I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, December 12, 2014

Set Daily Intentions;Be Open To Adventure

through Shellee-Kim

Setting daily intentions is a powerful mechanism to choosing your future. Failure to do so results in someone or something else doing it for you.
And this spells danger!

When you set intentions for your ascension or whatever else you are aligned with, it sets up an energetic resonance. Which in turn opens those of like mind/spirit in the realms invisible to reach you far more easily that help may come.

Again, when you choose nothing or 'go with the flow', you are as good as choosing forces that oppose Light, often unknowingly opening yourself to manipulative forces who do not have your highest good in mind. In other words, by your non-choice you have pushed this into the subconscious. At this level, you are open to even greater manipulation by those on and off planet who would use you and your field, your energy, your emotions as fodder to feed their dark masters.

Therefore, to be safe at all times: make conscious intentions of that which you choose; consciously call in the legions of Light and the multitude of specialists in whatever area of help is needed in resolving your personal issues and at all times ensure you are protected from the fields of others. Particularly if you have some doubt as to what they're aligned with or perhaps feel uncomfortable around them. Listen to your feelings. And learn to discern your fears from your feelings.

This is imperative for the times we are in. And they are set to get far more intense.

In setting your intentions you are...choosing. And 'choice' is the catchword of the day. This is what these times are demanding of you, that you may find and gravitate towards your place; your manifested choice.

Some of you are celebating the festivities of Christmas, followed by the new year that many will celebrate. While others are enjoying long summer holidays off studies and work, combined with the above. All in all, the last month of your year is usually a time for both relaxing and being at leisure, introspection and celebration. This year and into next will be somewhat different, with some surprise elements thrown in.

Be as a child when she/he receives a surprise. See what occurs as an adventure and remember to be in it spontaneously and without judgement. This will ensure that such surprises and unfolding events remain curious and intriguing to your mind and emotions, rather than fearful.