I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, December 24, 2016



Ever have I been amazed at the true miracle...walking talking fragments of Godliness are we.

We sing in the rain, we laugh in the shower, we smell flowers together in the meadows and ever are we One.
Well, we are One because we are together. And we are together because you decided to think it so. You decided to choose that choiceless choice and path before you...that so long ago you knew of.

In doing this you choose to know and live Us. Is this not a breakthrough? Sometimes you have to breakdown to breathrough.
Now you are in a new place; that place of living with me in the eternal moment of now. Does it not feel somewhat of a relief?

A relief from the release, from the unburdening of yourself from the clutter. When I speak of clutter that would be all the mental and emotional holding tight to your fears, anxieties, to the many limiting feelings and thoughts of thinking yourself lesser than and of judging yourself as being at fault.
Now you are free....free in your Oneness with me.
Is this not the greatest of jewels in life and living; the great indulgent luxury of luxuries, to be free within yourself and to celebrate it?

‘The kingdom of God is within you’ remember? Know ye first that and all else shall be added unto you. Now you understand the true meaning of this and luxuriate in the inner knowing of it.

There is naught on this plane that makes one truly rich and enriched in the way that freedom within does. Freedom has knocked on your back door and stealthily entered, doing it quietly so as not to scare you off.

The glory of God shines forth this very moment directly from your ‘God heart’, as you call it. For of course there is a difference between that and the heart of your ‘mistaken identity’; your personality and ego.
Your ‘God heart’ shines freely in surrender to and with God within you. While your past efforting and aspiring towards that state from a place of separation and through your mental and emotional body never yielded much fruit.

Now you see the fruitlessness of such efforting. Noble as they were, the very act of your many attempts to overcome your inner obstacles were keeping the state of separation alive by default. You were barking up the wrong tree, so to speak, and simultaneously were trapped in the tree branches, too afraid to disentangle yourself and come down.
And so you were caught in a cycle and circle of your own creation; a loop if you will. Being free of this loop automatically opens the doors. Though these doors, in truth, have ever been opened. But it was only your perspective that perceived them as closed and thus your struggling against them continued90.

No matter, for now you are ‘here’...having moved a good deal from ‘there’. Progress is being made, whichever way you choose to look at it.

SK: I had no idea I was choosing such a control freak of an ego/persona at the start of this incarnation. That 'i' would prove to be sooo paralysed with fear, mistrust and subsequent resistance and ...and ....and....no wonder i’ve aged 10 years in the past two!
But it seems the main thing I’ve finally got is: not to struggle AGAINST seemingly-problematic aspects of self, but rather to ALIGN WITH my God Self, in surrender to It.

It’s all been a very long-winded case of ‘mistaken identity’ - doing this leg on the eternal journey in this time-space reality. Now, I finally know my true ‘station of identity’.
Don’t you think this entire lifetime is worthy of a trilogy, at least?

TATA: Aaah....indeed it has all the elements ready in place for a good and enlightening read: drama, romance, the epitomy of the struggling protagonist and numerous key characters providing all the tension necessary. Then it has rather large doses of adventure and of metaphysical experiences in the musing, philosophical protagonist’s ultimate quest for God.

Indeed, all you have experienced is the nature of a life lived, yet for all intents and purposes, to you it feels as though you haven’t properly lived for years, not so? On the level of your potential that may be, but as per all the understandings through experiences you wished to integrate in this earthly one, you are 'getting' it. Much of the core of this learning and understanding has occurred in very recent times.

Thanks Tata, for your input, as always.


Acid jazz Brand New Heavies sing Dream Come True from the 90's:

Afro Jazz Ndawo Yami by Zamajobe

Featuring the element of water and then this question formed in my mind:

Q: Why is water, in whichever forms, so often associated with surrender to the Oneness with God? So many people, including me, on this path seem to identify water with that Oneness with God.

TATA: ...(can’t read my writing) the primordial element from which all life was created by the Creator. It is also representative of the emotional states and body consciousness – once cleared of all its falsehoods and integrated within – which becomes the gateway for your connection to your God/HS.