I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, September 5, 2019


It may be hard to accept or even imagine it right now, given the state of our world. But who we really are sans the collective impositions of the hive mind, the infractions upon our individuality and the eons-long manipulation of our negative egos, are beings quite the opposite of what we see in our world. 

In our natural, untampered-with state as the HUman [Higher Universal] beings we were created to be, we are loving kindness in action, compassionate, honest, honouring and respecting of one another.

This picture is still a far cry from the stereotypical, greedy, self-serving me-first personas [widely promoted] afraid of not getting enough. Yet at our core we do think of the needs of others.

In our Truth, we are also far from being the Western-glamourised competitive type driven to manipulate others to achieve our own self-serving ends. Rather, we do help our brothers and sisters as ourselves to further all of our life ambitions.

Far from being hard, cold and insensitive towards others, in our natural state we are brimming with caring and kindness for all life, despite having been programmed to perceive this as ‘weakness’. And much more love and greatness are we...

So if we are more naturally comfortable expressing compassion and living in unity consciousness and service to others, you may be asking ‘where are we’?

WE are right here, growing in our collective power until the moment we can express it openly and disperse it more widely to others by our example. Then the currently-dissolving collective mask of socially-engineered hate, confusion and fear  broadcast by the darkie parasites msm will mean nothing. And will finally be seen for what it is. 

We have much more in common, it is said, than that which separates us, the body of humanity. And the one value that every so-called holy book in every religion [alternative spiritual practises and new age included] urges us to practise and unanimously agrees on is that of compassion.

When expressed from the heart, compassion has the power to create an entirely new, uplifting world based on love and service to others. Compassion doesn’t require that we belong to any ideology, organisation, race or creed. Because it is the essence of our natural humanism, flourishing when we give it our attention. 

Nurturing compassion within also opens doors to emotional intelligence. Where and when compassion flows, sensitivity to both others and the self grows. This is all emotional intelligence is – having enough empathy to see/feel through the eyes/heart of another’s hurt, pain and limitation. Empathy is not sympathy, guilt or obligation. 

Entire societies of emotionally intelligent people is the starting block to creating our new world.
The Charter of Compassion was set up in 2009 by religious scholar, led by Karen Armstrong, a former nun. The Charter's South African co-ordinator, Rev Berry Behr said this on compassion:

" It [the Charter] identifies compassion as the common value in all religions - the one ingredient that combats separation and fear, and fulfils the universal human desires to be loved, to belong, to be safe, to be free, to be at peace, to be happy. We have learnt that anything that separates is not love and therefore is not in alignment with the greater good. Spiritually, separation is fear based and anti-life".
There would have been no impetus to set up something like the Charter of Compassion if we didn’t have its opposite up in our faces on this world – cold, disconnected heartlessness. The law of polarity-according to Lisa Renee's definition [www.energeticsynthesis.com] says all manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. And further states:

  "... Everything is dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites, and the opposites are identical in nature but exist in different degrees. ...
... So, taking in this information every person, place or thing will have an energetic polarity in particle matter and its double in anti-particle matter, and that combination is balanced or weighted in one form of energetic polarity or its opposite. Ultimately our spiritual goal is to unify and link up the particle matter and anti-particle matter of our consciousness  and body via the process of polarity integration".

How I understand this affecting individuals is if a being is a very powerful one in her/his true Self, their lifetime theme/learning may be continuously around feelings of powerlessness in their created circumstances. Likewise, for someone governed by love as their true Self expression. They may have spent a lifetime in creating fearful circumstances – its opposite - on earth. 

Many millennia ago, the land we now call Russia was the last land to ‘fall’ to socially-engineered dp tactics which ultimately killed that culture’s natural celebration of the divine Father AND Mother principle. People loved and honoured the Earth and each other via a range of customs. While men and women perceived on another as equals before God – a particular threat to the dp’s agenda.

Though the people put up a good fight against it for a period, eventually they too [like the rest of the world before them] finally surrendered their inner knowing and God connection to the outside forces’ ‘divide and rule’ strategy for mind-controlled subjugation of the masses. Naturally, behind the forces that fomented this was the patriarchally-dominated church. 

The psychologically-subtle encouragement of separation from confidence in the Self and dependence on external ‘authorities’ was the objective for re-creating a fearful, hard-heartedness within the collective.
With the longer term plan being to increasingly up the pressure on human beings through a multitude of negative programming. 
Thus continuing to ensure split/fractured psyches through emotional/psychological/mental/physical trauma and pain that the masses would never want to look at and thus, heal. This would be an easy solution for the full hijacking in the dp’s plan to create mass partial-organic slaves who had given away of themselves and their consciousnness unknowingly to AI and the Baphomet field [aka ‘evil’]. And where we are today. Except our Creator has ensured much of the dp’s final plans have imploded.

Without their continuous BREAKING OF THE NATURAL LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION, the dp’s would not have had an iota of the success they’ve had with their consciousness-controlling tech, weaponry and mind control programmes over the millennia.  They haven’t only used the law of polarity to the hilt, but worked obsessively with reversals. 

It must take possibly the lowest level of cowardice to fight a one-sided war using theft, imitation and reversing  - to quietly [energetically]  achieve their objectives. .

Reversing of energetic systems to feed the dp machinery and its anti-life systems by feeding off of us has been crucial to them and their bottom-feeders. Humanity has been used  as a giant loosh [chemical produced by humans and animals in trauma/suffering] extracting factory for this purpose also.
Using reversals against humanity has meant that even physiologically and biologically we have been interfered with, without our conscious knowledge or consent. Amongst many others, it's happened at the sub-atomic level  through the creation of our clones in different realities that could negatively impact this one. It's also occurred via the creation of reversed, anti-life forces to replace organic, evolving Lighted structures within our biology that were designed to assist our ascension process. All for the purpose that we would never realise our magnificent Selves.

A personal example of a reversal story related to my spine/kundalini. About two years or so ago, seemingly overnight I woke up with the tailbone region of my spine snapping, crackling and popping. Especially when curling up on my side. It rarely happened while up and walking around.
It was a worry, but I was also always suspect that this was an organically-produced bone degenerative disorder because of its sudden arrival. And I’d never experienced environmental trauma/bone disorders to my spine.

Earlier this year when I went to have a spa for a review I was writing, the therapist heard and felt this while massaging me. She showed me on her little machine how my spine was out of alignment by nearly 5cm – I was shocked! She mentioned all the bottom vertebrae affected.

Though I looked for information that might support my suspicions that the spine issue was symptomatic of some kind of energetic interference, I couldn’t find any at the time.

Just about a week or 10 days ago, out of the blue I experienced the most unbearable tailbone/base chakra area pain continuously. It went on for around five or more days. Immediately after it disappeared, I suddenly realised in bed one night that the spinal cracking and popping had also disappeared…overnight!

I then came across some info in one of Lisa Renee’s pieces as confirmation. In it she described how the dp’s have used reversals on the natural-flowing kundalini energy so we would be forced into anti-life states. The bottom line being that then – instead of our monads [the higher mind function of the observer] working for/with us – it would be eaten up by the parasitic forces instead.

The brilliant news is due to recent peak energies on planet, a major source of the dp’s parasitic systems – the Baphomet field or black magic grid networks  – can now be accessed.

 For this we must deeply thank a founder race group called the Emerald Order beings. They are undertaking the mission to dismantle this field so we no longer experience the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and biological symptoms produced by energetic interference.


And His glory and love for us is beyond magnificent beyond imagining. It is due to Him that our extended, organic energies are opening up to us/we to them more fully with each passing day.

What exquisite flowers that flourish in our own generated sun/son Light we are each turning out to be.
All we can do is continue to ‘know’ and see the engineered relative world’s fear traps, that we give exactly NONE of our beautiful Selves away…to ANYTHING…except our inner God/Higher Selves as One.

My love and blessings to every reader


South African indie-folk musician,  Majozi with Greatest Love