I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, March 12, 2016



Being in a state of permanent joy is being in a state of grace; it is living the essence of God.

And I’m guessing the closest to God we can experience in physical form. It’s a space where anything and everything is possible. And largely, it manifests in a drive of passion to serving others through some form of creative expression.

Our galactic Light brethren and our higher dimensional Inner Earth family are good examples of this in action. Those who have met them, been in telepathic contact with them or just have a sense of who they are from their words and messages may recognize this. Living from joy is a natural and effortless state to live in for them.

We, and our special conditions on earth, make being in joy a far bigger challenge. And thus we often see it as a state to aspire towards, one to attain. Because it's one we feel separated from - given that for most it feels worlds apart from our attempts at survival in this polarity existence we’re playing here on earth.
If we don’t feel the separation, we’re at least not yet in the space of full (re)union with our HS/Inner God.
And though many might aspire to it, few are authentically in that space of joy 24/7; the space where the Father within flows like water through a tap.

I was deeply privileged a few years ago to experience this state of joy 24/7 for 2.5 months. I didn’t consciously do anything to achieve this but just woke up one morning…and everything was different, because I was different inside. It was perhaps the greatest gift ever to be bestowed upon me. I was God/Higher Self identified…all day, every day.
This was the closest to bliss I’ve ever known in this incarnation. In it, everything became Light-hearted and this state became my guide and motivator for all decisions, choices and actions that followed.

I listened to nothing else except the Inner Joker. Not that I couldn’t be serious. It was just that even my serious moments and feelings were somehow peppered with joy too. Which didn’t undermine it; it just made it all so much easier to digest.

All I knew was that these daily effervescent bubbles of laughter, inspiration and joy emanating through and out of my being had to be channeled into something that others could also get some joy and upliftment out of. Something creative. So I wrote poetry, prose and received all sorts of inspiration and guidance then.
What a time it was for me!
No sooner was I so happily (re) discovering and living that part of me when ‘it’ died a sudden death, leaving as suddenly as it had arrived. Again, for no known conscious reason. I felt temporarily stunned while I made the re-adjustment back to feeling dis-connected.
But I’ll be ever be grateful for the yardstick – having had the taste of what living in this rich, all-encompassing elevated state feels like.

Joy cannot be contrived – especially with all we face daily in ourselves and this dense vibration on Earth.
I used to frequently be kicked out of New Age meetings years ago for too-often challenging the posed peace, bliss or happiness that so many expended energy on faking for the purposes of convincing others at such gatherings. Often, this was both those in attendance and/or the facilitator.
But I was never easily fooled. And I could almost always sense and feel the true emotional place people were coming from, despite the veneer they chose to wear.

They didn’t like me challenging their lies. Yes, that’s how I saw that sort of posturing. Because, ultimately, that’s what it was to me – being something you weren't and lying to others in that process.
I’d later see some of these people in different contexts - at work, with employees or in their personal family context -where they’d be expressing their more authentic selves. It was often a far cry from the image they were intent on conveying at the New Age gathering. Which was really no different from Christians who gather at their own church ‘clubs’ on Sundays, who have their own special ‘club rules’ intact that guarantee respect, admiration and acceptance in their circles. Or any other social, cultural or religious group of people, for that matter.

I remember once in Japan a Western guy living there took me to meet a female Buddhist teacher colleague of his. Returning on the train later and referring to her, he said: ‘Now that (she) is what true peace looks like’. Our perceptions about the teacher were vastly different, though I was only in my mid-twenties at the time. I remained silent though in that instance, not wanting to provoke my host.
Our perceptions are everything and everything – when not of God – is merely our perception.

Ultimately, we are only fooling and cheating ourselves on real growth and consciousness expansion if we’ve convinced ourselves that the projection of a particular image for spiritual/social acceptability is essential in the face we wear to the world. Impressing anyone outside of ourselves matters not a jot in our personal evolution. Ultimately, other don’t care enough about us or our evolution – they have their own self and world to deal with. If there's anyone's acceptance we should be seeking it's our own inner God.
If we feel driven from within to do so and consider it a worthy enough cause for our (eternal) life, then it’s only for us to prioritise being as authentic as we know how. Which then naturally spills over into all our dealings with others in our world.

What does being in the joy of God have to do with being authentically ourselves? Everything, in my opinion.

When we can identify and begin stripping away the onion layers that we have built up to protect and defend ourselves from perceived hurts in the world or socially-acceptable methods of interacting with others – both of which are not a part of our authentic natures – then we naturally get closer to God within.

Getting closer to Him makes the journey to 24/7 joy within that much shorter. For, in Truth, we are already joy. It is our natural God-given state. It is merely a question of re-uniting ALL those parts of us in our re-discovery of Ourselves.

I know, easier said than done. But that I believe is our task right now: to learn how to live as God-identified beings once more, rather than the ego-driven ones we have been for so long.

Since January I’ve had moments and days again of feeling so re-connected to this state, but I’ve struggled to maintain it and it just doesn’t hold permanently. Each one of these experiences has been fuel for me, though, spurring me on to know more about the ego-obstacles within me that divert me away from this state.

I feel it is this state, amongst others, that will mark the consciousness of the New World and whoever is privileged enough to be a part of that Light-hearted experience.

Preparing for a joyous future in the now

Love SK