I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Wonder Of Your Love

Dear God

I don’t know what to say or maybe even how to say it.

These past days and weeks have passed in a blur. Yes, quite apart from the intense physical symptoms, such as the past four months of searing, burning heat from within. Which intensified over the past few weeks and suddenly dropped into the cold zone a few days ago!

Even as I walk in the world, interact with it etc, I don’t feel a part of it. And even though my dream life seems to currently be on overdrive, it feels apart from Me, the true Me, the I AM of me. This state seems to be coming closer and closer, even as I grow and mov closer and closer to it/you that is within me. The you that is me – my God heart.

All other activities, processes seems like they’re fading – like a long ongoing bad dream that you keep waking up from. But which restarts as soon as you drop off to sleep again. Now, it’s as if those sleeping periods grow shorter and shorter….until eventually there is no ‘sleep’ and nightmares, but instead a constant waking state. That permanent waking state in full and consistent connection to you God, via our Oneness.

Sometimes, God, I feel as if I am bathed in you, in your presence. It fills me and is all around me and I AM replete. Then the ‘overnight’ thing happens and, well…you know what happens next.

But how I treasure those moments, hours and days when I seem to be suctioned into and disappeared into that vortex of your love. You and I surely are this great, exquisite love story. And you have your different versions of this love story with every one of your children. Puzzle pieces, fragments, conduits, sparks, streams and more names to call us by. It matters not. Because truly we are no-thing…yet everything and all things because and only because we live in you. No, you don’t live in us. It is we who LIVE IN YOU!

We came here and now to participate in this insane game of the small marauding band of archons and their allies in this silent war on us, the majority – without conscious permission, knowledge or having any tools at our disposal. Apart from our concealed (for many) consciousness, that is. A crazy scheme that has grown crazier, as the war is (de)volving towards its pending and ultimate flatline. With the dp's (darkie parasites) as losers -as those who consume and destroy others for their own survival must ultimately be.

Growth towards you is sweet. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing sweeter. It’s a kind of sacred and holy becoming…a beauty unfolding…unwrapping and wrapping up simultaneously in the love that you are.

Giving words to the nameless is a hard task. But what I do know is how I feel living in the ‘God flow’. It’s like the skies part and a new golden reality of life, people, opportunity, congregates on my path and all my (external) needs come together with no effort whatsoever. Because you, my God/HS, are large and in charge. There’s no obstructions; I’m out of your way. And you are free…

Perhaps these are the moments I’ll cherish as ones at the top of my list for this lifetime. Perhaps there’s more to come. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to experience all of this permanently and CONSISTENTLY one fine day. Therein lies the rub of this entire tale.

Difficulties in maintaining this state don’t surprise me anymore, God, when you know all too well what I’ve been living with in my brain for 2.5 years of my life. Every time new energies from the Wave come to uplift and expand me, so does certain technology come to do the opposite.

I’m well aware, beloved God of my heart, that you say this has all been my freewill choice. I accept all of that. Even if I’m consciously aware only of a fraction of the ‘whys’ of it. Therefore I can only accept any and all subsequent consequences also. Accepting all consequences means I can have no regrets. That takes but a change in perspective. That whatever I draw to me I need only adjust my perspective. I guess all of what comes will certainly be a test in how I/we all choose to respond...to all of it!

Somehow, in this world of relativity and the accumulation of bad habits born of many lifetimes of ego development, we prioritised our reference point to ourselves and our world from the perspective of ego, not you! Essentially what this grand return journey back to ourSelves has been about – returning full circle to you.

I no longer fear ‘not making it’ or failing. I’m no longer haunted by not fulfilling my/your/our mission. And I no longer run circles around myself trying to ‘do’. Because, as you would say, you are the ‘doer’. We are the ones needing to ‘be’.

No readers, I’m not advocating laziness or taking a backseat in our developmental affairs. But rather relaxing into His/HS flow within us. That can only be when our attention and energy is so consumed by God/HS that we cease feeding the ego anything at all in those moments. This deliciousness is our natural state…what we all vibrate to and resonate with as children of God. Who we really are in our heavenly fullness as God beings and God’s being.

It’s those days I live for God. Those are the moments when I AM filled to overflowing with your liquid love and those are the days where this crazy adventure called life takes on new dimensions. Quite literally.

If Yeshua/Jesus Christ kept his thoughts on you perpetually when incarnated and then his ego was kept at bay naturally, it’s a great example and suggestion for us. Living our God Truth automatically strangles ego. Or at the very least shuts it up. The more we can do this with consistency, the greater and stronger will be the wings we give ourSelves or open to us. Then we are free to fly back into the arms of God with ease and permanency.

I AM RAKAEL [name given to me mid 2016]

Carole King- Where You Lead