I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


4 September 2018


It has been a time, has it not? Even as there is no time. For you lodged in your time and space, time is ‘of the essence’ as many of you would say. Yet we know that this time you give so much of yourselves to is little more than an idea. A deeply-imbedded one that has expanded to control, at your behest much of your living and activities.

Time is on the fly, or perhaps it is you through your time and space that is ‘on the fly’. For time certainly seems highly accelerated to many of you currently. You could say that time is speeding up to re-enter its original state of ‘no-time’. 

However, it is for you to make the necessary adjustments within as to how you will choose and are choosing to relate to this concept.  

You are all aware that you are in this time and space for good reason. Yet, because you have limited perception you cannot see further down the timeline to understand your lives in the greater context.  Yes, also for good reason. And always for and in your best and highest interests.

Yet this leaves you in somewhat of a quandary. So what to do in the meanwhile? Absolutely nothing. That is, nothing except to refocus your being-ness. 

What do I mean by that? Focus your every activity [whether passive or active] on your heartbeat. That’s right – the beating of your heart. Do this until your breath begins to get involved as a matter of course.  When this becomes second nature and as a conscious exercise you are in the flow of True life; rather than the life you have attached meaning to, which is usually externally-dependant.

You may be asking how on earth this could change your life and your perception of it. And my answer would be: in every way imaginable.
 When you are out of man-made time, you have a different reference point.  Your heartbeat and your breath are the means through which you may change tack here, so to speak. For they are the very rhythm of your soul. Making this exercise a priority in all you are, do and be is to give over very gently to your soul; your higher aspect or HS.

In this new or original state you could say noticing and therefore taking guidance from within comes far more easily to you. For you are here on earth, but simultaneously anchored in your heart, your breath and thus, closer to your True Self.

Focusing on your heart and breath may well take some getting used to, like all new habits. And you might find resistance at the start or you may feel like abandoning your exercise. For it will require you effort. 

But, like learning how to ride a bicycle, there will come a turning/tipping point with consistent practise when your attention becomes more focused on your heartbeat, your heart and breath more than it isn’t.

 It is for you to decide whether doing this will be of benefit to you. But of course, you can’t really know until you have tried it. :-) As with all things.

Blessings be upon each of you

I AM TATA [SK'S God within]