I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Joy Injections & 'Outing' CM

3 December 2011


For someone who’s worked towards living in the moment pretty reasonably, the experience I had two months ago really threw me on this count. Or rather the after effects have. So what was it?
I can only describe it as a joy injection of the highest order I’ve yet experienced in this incarnation. Those who’ve heard me referencing this earth-shattering experience in my life in another blog, please indulge me a little further here.

Every single day for around two months, I woke up exhilarated and in a state of crazed joy. No exaggeration. Promise.
Gone were the heavies of bad ascension days and all that goes with that. Everything felt like it was fun, play, a game…every single day. Accompanied by a drive to create and share anything, everything, to uplift others with this energy, too. It was as if I’d finally been given/given myself the key to journeying on this plane in the most fulfilling way imaginable. Every morning, I’d wake, wait to see whether the inner joy serum was still activated and then proceed to sing, dance and prance around like some mega-stoned Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
Friends and family (not only the ‘sensitives’) noticed and commented liberally – they said they’d never seen me both so happy, peaceful and excited simultaneously. Having a good effect on others also definitely helped me to feel I was being of service in a more meaningful way, too.

But alas, the intensity of that phase did come to an end. Literally at the end of the second month. And I woke that day fully back into one of those very bad ascension days once more. Although I do still experience the joy serum in waves and frequent moments and I’ve not returned to me pre-joy state, the joy serum is very toned down currently. Yet, the lingering effects of the experience continue. And serve to remind me daily of what I’m working towards being once more.

In fact, Goldan (Higher Self) did say a while ago that ‘completing upon oneself’ (bringing oneself into a state of full and permanent balance, in a nutshell) is the starting point for 5th Dimensional consciousness. And I’ve since realised, joy and all those other gorgeous accompaniments then become the natural state of being and expression. Just in the same way that our Inner Earth, Starship and Celestial friends emanate that same energy when communicating with me a lot of the time.

I believe this is the state of what it feels like to live in Full Consciousness. And this taste of things to come, I believe, is about to be the experience of all those prepared who will shortly be enjoying this as a permanent state of existence!

So it finally came to me why I’ve had wackily intense interactions with Christ Michael, when he’s appeared to me. I’ve pondered the whys of it for ages. In the past and practically since our first meetings (at least seven/eight out of ten times) years ago, he has appeared to me in a black top hat,tails and tap-dancing shoes…doing a tap-dance! Yes, in full Fred Astaire-style manner and regalia. And done in full seriousness. It seemed to become his signature arrival and departure. At the end, he’d usually also do the hat-extending thing with his hand, bowing on departure. CM’s ‘private performances’ have ranged from a short, simple jig to a lengthier, more elaborate tap-dancing spectacle! And during the joy serum period he performed the most elaborate of them all. Which had me shrieking and screeching until the tears rolled. As it also happened to be while lying in bed, unable to sleep at 3am.
I’m breaking out into fits of giggles again as I type this, re-membering it all.

Now you need to know: I’ve never been that switched on by tap-dancing routines. Although I remember being mesmerised as a teenager (and still am) by the co-ordination required of the intricate footwork involved. But I certainly don’t get excited by it or put time aside to watch movies that have tap-dancing in them. An importan aside: one of my extreme personal dislikes are musical movies, accompanied by dance! They just irritate me.

Yet, if joy is an emotion of the highest frequency, it makes sense in some really crazy way, that CM and I would be more easily-able to communicate with each other in that state.
But then how come none of the other Celestials/Starship/Inner Earth folk have ever come forward in this way? I’m aware that a lot of friends from the higher dimensions use things we feel connected to in our minds, hearts and lives to connect better/relate to us.
And there are a lot of other things I’m much more interested in and passionate about, some of which I find seriously funny. Particularly if it resonates with my dry sense of humour. Yet, I also have a silly sense of humour. So maybe that’s it…but my question still isn’t fully answered…

Oh, and the last thing I heard from CM then was that I/we were in for the performance of our lives from the ‘cosmic king of tap’. Said very straight-faced, which made me even more hysterical. Read into that what you will. But either way, hope you’ve had a little joy yourself while reading this, or at least a smile.

In the context of joy and living in that frequency permanently, I can’t remember who wrote this or from which article I read it recently, but these words on the subject stuck:
‘Joy and Freedom…these factors that are key-factors in the end of your processes and recovery of your essences’.
Somehow this all fits together with what I’ve both been told and experienced.

On a practical note and in light of the recent changes of plan for us and Earth, I’ve heard for the past couple of weeks that this will be the ‘best birthday ever’. It’s my birthday on Wednesday 7 December.
And I’ve then playfully asked how last year’s birthday could ever be topped. I saw a space craft above me with a message banner suspended from its side saying: ‘Happy Birthday Shellee-Kim’, which I still can’t get over…
The response to this is only huge, wait-and-see grins all around, but no revelations.

So things could literally start taking off for us (or should that be ‘with us') sometime in the next week. But don't hold me to it if it doesn't. Like so many, I’m really looking forward to getting that party started!

In magic, madness and mystery
Until next