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I AM Present

Thursday, June 21, 2018

THE MISSING LINK : The Essenes and the Divine Feminine

During Yeshua’s (Jesus the Christ's) incarnation on this planet, an important part of his life and teachings was closely bound to his community in current-day stolen Palestine/Israel. They were known as the Essenes.

Yeshua travelled frequently between the order’s headquarters at Carmel and the Qumran community and elsewhere, as did his soulmate, Mary Magdalene aka Maryaam Magdalitha. Though modern day scholars have perpetuated the ‘fact’ that Magdalla, a coastal town she purportedly originated from, was where her name derived from.

However, it was much more likely that her name was a title derived from Aramaic, the language spoken then. She was known as Maryaam Magdalitha, according to Dale Alan Hoffman, Aramaic spirituality scholar. In Aramaic, Maryaam means ‘one who shines the feminine light’. While Magdalitha means ‘pillar/tower of feminine strength’. Doubling up on the feminine aspect, if you like.

Appropriately named, Mary indeed carried and was a representative of the divine feminine aspect on earth at that time. She was here to provide balance to a misogynistic world dominated by the patriarchy and its almost-exclusive masculine energies.

As Yeshua’s bloodline descended from the royal House of David, Mary’s was equally royal – originating in the royal House of Benjamin. Making the union of marriage between them a massive threat to Herodian/Pharisee/Roman rulers. But her true royalty was in carrying and embodying the gifts and attributes of the divine feminine; the Holy Mother’s or Goddess energies.

She was a wise counsellor, a great visionary and lived her wisdom as a God-connected being. She was likely the one who was to take Yeshua’s teachings forward with him (or tasked with this in his absence); to be the next spiritual authority and to decide where and how these teachings were to be dispersed across the globe.

When the so-called discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls was made in 1947 by a shepherd in coastal Qumran caves near the Dead Sea, it was established the papyrus writings has been penned by the Essenes. But where were Mary’s important teachings and writings? While the discovery of the lost gospels of Mary was made in the late 1800’s in Upper Egypt. Yet here again vital pages related to the nub of her teachings were missing.

My feeling with both these ‘discoveries’ is that a. they were deliberately set up and therefore b. the full documents are still very much in the hands of the Vatican’s parasites. Perhaps they wanted these discoveries to seed further confusion about Mary’s true identity, keeping the global church-going populace distracted in debate. Or to counter any and all truths being spread then. Or now. Such as in Dan Brown’s revelations in The Da Vinci Code books and movies.

In 2016 Pope Francis chose to declare a feast day in Mary’s honour, rehabilitating her image to being on par with those of the male apostle celebrations. Basically declaring Mary’s equality to theirs. While in 1969 the Catholic Church backtracked on centuries of associating Mary as a ‘sinful’ woman.

The Church may have since officially upped Mary Magdalene’s status on these two counts from ex-prostitute and ardent devotee of Jesus the Christ, but it’s merely lip service. Ask why. Ask what the Vatican/their control has to gain from this.

It means little to millions of churchgoers globally who still don’t know any different. Mary’s positive change in status is still generally ignored. And the narrative of her being a prostitute that began in the sixth century, continues on, in the main.

The meme is a bit like the cultivated lies of the holohoax’s repeated-ad-nauseum ‘six million’. For the second time, Poland’s Auschwitz museum reworked the numbers of the Jewish dead. Up until 1990 or so, the figure was 4 million, dropping suddenly to 1.5 million. The museum’s current plaque reflects the latter. And just to keep confusion in the mix, the US Holocaust Memorial museum recently puts the Auschwitz dead at just 960 000. When you own the media and entertainment, this is all easily done right?

Or another example of meme-seeding in a different context. Middle Eastern women veil themselves with the burkah or yashmak. It’s not a religious requirement in the Quran for women, but it has become a cultural prerequisite memed into Islamic societies. Women there justify it’s necessity as much as men. Unlike the relative freedom of women’s dress amongst Syrian, Lebanese, Iranian, Iraqi and more in the Middle East up until just several decades ago, where modern dress and short skirts were the norm. Enforced burkah-wearing today is a culturally-indoctrinated meme for easier repression of women.

Memes are incredibly powerful. A form of mind-control, they've been seeded for centuries by those who have claimed ownership of humanity. But inner knowing and feeling are way more power-filled, coming directly from the inner God forces. However the mass populace perceive Yeshua and Mary's relationship, it still took away nothing from what must have been an incredibly liberated one between them.
They were devoted to God (their God within) and each other as a couple. And were devoted to their mission to spread the teachings of The Way. The Way, that is, to God through Self-knowledge, understanding, caring and initiations, for the purposes of bringing balance, harmony and love to the world in their service to God, humanity and the earth.

Their philosophy and practises were both timeless and remarkable for the age and society in which they lived. Essene men and women were considered equal to one another in all ways and in all things. Unheard of in those times where women were considered no more than housekeepers and caretakers for the offspring of men (sound familiar?). This included having female teachers such as Mary, and other women teachers and preachers. The Essenes rated the psychology of relationship, with oneself and the world, very highly. It was a means to better know themselves.

Greg Braden examining the Seven Essene mirrors in depth here:

Mary and Yeshua were at the centre of the Essenes. Though no one was really at the centre, as it were, in their daily interactions with each other, their learning and practises. All were equal aspirants towards embodying greater Godliness in their beings and living and subsequently, being able to offer more pure service to others.

Initiations were a big deal to the Essenes. Until you had gone through various tests and initiations you couldn’t even be considered as a potential new member of the community. Essene daily practises included meditation and particular mental/emotional disciplines. Keeping clean regularly was important too and they often lived near lakes or rivers, were said to wear white robes and also followed a vegetarian diet.

The Essenes knew they were bringing forward and encouraging people that were drawn to their Way to take ownership of their own lives and go within to reach God and thus, total fulfillment. They also knew they were bringing forth the missing link of the holy and sacred lineage of Mother God; the divine feminine; the Goddess energies.
This ancient Goddess spirituality was pulled asunder from around 10 000 years ago. Originally the Goddess embodied both female and male characteristics.

Using and developing the divine feminine traits of receptivity and developing and expressing love, empathy and compassion for oneself and all beings was very much at the centre of the Essene’s teachings. Their lives were about bringing back the heart, the Goddess energies, to themselves and their lives. And thus offering to others a more balanced Way to living.

Which was exactly the opposite of that which the-then Herodian/Roman patriarchal rulers had instilled in the minds of the masses in their society. Their way then, as now, was to rather instill fear, the opposite of love. And to maintain that fear to breed division and separation at all costs in order to continue dividing and conquering the populace. As it remains currently.

Apart from this, women counted for so little during Mary's time, they weren’t allowed to partake in discussion, vote nor be witnesses in a court of law. Let alone preach on spirituality. Women were their father's property until they were passed on to become their husband's property. Women had to cover their hair and had to move around in groups to avoid being labelled as harlots. Essentially, women had nothing that could even inadvertently give them ‘power’ as a freely-expressing individual.

All this made Yeshua's equal treatment of women who he travelled and preached with way ahead of his time. So Mary, as a potential first female priest, other Essene women and the Essene philosopy as a whole were a great threat to the Roman-controlled leaders of the times.

This, quite apart, from the fact that Mary and Yeshua could potentially make a claim to the throne as a result of their separate and joint royalty and bloodlines. Especially if a child was born of their union.

These Roman-controlled ones had already decreed that Mary would never be allowed to publicly walk alongside Yeshua, let alone rise individually as the great mystic-visionary and teacher she was. And so it was that eventually the Essenes and their families were under threat of death, especially when Mary become pregnant with Yeshua’s child during the Crucifixion.

Mary fled to France by boat with Joseph of Arimathea and Mother Mary, amongst others, and gave birth to daughter Sar’h there. Even though they'd left the Palestine Essenes behind, it was from Europe that the seeds of truth of the Essene teachings were dispersed throughout the globe.

They did this by splitting themselves up (as a family) over generations and travelling to live in many different countries. It was at each location that they energetically continued to quietly anchor, embody and maintain the presence of the Goddess or divine feminine energies on planet Earth.

Over time the now secret teachings were passed on for safekeeping to the Cathars, entrusted with the holding of the divine feminine and Essene teachings. They, unfortunately, fell to corruption at some point and were hijacked by the false bloodlines, resulting in the world of un-royal 'royal' families and anti-Christ religious institutions we have today.

At the time, these institutions and entities were in such fear of what a rise in the divine feminine and Goddess energies could potentially do to their rule, that they set out on a deliberate massacre between around 1300 – 1800.
During that period,tens of thousands of women across Europe were accused of being ‘witches’, ie anti-Christ, and hauled out to be burned at the stake, hung or executed.

It was a massive Middle Ages operation instigated by those who controlled the church and was a severe warning to women in particular, by the self-installed anti -God and anti-human false rulers of the world.

Many of these women were innocent. Those who were keeping the Goddess energies and feminine divine alive, with or without their conscious awareness, were often those who were healers or herbalists, living their lives to help others.

But what mattered from the controllers' perspective was that women got the 'message' about never trying to bring the divine feminine to the fore of society or aiding men in integrating this within themselves. As women, we have lived with this collective memory by way of implants since birth. The associated fear of reliving this period has prevented many women from rising to who and what we are. But thankfully that energy and restriction is now being removed.

Though this grim period in her-story was the anti-Christ’s attempt to cleanse the planet of the divine feminine, it could never succeed - only delay the divine feminine from returning. As it is now…

I share this with you because I’ve been impulsed to know as much about the Essenes as I can right now. The last time I was impulsed like this was years ago when I began researching Agartha and the inner earth communities, through Dianne Robbins’ books. Eventually I was given info on my personal family connection there also.

So for now, all I can say is I was once a member of the Essene community. Just like some of you reading here. My sense is - I get this repeated image of a circle about to close to come ‘full circle’? - in connecting with both our ancient and future Selves now, we are to complete the Essene mission; teach on their Way. We started it and now we must finish it.

The essence of that teaching is nothing more or less than bringing forth the healing energies of the divine feminine through love of all. It is love and the divine feminine that brings forth the balance within ourselves and with one another, leading to Unity. As the body of humanity we then finally get to stand as One and in harmony.

Feminine Core of Yeshua's Original Aramaic Teachings - Dale Allen Hoffman