I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


A few days ago I heard a story from a radio listener that was a good illustration of a shock awakening to the truth of this world.
I’d like to share it because it’s also a good example of a similar process I’ve been going through this week. Whether coming into awareness is related to oneself or the world, they’re both equally important. Both of them can only promote growth and expansion within.

This caller to the radio station – obviously a tenacious and courageous person - had had his laptop and cell phone stolen. This happens from offices, cars, homes and in public spaces on a daily basis all over this country. Along with other deliberately-dysfunctional government departments, it’s almost a useless exercise to report such a crime to any police station. Especially if you’re hoping for any type of a positive resolution to your experience. This person clearly knew that.

So somehow he managed to get information about who had stolen his equipment and tracked it down to an address. He went to this place and saw it was full of stolen property: cell phones, laptops and more. The victim then shared his investigation info with a city police station.

When he was told to come to the police station to collect his stolen property, he saw the laptop wasn’t his own. He asked for the captain. The nonplussed ‘captain’ took out his cell, dialled a number and told the person on the other end : ‘You brought the wrong laptop’. It sounded like business as usual. The criminal ‘captain’ then turned to the gobsmacked victim and said: ‘I’d keep quiet about this if I were you’. And there may have been some threatening-sounding allusions made about the victim’s family, if he didn’t.

Obviously the caller-victim was beyond shocked by all of this. He had, like most people, assumed the police were actually there to help and protect citizens from criminals, rather than aid and abet them (in exchange for …?). He had an inner bubble burst when he saw this pre-conceived notion turned upside down and inside out - once the nonchalant REAL criminal wearing a police officer’s uniform revealed himself.

This is ‘business as usual’ in perhaps the majority of police stations in South Africa. Though there’s a ‘front’ office at all police stations. They appear to work at protecting communities in emergencies, but this is mostly done half-heartedly, if at all, or for media glorification. It’s mostly a thin veneer to cover for the real 'work' behind the scenes. As is evidenced by the enormous number of unreported criminal incidents daily by ordinary people. Real business of the day for police involves colluding with gangs who sell drugs to the country’s majority poor and unemployed, harassing prostitutes and the homeless and being involved in a wide assortment of rackets – indirectly or directly.

In this instance, and perhaps why the caller was so shocked, was because the captain was so brazen, unashamed and almost boastful about which side of the law he worked on. He didn’t even try to cover himself by making the call privately in another office.

In the second instance, if the radio station’s producer and broadcaster were real and not fake news presstitutes, this is a story that would have been on every news bulletin from every angle for at least the following day or two. And would have developed beyond that. But in the few days since then, not a single mention has been made anywhere about it (from that media company or any other). Nor has any broadcaster since mentioned anything vaguely related to it. Silence is clear evidence of media colluding to cover a corrupt police force and outright lies by omission.
While the victim was allowed to tell his story, he was also hurried off the line under the guise of something or other justified by the broadcaster/her producer.

This non response in and of itself may have left the victim and listeners even more stunned than the ‘captain’s’ behaviour. Because, apart from the police, if listeners previously had thought so-called independent radio was actually independent (as advertised) and existed to present balanced information and news (which the station constantly advertises), then this was a double whammy.

One single explosive call and its subsequent revelations that could have consciousness altering consequences. Thus I’m really interested to know just how many listeners started thinking, shared that caller’s experience with family and friends and began researching and connecting the dots, as a result.
However that experience was perceived and whether or not it triggered others into exploring deeper, is up to each and every individual. But with the ‘exposure’ energies currently on planet, it’s never been easier than now to be open to and see the truth.

And that applies in just the same way to we, who are already awakened to the dream/delusion that is this matrix-world we live in. For us, it is more about awakening through awareness to the truth of who we are - necessary for our growth into our own respective next levels of consciousness expanding.

Like the man above, our own personal awakenings into awareness may be dramatic, shocking, numb us out, leave us feeling oodles of pain and in tears, feeling disappointment, like a victim and generally in a state of self-created misery. Regardless of who we are as soul and our objectives, we are all doing this. Whether we want to or no *smile*

If we want nothing more than to get out of our own way so God/HS can run the ship/vessel that is us, we need a certain level of awareness of who we are so we can live and express the best of us.
So we must identify who is running the show within us at any given moment in time - via our thoughts and feelings. We need the awareness to catch egg (my name for ego-coz it’s caught out ‘with egg on its face’)out, so we know what keeps us in separation from God/love/Self.

Without knowing who we truly are from within (and not from the messages of others who offer us help) we cannot see further than our noses. And we cannot properly rise to the tasks we chose in service here. I guess everyone’s situation is as different for the choices made/not and the contract we came in with.

For some, realising and living their best Self is a choice, not a contract. While for others, they may not have the foggiest clue as to who they are, but their pre-planned life contract could definitely be helpful. Whichever it is (and other permutations) doesn’t exclude any of us from being made aware of ourselves. Each soul has their own story being written in their own, unique way.

This is mine on my latest revelation of revealing myself to myself.
It may sound quite inane to you, but it’s absolutely huge for me. I had no idea about the depths of my negative perceptions towards myself in thought, word and feeling until very recently. I had no idea that this has been one of the things holding me back from mySelf - therefore in separation from God/HS, Oneness and love.

Embracing the Self is embracing God or vice versa. Beating yourself up for not being aware enough only serves to drag you down even more. Mostly, this serves only to separate you further from God within. A catch 22.

New awareness of the self is determined by a shift in perspective; by perceiving the self in a new/different light, so to speak. I added what I thought was a small step to greater Self love just before my revelation arrived. Because everything starts with that Self love.

I ask those of you who feel you haven’t the werewithal to understand/innerstand yourself to PLEASE not bash yourselves for feeling you don’t have what it takes to get through the next round of personal challenges that impact your spiritual growth. It accentuates the downward spiral. Or worse, believe you are betraying God or yourself just because you are where you are. For now.

If you cannot see who you are so you can act on what you are, it is no crime nor a betrayal against God. ‘You can’t see what you can’t see’ said God in a Heavenletter. He said we don’t disappoint Him, but ourselves maybe.
Whether that disappointment translates to mean more challenges now to bring us to greater awareness while still here, not ascending, cutting your life short to create another opportunity in another body, time and space or ‘return to start’ back on the reincarnation wheel for another many thousands of years of lifetimes (horrific thought!) only God/HS know.

The truth is we are God’s rays of Sun/Son; His shining lights. So no matter what circumstances present, we can - even through whatever light or dark days may be ahead for our growth - have a more balanced perspective on ourselves and our varied life situations.

To do this, we’re going to 1. have to accept first where we find ourselves 2. bless each and every scenario 3. bless your ego for being a great teacher to you and revealing itself (an excellent technique to bring you back into alignment with God. Visualise it in left temple area of the brain-hippocampus/amygdala location).

This is, after all, the next level to our growing towards greater self-awareness. And what we want at the higher level. Even if the packaging may not be what we want at all. God/our HS really do know best for us – always giving us exactly what we need to get to our personal next stage.

By the absolute mercy of God, there’s been a five year extension opened up on this world, according to Lisa Renee. For both darkie parasites to play themselves out and for lightworkers to have renewed opportunity to rebuild their sovereignty on unshakeable foundations.

I don’t know about you but, until then, I choose to live each day as if it were the first day of the rest of my life or my last day on planet. With gratitude for every experience and situation that comes to me, blessing egg for attempts to deceive and divert me from God within and to keep reminding myself of my real nature as a whole, free and sovereign being.

I wish you all great expansion towards the peace and love you already are in the next step of this journey!