I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, August 11, 2014

Iron Dome Alibi

What will it take for the shift in power to start?
First the masses need to know who controls them via the (as yet still largely unknown) Khazarian Zionist global media. Thus the full and total exposure of the tiny handful of psychopaths bent on their own, humanity's and the earth's destruction is required first. Then can humanity have a hand in deciding what should be done with these creatures.

I know, nothing original here. The same's been said a thousand times by as many different individuals. But, whichever way you look at it, the playing fields have FIRST got to be levelled before any kind of decision's taken.

So, Source, CM and VIP's, are you going to or aren't you...? Or are we still looking at the 'soon' scenario?

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Iron Dome Alibi
- Aug 10, 2014

by freefall



One of the challenges in this Age of Information of the modern world is how one country can justify the invasion and/or occupation of another while claiming that it is being done as a means of self-defense. Of course, it helps to manufacture your own enemies.

Although not enough information currently exists to fully substantiate the story told on this video, there is now an indication that the American subsidized “Iron Dome” is nothing more than a giant fireworks display.

[can't embed important short video that comes here. go to http://www.zengardner.com/iron-dome-alibi/ ]

Even if this is untrue, I don’t see the average Israeli needing any reason at all to kill Palestinians other than continuing to carry around their twisted “Master Race” mentality. But the rest of the world may find it of interest.

At this point, the only people in America that I can find who continue to support Israel are either the book worshippers known as Christian Zionists or military mentalities that still believe that OBL and even Saddam Hussein were responsible for 9/11. Anyone not entranced by Zionist indoctrination techniques view what is happening in Gaza as well as the American bombs once again dropping in Iraq as horrific not only to the countries being attacked but ultimately suicidal for their own.

But as I’ve written before, maybe this is really all part of the Zionist agenda. After all, the Luciferian Zionist at the highest levels cares no more for the Jew than the Gentile.

Just as they served up the Jews for the holocaust-Israel swap, they may now be allowing for the release of information that will throw the Israelis under the bus. If this incident as well as other stories exposing the false flags committed by the Mossad reaches full exposure, Israel could soon be reaping what it has sown.

And with that being said, if Israel were ever completely exposed for the terrorist state that it is, what would become of the Christian Zionists here in America? It seems to me that they could very well be viewed by the rest of us in the same way we now see pedophile priests scurrying to their next assignment.

After killing off millions of Muslims, the Zionist overlords could now be plotting the destruction of those who practice Judaism as well as Christianity by turning them into public enemy #1 against the rest of the world.

It will be interesting to see if the Iron Dome Missile Defense System will prove to be hoax and that if it is, will it be reported as so in the mainstream Zionist-controlled media soon. If this occurs, the deluded disciples of the remaining two Abrahamic religions could also find themselves in for a very rough ride.

[hat tip: Jethro]