I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Obama arrives in Pretoria, protesters burn US flags

Well, yesterday and today are days of some fairly serious action here in SA.

As we speak, protests are underway in Johannesburg against the SA banking system. Arranged by the Ubuntu Party/Michael Tellinger, it started a little earlier from near the criminal banking cartel's lawyers' offices.

I'd be there to join in without doubt if I lived in/near that city. It's a protest around the exact same system perpetuated globalwide against ordinary people to maintain their 'financial slavery' status for the benefit of those who control banking globally. All that most reading this outside South Africa need do is exchange the words 'South Africa' for your own country - as this same scenario is likely alive and well in your neck of the woods too! Under those who control the banking system globally.

[And likely the very same folk that sent Obama to SA this weekend on a rather timeous visit (see below)...]

From Michael Tellinger's


Replace the privately owned RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA, that issues privately printed money with which they enslave the people, with a PEOPLE’S BANK that issues interest-free money BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE – and bring prosperity to all.

We have allowed a privately owned corporation called the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA, to issue their privately printed money to the people of South Africa and to control and dictate the financial policy of the people. This is completely unconstitutional and violates all our human rights to self determination. Each one of us is completely enslaved by the global banking cartel and the banksters that that issues privately printed money to enslave every one alive. The global banking cartel, of which the RESERVE BANK is a part, has now become the largest organised crime syndicate the world has ever seen. These banksters control everything, including the legal systems and most of the judiciary that is supposed to uphold our human rights and dispense justice. We will not have complete freedom as the human race until we have complete freedom from the economic tyranny and financial slavery imposed on us by the banksters, their crooked lawyers and corrupt judges that uphold their fraudulent activity.

Join the UBUNTU Liberation Movement in a public march in SANDTON, Johannesburg on Saturday 6th July 2013. The intention is to raise our voices in unity and shine a light on the ongoing atrocities by the banks against the people of South Africa. While most of the people and media are blissfully ignorant and unaware of the unlawful and fraudulent activity of the banks, no one is untouched by their criminal activity and more than 20 million South African’s lives have been destroyed by their draconian behaviour. The banksters have blood on their hands, as many have resorted to the ultimate extremes because of the financial stress imposed on them by the banksters.

The banksters act with impunity and seem to be above the law. Their actions go unpunished and are so well hidden and protected by a complex legal system that many who have tried to expose them, have been silenced in various ways. Sadly the media has not yet recognised this silent destroyer of humanity and has not reported accurately and responsibly on their activity, often calling the visionaries that stand up against these atrocities as “new age hippies trying to wangle their way out of debt.” We urge the media, who should be the watchdog against injustice, to inform themselves, stand with the people, and play their part in bringing these banking cartels to justice and help institute the will of the people. Our combined legal actions against the banks have made it clear that the courts hold the rights of corporations higher than the rights of living breathing human beings.

The objective of this protest is to highlight this injustice and expose the fraudulent activity and crimes against humanity committed by the banksters.
We will deliver and serve memorandums to the major banks, their major law firms, and the OMBUDSMAN FOR BANKING SERVICES, that has shown to be complicit with the banks, hiding their crimes and not acting independently and impartially destroying many lives in the process. The memorandums will contain critical questions that expose their fraudulent activity, and that they have refused to answer after thousands of requests from the people of our land. The highlight of the march will be the serving of a key memorandum on the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA in Pretoria, which is a private corporation that has hijacked the country from its people and has been given the freedom to dictate financial policy to the people of South Africa.

To move swiftly towards economic freedom, the people have to replace the privately owned RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA, that issues privately printed money with a PEOPLE’S BANK that issues interest-free money BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE – and bring prosperity to all.
The country belongs to the people. It does not belong to the government or any other private corporation that has laid claim to it.

“Justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King.

Then there's clone-shill-Zionist messenger Obama's visit to SA this weekend. He was welcomed yesterday on his arrival to the country by 1000 plus protesters burning USA flags, many of whom see through his thinly-veiled disguise. Let's just say he's none too popular here, amongst the majority.
And if you've done your homework sufficiently, you'll know he doesn't need to cosy up to our president Zuma for anything - as he himself is merely a clone and a shill operating for the Zionists. And what they say, goes. So whatever message/strategy he's delivering here on this visit, happy puppets Zuma and Co will implement without thought.
In turn, Obama too is a happy little puppet dancing to the (loony) tunes of his own Zionist overcontrollers!
The only thing I question is why he'd want to be here now - hanging on the coattails of an ailing Mandela. I can only think he wants to have himself associated in the minds of the masses with benevolence and heroism.
I'd like to hear some of your own interpretations, though...

In magic, madness and mystery


South Africans protest in Pretoria against Washington’s “oppressive” policies on June 28, 2013.


Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:54PM GMT

'US systematically backs anti-Islam film'

Hundreds of people have held a demonstration in the South African executive capital Pretoria to protest against Washington’s “oppressive” policies on the eve of a visit by US President Barack Obama to the African country.

On Friday, about 1,000 trade unionists, Muslim activists and South African Communist Party members gathered just few blocks away from the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria where Nelson Mandela is critically ill.

The protesters marched towards the US Embassy, shouting slogans denouncing Obama’s foreign policy as "arrogant and oppressive". They also burnt US flags.

In a car park outside the embassy, Muslim protesters held prayers, and leader Imam Sayeed Mohammed stated, "We hope that Mandela feels better and that Obama can learn from him."

The US president landed at a military airbase near Pretoria on Friday evening for a visit that will pay homage to a man he calls his "personal hero".

Mandela's ex-wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, said the 94-year-old had made "a great improvement" in recent days, but was "still unwell," adding that she felt it would not be right for Obama to visit Mandela while he was in a critical condition.

The protesters said Obama, the first African-American president of the United States, should not try to link himself to South Africa’s anti-apartheid icon.

“Mandela valued human life... Mandela would condemn drone attacks and civilian deaths, Mandela cannot be his hero, he cannot be on that list," said Yousha Tayob, a protester.

“We had expectations of America's first Black president. Knowing Africa's history, we expected more,” said Khomotso Makola, a 19-year-old law student. “He has come as a disappointment, I think Mandela too would be disappointed and feel let down.”

The US has increasingly turned to drones to carry out covert strikes in several countries, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen. Washington claims its drone strikes target militants, although casualty figures show that civilians are often the victims of the non-UN-sanctioned attacks.

During his trip to Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria, Obama is scheduled to visit Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years of the 27 years he spent in prisons during the apartheid era.

On June 8, Mandela was taken to hospital to be treated for a recurring lung infection.

On June 25, South African President Jacob Zuma issued a statement, saying that doctors are doing their best to ensure Mandela’s recovery and comfort.

"We must support him and support his family," Zuma said, adding, "We must demonstrate our love and appreciation for his leadership during the struggle for liberation and in our first few years of freedom and democracy by living out his legacy and promoting unity, non-racialism, non-sexism and prosperity in our country."

The Nobel Peace laureate, who led the country to democracy in 1994, left office in 1999 after serving one term as president.

Seen as South Africa’s moral compass, the highly revered leader announced his retirement from public life in 2004, but continued to make a few public appearances.