pits the experiencer between what they’re being told and the fact that what they’re witnessing is nothing of the sort. The subject then has to synthesize a middle ground explanation or justification for what’s going on in some conscious or subconscious form, essentially ignoring the absolute contradiction before them because they don’t know how to reconcile the two phenomena nor realize the motive for the deception.

They then virtually recreate the lying solution being handed them, usually from seeming “authorities” supposedly there to tell us the fabricated lie being posed is truth. It’s also known as bullshit.

It has defined most of modern society for some time.

On the other hand, dissociative disorders (DD) are, according to wikipedia, “conditions that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity or perception. People with dissociative disorders use dissociation, a defense mechanism, pathologically and involuntarily. Dissociative disorders are thought to primarily be caused by psychological trauma.”

In other words, there’s an entire psychotic break that takes place. Instead of forming some kind of middle ground fantasy as happens with cognitive dissonance, the subject, similar to what takes place in traumatic mind control techniques, breaks with any sort of reality altogether and has a number of seeming unrelated compartmentalized associations and eventually alternate perception platforms or “personalities” appear.

It appears we’re experiencing that now as a mass phenomenon in this media entranced, politically manipulated world. And that’s how they’re getting away with their way over the top, nonsensical doublespeak insanities we’re witnessing in the news every day. It doesn’t need to make sense. They can appeal to whatever fractured segment of the mass brain they want and not worry about it making sense.

Concepts and issues just aren’t interconnected.
Mind Control – Way Deeper Than We’d Like to Admit

A lot is coming out of late regarding this dark and most invasive of subjects. From DARPA whistleblowers to extensive research, books and articles available online, it’s obvious this uber manipulative phenomenon is at work in the world around us. And much more than we perceive at the surface level.

I think it must be a kind of sadistic joke for the PTBs to watch bent and bewildered singers, actors and politicians repeat inane instructions right on cue.

If you’re unfamiliar with this area please do a thorough search on it, and read Cathy O’brien’s The Tranceformation of America and see if that gets you going. The topic is not a fabrication of theorists but a product of despicable scientific elite-backed manipulators.

If you were a power freak, what would you NOT weaponize? Behold their mindset. And the contrived world around you.

Understand now why the massive production and distribution of psychotropic drugs?
The Switchover – Divide to Conquer

The reason I differentiate in psychoses is the following: It’s beyond rational recognition. Look around you and follow the non sequential behavioral attributes of the common human…absolutely psychotic!

Here’s the programmed wiki definition of psychosis (I know, they’re suspect too, but be that as it may:)

Psychosis (from the Greek “psyche”, for mind/soul for abnormal condition or derangement) refers to an abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”. People suffering from psychosis are described as psychotic. Psychosis is the term given to the more severe forms of psychiatric disorder, during which hallucinations and/or delusions, violence and impaired insight may occur.

Sound familiar?

America at its finest. And most of the programmed world. Admittedly “reality” is a seriously relative term, but still, this is a serious realization. The break is with some form of reality. Do you think the modern politico/social/media promoted world is a form of reality except unto itself?

Why? – The Plan

We need to be aware of what is transpiring around us and why. If you can spot what dynamics are attempting to influence yourself, your loved ones and those around you or whom you are observing, that’s pretty helpful, isn’t it?

To disconnect humanity from its true spiritual nature is their basic plan. If humanity woke up to its full potential and realized its purpose of manifesting Universal Truth within its experience, all would be lost to the manipulators.

We’re eternal conscious spirits now having human experiences in a wonderful realm on a loving, conscious globe we call Gaia and all potential is at our fingertips via loving manifestation. To deter us from realizing that innate knowledge and experience takes some doing.

That’s what we’re up against.

They can’t harvest our energy if we’re on to their game and we say no. They have no power when we come to the realization of who we really are as it instantly starts manifesting, like crystals continually growing under any circumstance–as they do. So to mask this obvious Truth and deter us from finding it for ourselves they will and do use every technique possible….and with the advance of technology they’ve gone bonkers.

Too little and too late. It’s in vain. Contrary to what it appears to be, they’re behind the curve, not ahead of it.

When you see that, your head, mind, heart and anything else will explode with empowerment.
It’s Not Ethereal Cereal – It’s Plain and Simple

Don’t take my word for it. I’m just sharing my observations and interpretations, but I find it pretty compelling when the dots connect and intuition kicks in.

Don’t fall for their crap. It’s a shit storm of lies out there; just about everything is either an outright bold faced lie and reversal of truth, or even worse, a tainted half truth.

The answer is to learn to “think” from your heart. Your conscience, aware self, even so called common sense. It’s not some form of ethereal cereal, it’s all actually quite simple, so don’t go running off to a shrink or guru or something, it’s time to knuckle down and get conscious and be willing to apply it to your daily life.

Time here is a bit tenuous right now, if you haven’t noticed.

Seemingly not pleasant, but when you become awake and aware and come to terms with it in the bigger scheme of things, it fits right in. Their desired results don’t have to happen, but more importantly we’re alive spiritually and doing our best to awaken other souls in whatever way we can and are happily finding our true brotherhood.

And nothing can touch that, no matter what these maniacs do.

Keep on – and enjoy the ride! We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be – now live the gift accordingly!

Much love and affection, Zen