I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, January 22, 2017


21 January 2017

Beloved planetary people

It is my great honour to share with you the following: your ‘prison sentence’ - courtesy of the dark ones has now officially expired and you are free to rise and shine for one another. You are free to now be your OWN selves – unshackled from the agendas of others.
God has set you free with the great grace and glory that He is and with infinite and eternal mercy shown to all.

Is God, our Creator, not the greatest magnificence you have ever known?
And even then, of course, there is so much about His workings within you which you don’t know...
There is much yet to be revealed to you in this regard-and all of it quite wonderful.

For now and with this great gifting working through you, you are expected to rise in God’s will that His plan might be accomplished through each of you.

‘Are you willing?’

Yes, this has been asked of you before. I ask again now:

‘Are you willing?’

Having the willingness and acting upon that are two different things. Being a person of good will is all good and well. But rising requires more than just willingness. It requires courage and it requires your trust in yourSelf, being a spokesperson for God. Do you have this within you?

The truth is that each of you incarnated here as a unique key. Each key (you) fits into a grandly-designed lock that, when turned (your rising) helps all the other keys to turn simultaneously. And in so doing ‘unlock’ God’s complete plan to liberate mass human consciousness.

As walking, living keys of God consciousness, you go forward and take this next step that your brothers and sisters may now equally begin to know their own inner freedom through the Truth you will reveal to them.

Each one of you has wondrous gifts from God to bring forth. Allow this unfoldment and choose to step up to the plate. You will not be sorry. You, who have come to serve Him and do His will.
Let it be done then, I say!

We, your Light families, are holding you and supporting you. We love you beyond measure.



This is dedicated to God for giving me this life here on earth...whatever it is, was and will be.