I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, March 9, 2018

Personal Update On Thoughts, Feelings, Observations

As I write this it’s unusually peaceful outside. Noticeable due to the absence of the darkie parasites (dp’s) now-completely dysfunctional 'cell phone' towers.

These quietly went up a few years ago – probably all erected in the dead of night – on the pretext of making cell phone communication better in the country. That’s how they were sold locally through the MSM, in any event. Though we who have done the research know quite differently, of course. But the poison towers have been faltering for a good couple of months already. I do believe they’ve now been dismantled completely…and for good! In all ways.

Whether that has anything or nothing to do with the return of the birdsong, I really don’t know. But that’s another thing I’ve observed recently. Sometime last November the birds in my neighbourhood and garden, and presumably elsewhere, just seemed to stop singing, almost overnight. No more cheerful dawn choruses to start or end the day, though the birds were still around. As of last week or so, the singing has seemed to resume, to some degree.

I don’t know how much the frequency upgrades and the incoming consciousness ‘waves’ are responsible for this or how little. Clues that I am alerted to, though, are that each time there’s consciousness wave activity or solar activity, the level of computer, phone and life interference I experience will increase.

As with many other folk, January brought a whole lot of additional interference and limitation to lightworkers in a multitude of ways, from what I‘ve seen and read. My own levels of interference experienced were upped several notches then also, even while trying to work on my laptop offline.
As in not even being able to type a sentence or two, without the cursor jumping around after every couple of words, deleting whole sentences, moving text, taking me out of the doc altogether, freezing all actions and more.

Because the dp’s had/have access to my hardrive and wifi, the machine would heat up in less than an hour, shutting my machine down. That all became even worse around 4-5 weeks ago. I could barely do anything and had 15 minutes or so before the machine became unusable. Since this weekend past, though, there seems to have been some type of a turnaround for the better!

The absolute ease of using a keyboard and typing smoothly for more than 70% of the time this week now feels utterly luxurious.  The struggle had become so much the daily norm, I could barely remember typing normally.

On the emotional front the past few weeks, in particular, I’ve felt as though I’ve starred, been the cast and chorus in my own daily movie. One day the movie may be an intense drama, the next a romance, followed by a thriller, a comedy and…you get the picture, I’m sure. And the movie set is a funfair – with ongoing merry-go-round and roller-coaster rides, in addition. As in loads of ups and downs, feeling not 'my(little)self and in that odd space between consciousness worlds, if you know what I mean. I think all this is is just part of the collective disconnect from our persona/3D driven identities and a reconnect to our full multidimensional Selves.
That no-time zone continues to bring a 'spacey' edge sometimes to physically interacting with life. What’s also begun again recently is the very weird hearing of peoples’ subconscious thoughts/feelings. I even had the experience on the phone with someone. That started a good few years ago, but then I heard nothing for a long time. This could turn into an incredibly helpful tool, I believe…

Then there’s been that strange mist around me again and everywhere I look. It feels etheric, but I don’t know for sure. It usually appears in cycles of several days at a time, I’ve noticed. Given the amount of aircraft overhead, it may just as easily be disguised nanotech/chemtrail residue I’m seeing.

I’m also more conscious these days of how the dp’s counter frequency upgrades that are helpful to humanity with individual and collective attacks. One of these could leave you feeling like you’re in a ‘dwaal’ (daze) – it's a tu[e pf hypnotic type mind control. Not to be confused with the 'spacey' sensation I described above. Another could get you feeling distracted from doing…anything productive at all, including expressing yourself creatively! I notice these especially after those plasma emanations from intense solar activity.

Then there may have been/are attempts to get you addicted for easier control: to the net/research on a subject, movies/tv, food, sex, substances. They’ve been working heavily on triggering that in people. If they can’t get you addicted, then they will work on getting you depressed and staying there.

Once you’re aware of any of these, ask your GodSelf, higher Lighted dimensional aspects and Father/Mother God to send you Lighted specialists to remove all and any such infiltrations.

The dp’s may well be in the process of annihilating themselves and their carefully-constructed systems. They may not be able to successfully apply half as many of their weapons and control devices currently to achieve their objectives, but they are still making ‘business as usual’ attempts. The consciousness war that they’re silently fighting for their most coveted timelines [AI] has definitely reached a new peak recently, accelerated by the energy influxes. And why we’ve experienced some of what we have.

Last night I was thinking about how technologically advanced these sometimes hundreds of thousands of years old reptilians are. And that alone with all the memories and knowledge they have accumulated subsequently means they have to be totally vested in protecting and maintaining the immortal bodies they've created. This is dependent on harvesting the life force of other - the only way they can ensure their own and their species' survival. Imo, this is the epitome of absolute powerlessness, having long since rejected God and authentic power and sovereignty, which can only come through Him.

I guess what never fails to stun me is how anyone and this species, in particular, can actually think – and truly believe- that they can overcome and overpower God and His laws just because they’ve taken the art of manipulation, mimicry, inversion and theft to new low levels here on this planet. They have believed this is possible and that the control of humanity and this planet, other planets and universes were easy pickings. It makes sense as it was what the true law of freewill has so far allowed them to get away with. Plus they’ve had hundreds of thousands of years on their side to perfect all their strategies for the hijack with minimal interference, for the most part.

I did an experiment over the past weekend. Firstly, after high energy days I’ll also see a spate of aircraft overhead in a limited time span, sometimes ocwe just a few hours. I’ve mentioned that before. This tells me the dp’s are spraying their smartdust/nanotech or using their electronic weaponry or both as counter measures to try to control our upgrades and push our elevated frequencies back down. Via aircraft is just one of many ways they’ve been attempting to do so.

Saturday past was apparently a huge day for the dp's. A couple of the fake ‘passenger’ no logo Boeing type craft (pure white now; the unmarked car equivalents) were around on the usual illegal off course, low flight path. Then I counted a small aircraft - which made 16 trips back and forth above my house. After that I got bored and stopped counting, but there were other aircraft around too.

I decided to experiment. I’d read somewhere that some targeted individuals discovered their gangstalkers were actually holograms inserted into the person’s reality. I wondered whether that answer could apply to the aircraft I’ve seen so much of. I went onto Youtube and saw a short video demonstating a small aircraft and explaining exactly that.

And guess what? The very next day there was a small aircraft, doing all sorts of ducks and dives above me for a long time and…it was THE EXACT SAME AIRCRAFT, including colour, as in the Youtube video!

Then I cast my mind back to the previous week: I was thinking about how difficult being paralysed in a wheelchair must be, having to be dependent on someone to push you and help you with so much of what we call the 'basics' in life. I imagined myself in that situation. Either later that day or the next, I was working in my local supermarket’s cafe. Sitting there for perhaps an hour or two, no less than 5-7 people in wheelchairs passed me by, all being pushed by someone.

What I understand so far about holograms : This is not the same as creating and manifesting with your organic mind, thoughts and beliefs, including unconscious ones. This is more like interfacing with a fabricated reality than the ‘veiled’ reality of illusion that we live in. It’s technologically-created.

Just like the biotechnology of black helicopters, which I don't recall seeing. Though around early-mid last year I was given to understand that a couple of pigeons that visited me each morning on a neighbouring rooftop may not have been the organic and benign lifeforms I'd assumed, but rather parasitic at source. This has bee confirmed recently as the same biotech 'black helicopter' entities which cloak themselves in bodies of pigeons they murder. Also why my cat family got extra excited around them, schrieking cat-style at them, which I didn't perceive the reasons for at the time.

In my own case and those of many others, I've experienced psychotronic interference, satellite relayers/ machines that surveille and telepathically read thoughts/feelings through chips or implants in the body. I doubt the smidgeon of understanding I have about the holographic tech deception and biotechnology would have warranted investing any of my time into researching, had I not.

So yes, some holograms are personal if you're a TI. But liquid crystal holograms used to deceive the collective are everywhere. They try to hide government leaders' true reptilian forms, like our own recently-removed Zuma (still observing the new Ramaphosa); hide unmarked vehicles and mask what hides behind the sky itself, amongst others.

To end off, sometime in the past week I received the following visual (numerous times over): of me and then that scene of Neo from the Matrix movies experiencing similarly. Against a white background, my body was shattering/dissolving into tiny fragments into the atmosphere – and it was a beautiful experience, a gift. Like dissolving the self in order to be put back together again, reconnecting to the True Self. I feel this to be part of the current collective upgrade some of us are experiencing.

All blessings be upon you