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I AM Present

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Removing Energy Implants

I've only recently discovered the work and site of Chris Bourne. I like his and his partner's authentic and balanced approach to all we have to deal with on this plane. And whether we like to admit or not, the sea of space that surrounds each of us is still filled to overflowing with all sorts of interdimensional entities - many with motives of self-interest.
Like those many who attempt to or do invade us to derail us from our missions, in addition to feasting off us energetically/'encouraging' us to drop to and remain in low vibrational states. As I've said many times before, extra vigilance is prerequisite to spiritual survival right now. And personally, if I didn't call on my IF's (invisible friends)help from the Light side all the time to help me in ridding myself of these nasties, I think I'd be in pretty serious trouble at this stage.

I also do this work on and for clients, in helping them identify where these buggers are hiding out within them, what part of their psyche they're attached to and why. Then we set to work to send the parasites packing, where I rely both on a group of celestial experts help (in identifying, isolating and removing the little shits), as well as mine and the client's HS for guidance. Then, it's up to the client to work on her/his daily homework as maintenance and to ensure they can't return.

I've seen a few people lately - most badly stuck in the parasites' tricks of the trade - and unaware of how these critters work on and thru them emotionally, mentally and psychically. And it's most true what Chris says. If there's any type of a denial within that these service-to-self parasitic, invisible collectives exist, there's little chance of doing a successful removal for a client. In fact, that very idea ('How could such things possibly exist and do what this person says they're doing'? kind of thought/be-lie-f) is also a meme - implanted into the collective mind. And will grow via your own conditioning (read F.E.A.R. around such ideas). So great open mindedness in challenging YOURSELF is key here.

It seems most I run into these days where such ideas are discussed (particularly the avid New Age devotee type) are in total denial of the existence of the ID's (invisible darkies) than not. Maybe the ID's have stepped up and added to the power of such memes also lately.

I had to disconnect completely from one client recently, as the darkies were directing him to attack me outright for bringing them up to his conscious attention. While the other, a woman, did something similar. Her brain has been all but shut down by them. And an essential part of her daily survival has become a need (the ID's need) to strip off, suck up and feed off the energies of other humans just to feel 'functional' in life.
So an additional part of my daily practise is making sure all that others are sending to me that isn't mine is returned to them energetically, as well as intending the return of all of my own essence in attempted energetic thefts by others.

It's truly an energetic minefield out there right now...

Stay safe and protected (use Lisa Renee's 12D shield daily)
And intend to get thru this phase with the help of your Guardians of the Light. Make use of them; they're waiting for your call.

Love and hugs


Removing Energy Implants

By Chris Bourne


The healing of humanity

Increasingly people within awakening circles are becoming aware of and speaking out about "energetic implants" in our energy fields. Working with energy implants is indeed something we do during the Openhand course and one-on-one work. Implants are prevalent within most, if not all, awakening people. They've been used as a tool by Opposing Consciousness in the 'dumbing-down' of humanity. It's a subject that needs to be elevated into the group consciousness more generally if we are to catalyse and accelerate our further evolution, so that we heal humanity. So what are energetic implants? how do they work? where did they come from? and most importantly of all, how do we remove them?...
Removing energy implants happens when we are ready

Up to now, we've tended not to talk about these implants because they can stretch tired and skeptical minds! But removing them is definitely more effective if people are aware of what's going on, so I imagine in the years ahead, we'll be much more transparent about the underlying catalytic healing work Openhand is doing.

During the courses we do, removing energy implants tends to happen naturally within the general underlying shifts of energy, but you can intensify the effect with greater direct focus. And once you become aware of them personally, essentially you already have the power to remove them yourself. So let's take a closer look at their nature.
What are energy implants?

I think its important first to understand what they are, where they've come from and how they work. As we're increasingly alluding to, there is a highly sophisticated life form operating in the field all around us. It is an ancient ET life force which is essentially controlling society and farming humanity for energy. At Openhand we've called it an Opposing Consciousness.

Having interfered with human DNA through genetic manipulation, Opposing Consciousness has intervened in the evolution of the Homo Sapiens species. It has done this to 'dumb-down' and to limit, so that people cannot so easily feel, intuit or know external distorting influences coming in through the field and affecting the choices people make.

One highly effective tool they've used to limit and dumb down, are energy implants. The best way to describe these are twisted eddy currents of energy that emit various frequencies which create something akin to 'white noise'. People are internally distracted by the 'noise' which lowers their vibration and since it is so prevalent, then fades into the background of our experience.
Energy implants close to key chakras

Often an energy implant will be inserted close to a key centre such as the third eye. So when people try to meditate and open that centre, the (now) subtle vibration of the white noise means they can't actually bring attention to the authentic centre itself. When I sit with people in groups, I can literally feel their implants as twisted knots of energy, often in the forehead just left or right of the centre. They are often the reason people get headaches or migraines when they try to meditate. At the very least, as you become more sensitive, you might feel them as a subtle vibration or hum.

These implants not only lower your vibration, but they cause people to drain energy. And they act a little like a cloak, often concealing entities that lodge in your field which cannot then be 'seen' or felt. They cause you to get internally tight and emit energy, which is why the entities are there in the first place. They drain the releasing energy for their own benefit - just like you or I would eat dinner!
Removing entities and implants

Firstly you need to raise your internal vibration as high as possible by following ones natural evolutionary path - the one we've outlined in Five Gateways. You must first process out attachments to the lower vibrational planes: especially the physical and emotional. Then you can get into the mental or lower mind plane through the solar plexus chakra. You must start to break down inner child and teenager conditioning by confronting conditioned behaviour patterns.

If you do this, then you'll increasingly activate and unfold into your causal or energy body - the chakra and meridian energy field system. If an implant is present (which in most people they are), then you'll start to feel this as unpleasant convolutions of energy - like distracting buzzing.

They often put people off meditating or doing any further energy work, but this is exactly the point to persist, because the paradox is, that once you can feel the implant, you already have the power to remove it yourself. Universal Life Energy is moved in the fourth dimension by heartfelt intentional will. It can begin as a physical/emotional experience which wells up from within and can then be directed through the field around us by focused intention.

The key is to feel the implant but then not retract from it. Instead you must go right into the centre of the feeling (no matter how uncomfortable) until it no longer defines you. If you can do this, you can begin to trace how it was inserted into your field in the first place. For example, people frequently feel them being inserted through the ear (please bear in mind, these are not physical plane implants, but since all bodily vehicles overlap and enfold one another, they also tend to be aligned with the physical vehicle channels/orifices).

So where this is the case, it becomes possible to direct ones energetic will to literally extract the implant through the channeling direction of the ear (the reverse in which it was inserted). A healer can help do this too (both Trinity and myself work in this way), however from personal experience, it is definitely more effective if the healer can energetically guide and talk people through what is actually going on. Especially since the implants do take different forms and dealing with each tends to have a different approach.

Once the implant has been removed, often there's a huge infusion of higher self energy, powerful opening up of flows and a reconnection to previously lost aspects of beingness.
Imprints of energy Implants

It's also important to note that once the implant has gone, there will still likely be an 'imprint' in ones field. Knotted energy will have formed around the implant which has characteristic feelings of the implant itself. These imprints will naturally unwind themselves in the hours and days following the implant removal. But it's important to be aware of them, because doubt and disbelief (that the implant has gone) will make the healing work much less effective.

Removing entities and connection with the angelic realms

This is still not the end of the process though. Where an implant exists, often there will be one or more entities hiding behind the 'cloak'. These must be removed too. Of course they will resist, it's like being evicted from a cosy home! Again, once we can feel them, we already have the power to eject them. You simply have to intuit how to work with them. I have my own personal techniques which I'd rather not share in open forum - simply because I'd rather maintain the element of surprise (on the entities!).

What I can say is that connecting with the angelic realms helps greatly - they are assisting humanity in this vital area. Also, if you hold some kind of internal judgment about the Opposing Consciousness (most people understandably do), then removing the entities is either not going to work or be only partially successful (they'll likely return at that energetic level). We must first evolve past such judgment - whatever has been done to us - in which case, our effectiveness in the field is going to be greatly enhanced.
Healing Humanity's Karma

This is a vast area in the karmic healing work humanity needs to now embark upon and I have only really scratched the surface here in this article. Openhand's multi level Course Program is purposefully designed to integrate much deeper awareness helping healers unfold these skills themselves.

Finally we're really beginning to understand and get into these limiting veils that have shielded humanity from its divine birthright for so long. I feel a growing sense of excitement and anticipation as the work unfolds. In the years ahead, I see humanity shaking off the mantel of oppression and evolving into a new, more divine form - Homo Divinicus!


- See more at: http://www.openhandweb.org/281111_energy_implants_and_how_remove_them#sthash.ZSLbsncQ.dpuf