I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, February 4, 2017


4 February 2017


Ye ones who believe that STILL it is ye that are in charge of my Creation and have full reign over this, my son Christ Michael Aton’s beleaguered planent, Urantia, continue to be sorely MISTAKEN.

Ye have no clue of my wrath; no clue of even a smidgeon of my capabilities for you have seen nothing yet. But you are to witness much in the short time remaining to thee, where MY WILL shall be done in each and every area of Life that you have so painstakingly attempted to take control of.

Your millennia old plans, engineered devices and structures shall fall (those that haven’t yet) in a nanosecond. Yes, pulled out from under thy grasp and held up to the world that all my children might know and see all of ye for who and what ye are.

No amount of attempts to cover your tracks will work this time. All will fail hopelessly for ye and all ye may look forward to is My mercy ...for the world will show you none.
Nay, not even those you believed were your most ardent and loyal supporters and minions. There will be no more army of wayward agents scanning the skies and the consciousness of humankind. And no more will ye have the luxury of hiding in the places and spaces you thought were your safe escapes.

FOR FROM ME YOU CANNOT HIDE! Did you really ever believe you could?

Enough will be said about you and to you when the time comes. Consider each day that passes between now and then as taking ye ever more swiftly to Me, where you shall deliver and exchange your will for Mine.

You are not the first, nor will you be the last to experience the great chasm of our separation by your willfulness and wayward choices. That said, no longer will the world be delayed for your learnings on the matter. Now you will wake up – and rather rudely – to being taught that which you have long needed.

This is all


And I hereby place my seal upon these words.