I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Worldwide Holocaust


The timing is right, the place is right and the events now and to follow are right....right on time for a worldwide holocaust.

People, some, love to believe in a savior, rescuer, a hero who arrives in the nick of Hollywood time. And no, it wouldn’t be nice if it was true.

You can’t save yourself form yourself and you can’t save a nation or the world from themselves. There are prices to pay if you play, and no one, no nation and no world plays for free.

Duped is as duped does and ignorance has no appeal, and the law of cause and effect and action and reaction and all their consequences are as sun is bright and night is dark and each have their turn.

False hope and false belief and false faith may comfort the ignorant by their misuse and misapplication but at the moment of naked truth the ignorant are dismayed and horrified that their favorite saviors failed to appear.

Better it is to not be fooled and to look at naked truth and deal with it before it opens wide its jaws to consume.

Hope, belief and faith make fools of would be wise men.

Sooth sayers among us, and prophet-fools we abide, and the assumed enlightened wearing dark veils, and channelers promising reward without merit and light beams of peace and plenty are cartoon people of good intentions perhaps but void of wisdom when they deny the knife of reality at their throat and say, “The golden age is dawned, is now, and we walk in love, let’s hold hands and be one and by our vision all is transformed instantly,” as if intention was a magic wand or a genie bottle of instant gratification.

You don’t turn a storm that has strengthened over eons with a wisk broom of thoughts, intentions, desires, hope or belief.

Without law without cause and effect no foundation can stand and no constructs maintained, and if it were not so, fools would abound, a short time, and wisdom would not be found and the universe would cease to exist.

Days of reward a-long-time-coming are at hand and no man or gods believed will stay their hand. It comes surely as night follows day, and the wise fear not and seek no refuge in imaginary saviors for they know wisdom’s child is both dark AND light and the greatest teacher for beings moving on to greater experiences.

Be not afraid, rejoice and be glad and thankful, for life here is short and life beyond is long and the journey has just begun.