I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, January 28, 2018




Sons and daughters are we

Ever at the ready

To [o]pen His desire

That we can spark it

Into a fire

Cleansing, burning to see

With eyes and vision born of Him

Learning in life are we ever

As One, synchronised

We stand together.

We grow, expand and

Heal ourselves free

We must…for He has

Dictated it be

Why not now…why later?

In your own blessed time

For it is thine

Gifted by me

Though remember

Always are thee the ‘we’

Tis this that can

Set you free.

Move along, you say

Can’t we call it a day?

How I would love

For that exactly to be

That we wind up the show

And it’s all stations ‘go’

Do you know the role you play?

No? Then how can you call it a day?

It is as long or as short – the moment

Of your allowance, your choice & free will

It’s always a first class act

Yes, you are all on the bill

Seasons and days(daze)

They may pass in a haze

Though you are in a hurry

This way and that do you scurry

But beyond the dream

Are you ever present

In the full glory and grace

Of one who will soon

Have a new face

That shines the light so bright

There will be none

Who cannot see my might

In this it is told

That my love is gold

It is bold; never old

It is so! I declare it.



That my mind has

Been in a bind

Not only of my making

But extraneous system

Now breaking

Paralysing the body & soul

Separating it from the gold

Essence of your life

Creating endless strife

Looping and reversing

Ever immersing, drowning

Out the life and love

That always attempts

To come in from above

It’s monstrous to think of

But now I know it’s true

Manipulations sub-atomically

Have happened to me and you

So it turns outs we’re not as

Screwed up as we may have thought

Even the IF’s(invisible friends) closest to us

Knew not why we were so fraught.

Discoveries here are discoveries there

No use pondering and splitting hairs

For the chain reaction

Ripples across time and space

Making new everything

That was previously unsafe.

Pioneers one and all are ye

Travelling the high seas of consciousness

Explorers of the lands of possibility.