I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, March 18, 2017


18 March 2017

Mercy and Grace. Grace and Mercy. Somehow the two feel like partners. And God’s Mercy is given in Grace and received by the recipient with that selfsame Grace, whether we’re experiencing that consciously or not.

I’ve been mesmerized by the beauty and perfection of God’s plan lately vis-à-vis Mercy.
The Mercy being that as much pain has thus far been spared to as many as possible on this planet. In the choosing not to know and not to see the nature of our reality, our fellow Earth citizens’ lives don’t seem to have changed much – on the face of it, that is. Vast amounts of any lifestream’s efforts and energy is still being expended, though, in the direction of the money god, for the sake of pure physical survival.

And in the impoverished Third world countries, it still a fact that almost any means (including selling one's own child and risking selling body parts in operations done by dodgy surgeons) remain popular to those who have no idea where their next meal is coming from or money for a family member's medical care.

On the face of it, little appears to have changed these past few years. But, actually, everything has on the deeper interior landscape. Inside people, much has changed. Often brought on by seemingly-forced circumstances. Lessons have been gone through and passed or failed. But change, though imperceptible, has certainly been present in every heart and mind. Whether people have gone through this consciously or not.
I feel this plan has been and is filled to overflowing with Mercy. And so too will what comes be. But it’s up to each of us to view it as such. No matter what the scenarios, situations or people’s reactions.

What is Mercy? Mercy is what God gives the darkies, over and over and over again. Another chance and yet another to change direction; to give up their theatrics and their old, tired performances. To allow God to invigorate them and offer them new life; His life.

Individually, in a similar vein, Mercy is what God gives each of us too. A multitude of seemingly-endless opportunities to raise ourselves up unto Him and live from our true identities. Away from identifying with the entrenched ego and its deceptions. Which leads to us mind-fucking ourselves, if we’ve bought or are still buying into the ill-us-ion of our little selves.

Some of us think that it’s only we who can unlock ourSelves here. But I think it’s a joint effort. It’s also God’s Mercy and Grace that works in tandem with us.

Still, I keep getting the feeling that God just loves this; His experience x 3.5 billion or so of us. Excluding the unensouled, I guess. But I’m not even sure about that.

I don’t mean God loves all of our respective struggles, triumphs and tribulations that are most of our daily lives.
But rather the entire adventure of LIVING, of us being human beings in this chosen earth experience, on His behalf.
No matter whether any given experience is good, bad or ugly as per our perception/perspective on it. Because that response of ours is not directly of Him, but our own egos.

Of course, His happiest moments – or so I feel – are when we are in a state of Grace, giving/serving and a state of Joy. Even more so, when we are conscious of this. For our Joy is His.

Yet, even when we feel down He’s not down, but merely ‘there’. Present and supportive, in an observing and consultatitive capacity, if we allow it. We go through whatever we have chosen to at whatever levels of our being and He never leaves our side. Not once.
If it’s a situation not to our liking, there has to be much comfort in that. If we value Him within us, that would surely be the case. How could we ever feel alone then?

And to me, that’s Mercy at work. Even if we can’t hear Him and his words, there’s many ways He communicates with us. It may come through the content of other people’s conversation in an eavesdropping. Or using another person as a messenger directly. Or through flowers, feathers or leaves dropping of their little gifts in our direction, as we have specific thoughts or feelings. Being conscious of this adds another dimension to the experience.
Then there’s birdsong, calls or the coo-ing of the doves. Note what you think and feel when this happens. Or better still, unusual bird, animal or insect visitations at specific times.
God’s communiqués could come through dreams or a page opening in a book or...or...any other number of ways and means. God’s ways are many in communicating with us.

We may have chosen this experience of ‘separation’ in duality, but we can FEEL through knowing our experience of things, nonetheless. Now, all that to me is also Mercy at work. When I think about Mercy, I can’t help but feel the Grace of God at work.

Receiving of the former is another type of His blessing, bestowed on us, just when we think we can take no more of whatever it is we’re experiencing that feels so damn awful.

God’s Mercy is not only the extending of a hand when we’re down. But God offering a tissue and a hug for comfort when we also feel inconsolable – figuratively speaking.

Mercy to me feels like infinite giving and forgiveness and unconditional love and acceptance, all at the same time.
It’s a powerful and important aspect of His love for us.

Except that He would likely say there’s nothing to forgive and that’s just another construct of our egos to stave of our own feelings of guilt. But I believe the ultimate root cause of all guilt/shame stems from our original separation from Him. Which we then allowed our egos to hijack and add all sorts to.

Imagine a prisoner who may be locked up with others who are way more serious criminals. These ones may infect that prisoner far more seriously and negatively in the long-term, purely by their presence. Perhaps the prisoner is there by ‘misfortune’ of some type or another. Perhaps due to a petty crime or even there ‘accidentally’. Whatever the reason, this is where he finds himself. And now he must make good for himself in a situation that is physically limiting.

Placed in isolation, it may be somewhat lonely, but simultaneously God’s Mercy has provided a clean space for his rehabilitation. And, more importantly, given him the time and space to deepen his connection to his inner divinity, his guidance and knowing within.

So does that mean every cloud has a silver lining? Or God’s Mercy can be found in any situation? I believe it does. But it requires that we recognize we have to choose to see every aspect of our life situation - no matter the limitations – as God gifting us in some way or other.


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