I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, September 11, 2014

TAKING THE PLUNGE by Monjoronson


by Monjoronson

through Shellee-Kim

10 September 2014

Our beloved friends of earth

You are at the top of the roller coaster ride, right about now. And are ready at this point, hopefully, for the downward plunge. Yes, expect both delighted and terrified shrieks of anticipation and shock in encompassing altogether new experiences.

And this applies to everyone – whether awake or asleep. It is for you awakened ones to determine what sort of screams you are hearing that you may know best how to respond.

Yes, this long-planned roller coaster ride has taken quite some time to reach the peak, longer than many anticipated, including us. All the better that we now have the necessary momentum for this next leg of the journey. It will certainly move fast and furiously.

Many of you awakened ones will be whooping in great joy at what you see and experience . Everything you and we both have been preparing for now comes to fruition. Make sure you are at the ready and your sleeves rolled up, prepared to spring into action at a moment's notice.

The dark ones are just about done in nailing the final nail in their own coffins. They haven't needed much encouragement. For they are hell-bent on their own self-destruction. But they will not be taking any souls further down with them. They will go only with those wishing to play Slave to their self-selected Master role. No more will their reign of terror amongst the many on earth be a consideration. Source has deemed it so. And so it is.

And then, out of the chaos begins the real work. That of the re-education of the population at large. Between our side and yours you cannot go wrong. This joint operation has been in the making for some while already. And we anticipate great success and mutual learning in our exchange. I do here mean the galactic crew who's mission it is to join with you. Numbers are needed on the ground and this plan goes a long way in resolving this issue.

We are very, very pleased to see how so many of you ones – our most cherished ground crew – are taking seriously the need to take yourselves in hand.

And the diligence with which you are doing your further necessary healing and clearing work that you may create closer connections with your god within and ourselves. This is most encouraging to see. And yes, the collective and individual impulsing towards this is helping you all along here also. By this I mean the openings that have created opportunity for extra assistance (of an energetic nature) to be given you.

Of course, we expect no less from you as those on the frontline to-be. Your lives will be changing both from the outside in and the inside out simultaneously and you are to know you are under constant surveillance, as well as having those walking alongside you who will be offering you protection, if needs be. All this and more is being given unto you that you have the utmost confidence in yourselves, maintaining the necessary poise and calm required of you.

We move onto another point I wish to make.

It is in all of your personal interests for you and your immediate future unfoldment that you allow yourselves to receive more fully. Some of you have difficulties with this. But holding onto your past feelings of unworthiness will not be serving you now. Please allow, with grace, as all is to be offered and given you with the same grace.

Do make sure your diaries have a big chunk of empty space in them. You will be needing this to attend to a variety of requirements around you: everything from training to teaching, counseling resolution, group participation meetings, healings for others (physical, emotional, spiritual) and conflict resolution. In addition to many practical ways you will be required to be hands-on.

All in all, most busy times ahead for you all. I wish you every success. We know you will come out of it all with much gained and consolidated within.
The manner in which you bring yourselves to each situation requiring your participation will be your ultimate tests.

You are already winners. Know this.

This will be all for now

I AM Monjoronson

Signing off.