I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Now it is the experiencing time
Time for all to know
He is with them
In whichever capacity they choose
To go

God's mercy knows no bounds
Merciful and just is His hand

That all know clearly
Where they stand

No punishment or wrath
But rather a gift of his Love

Whether the touch is feather Light
Or made from ingredients of His might

God's mercy knows no bounds
Only has it ever been
Our perception of His truth
That may create falsity
And require the inner sleuth

While some may be riding waves
Of blissful joy in their Homecoming
Each will manifest their own
chosen path.
Pulled unto them by the frequency
Of their choosing.

It's a natural gravitation towards
that which feels most comfortable
And aligned with who and where we
each are.

Be open to finding yourself
Where you find yourself.

If above and beyond your expectations:
For you have succeeded in finding
Your way to Heaven on Earth

If below; refrain from disappointment
and feeling pained
Knowing all is for good reason - though
You may not yet see why

God/your I AM has found it fitting
Therefore be at peace with that.
Acceptance is key to peace.

Peace creates the openness to receiving
the full benefits of that which any
experience can bring in furtherance
to God's will; another opportunity
to expand in Him.

But first must come the healing within.
It will come to some as a relief - to
finally know of themselves.
Though it may
take a time to play out and for each to
understand why.

His mercy and love is beyond our
Yet there and here it dwells
Inside our very own selves.

God's love rules and reigns supreme
In the hearts of His team
In Him is true life
In Him is no strife

Blessed be you all in your devotion,
love and commitment to seeing through
CM Atom's and God's plan for Earth.

Congratulations and deepest gratitude
To all galactics and Lighted assistance

And for Earth and all who choose
to go forward with her.