I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Note from Christ Michael Aton

A Note from Christ Michael

21 June 2013

I have come to tell you to take all precautions in protecting yourselves at every level you know how. This is (one of) the Dark’s last ditch efforts to destabilize many of you Ones under me. And take it from me and on good authority that they will pay dearly for all they are trying on many of you. None of their actions will/are being tolerated. You all have extra help on standby, as a result. The Dark's efforts are being deflected, not without doing a bit of damage first.

No matter. We will deal with them shortly.

In the meanwhile I wish for you and those in service to Me to hold firm ground. Know that this chapter is passing, faster than slower (SK:??). We will see our day of triumph, beloved Ones of mine. You can betcha life on that one.

It may seem to you that the wheel turns very slowly and all passes without seeing the Light of Justice. This is wholly untrue, although you may not be seeing it yet.

And remember: all good things comes to those who wait patiently and quietly continue to serve the Father in all the ways they can and know how.

A few words of encouragement on this day to you all.

This is your beloved

CM Aton of Nebadon signing off and out.