I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


[written a few months ago]

By Shellee-Kim Gold

For the old world to fall
And another to rise
So we may begin re-building with new, aware eyes

In our inner visions we trust
For the greater good of the whole we must
Live, learn, and be
In the conscious state of unity.

A pioneering era awaits
For all who can rise to their own chosen fate
But making the grade requires
An embracing of qualities lesser known
Like living in service, self-honesty and forever questing for that inner glow.

To wear the mantle of Christ Consciousness is no mean feat
Fuelled by constant desire to acknowledge, release and surrender
All that which vibrates from a place of separation within.

Preparation time is all but done
Yet final choices can still be spun
Until it begins lets choose and choose anew
In the name of the best possible outcome
For the Mother Earth and her new humanity
Who it is prophesized will be few.