I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Building Solid Structures by TATA

3 October

When we were out walking the other day you mused upon how every living creature has purpose. Down to the tiniest of insects and bugs, and even the wind. And you revelled in the Life that they all are; their unique contributions to your world and human consciousness.

Somehow the parasitic ones – fleas and mosquitoes included – you are rather less tolerant of. You are not fond of these for their purpose is that which takes of another’s blood and life force in order to sustain its own.
Yet, such creatures, like all others, are perfect mirror images. They are reflections in one way or another and at one level or another, of humans and the human journey and its falls in consciousness over time.

As with all life everywhere, each enters the realm of earth in order to learn and grow, as well as contribute or serve the greater good and humanity. Sadly, it is only the human family themselves that have forgotten who they are and thus, that they too are in service to each other and all life, and having the earth journey to learn and grow into their God Selves.

Do you remember a time in your own history as a young child when you were in that state of pure beingness? Enjoying blowing dandelion seedlings from its stalk and watching the various places they would land? How magical an experience that was for you. Or building moats and castles with beach sand and a bucket? How glorious it was to eventually topple the sand castle over, to stamp on it and then to re-create it all over again a short time later.

This has been humanity’s journey, you could say, in very simplified terms. A journey of building, having your creation toppled and then rebuilding once more. Marking era upon era upon era on earth. Now we enter a new juncture in the game. One in which we build – not sandcastles in sand that have no or little basis in strong, solid foundations – but strong, solid structures made from entirely new materials.
Those materials are your own inner attributes of God. Each of you are specialist builders, architects and engineers, you might say. Ones who have learned all the pitfalls of the building plans and how to discern both the land type and thus the appropriate building materials required.

You have learned through trial and error what materials will work best in which types of ground. You have learned also the importance of how a structure is built – from the ground up, and not from the roof down, as it were. You have learned that mistakes can be costly if you attempt to take shortcuts in building your structure and have learned that decoration and painting of your structure comes when all else is solid. And not before. For a pretty home with a leaking roof is, sooner or later, bound to create a damp and unpleasant home to live in.

You have been busy building your respective structures, finding their weaknesses and renovating or repairing as has been necessary. Of course, this has been a personal journey for each and no one structure will be the same as the next. Perhaps some are already in the decorating phase, while others may well still be dealing with unstably-built walls or leaking roofs.
It matters not.
Only that a safe house be built from the foundations up. That this time each may stand strong, no matter what the weather outside is. For your structures will be wind, hurricane, earthquake and storm proof. Each providing a safe haven to all seeking shelter, warmth and comfort.

I paint this metaphorical picture for you that you may see and understand and accept the value of the period you have just been in and which you leave now.