I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In The God Zone


In The God Zone

Beautiful heart of mine

I know it’s time

To free you to be

An inspiration in the sea

Of the lost and lonely

There’s nothing to lose

Everything to gain

In the grace of God/HS

-One and the same

For within that union

Lies the essence of life

Being ‘in the zone’

Averts all strife

Floating, feeling, seeing

Knowing, be-ing

The troubled times are past

Distant echoes of the last

Era of suffering, sacrifice and choice

Now it’s on to the crème-de-la-crème

Of experience and living life to the brim

Oh! What’s this joy I feel

Each moment, playing with me

God! I feel so free…

Won’t you come and

Have fun with me?

It’s the next step and stage

In our evolving age

To be in our wisdom

Truth and Light

Like never before in millennia

Have we had this right.

Does it feel too

Good to be true?

Will it last, you ask

Know now you will

No longer be blue

It is done; it is gone

Like a thunderous sky

Passing in the night

That seemingly for eternity

Chased all that

tried to fly.

The exercise is finished

The experiment done

Now it is time to have that fun!

Mixing business with pleasure

You will find your treasure

Which is the unique gift you are

That eternal ever-shining star

Carrying love-light through the fog

To the realm so dense…

Lifting it unto shimmering brightness

No more than God condensed.


From beloved local Lira: