I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, June 16, 2014


11 June 2014





Indeed, dear beloved friends of Earth. Another year has come for you in this your year 2014. And you are currently right in the middle of your year.
Many of you, of course, hoped NOT to see such an advancement into this year as you have thus far.
Once more, these 'delays' could not have been avoided if we are to consider the overall good of your entire populace. And so our plans are constantly re-adjusted that we might always favour this outcome, first and foremost.

Those of you who read here are of the more maturer variety, spiritually-speaking and generally-speaking. And therefore can accept the basis on which these adjustments are made more easily. Even if you have not the facts fully at your fingertips and the understanding of much of what is involved.
That is left to us - as it should be. For you all have enough burdens of your own to deal with. And you are dealing with all very well indeed.

We would wish you to know that many watch you - with no small amount of envy from their 'ringside' seats. Yours is considered a most privileged position to be in. But that, however, is not what I wish to dwell for these things have been mentioned before.

Some of you have a tendency to ignore the obvious. This is largely as a result of the built-in self-denial mechanism that has lived within you genetically, generationally and physiologically for thousands upon thousands of years.
It is an aspect of you that was introduced into your makeup most deliberately to numb you out and/to dumb you down. And it has done it's job rather well, wouldn't you say?

But it is also at this time the cracking open of this limitation that will both set you free and that will help to enable all 'hell to break loose' in the more public arenas. And this should provide even MORE interesting ringside-seat viewing.

We watch in continued amazement as this mechanism that has clearly not cracked open yet continues to filter out the Truth from the many. Be that on a personal, political, social or psychological level. Or any of the other levels, for that matter.

Yet despite their best efforts, our dark friends themselves are finding it increasingly difficult to hold on and keep their act together, so to speak.
For all literally comes apart at the seams with almost everything they touch these days.

You know of the Midas touch...[SK:King Midas is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched with his hand into gold]. Well, this phase could be called the opposite of the Midas touch with what is occurring amongst these ones at present.

They are trying their hardest in daily failing circumstances to hold on and to keep that ship of theirs afloat. Or the many ships that are literally struggling against the tidal wave. I use the words 'tidal wave' with consideration. For the wave has all but engulfed them. And they are thrashing around like fish out of water now for their very survival.

They cannot take many more dying gasps of air without succumbing to the greater forces than themselves that are at work on this planet (and in this sector).
Theirs has been a journey of slow and painful acknowledgement towards the Truth. That THEY are not in charge and in fact never were. This has been for them the most bitter pill to swallow.

For so long were the forces that opposed them few and weak, that it has taken them this long to finally acknowledge - if only at the most basic level - that they aren't and perhaps never were in control of the destiny of the Earth and her people both.

They are to go down fighting, screaming, resisting and causing as much commotion as possible. This is their chosen path. But they are not to go down unchallenged.

And so, in this, their last dying gasps of life will they get to know and feel the full brunt of much they have meted out to others; the larger populace on your planet.
Their is surely to be a most dramatic exit.

Be that as it may. By the same token, as this cycle draws closer to closing shall you ones know an increased sense of personal liberation that you might strengthen yourselves individually.
And thus our forces of Light as the ground crew you are.

I leave you with this for this evening. For this, our Shellee-Kim, is none too well and we would not overtax her. And I thank her for her continued diligence although she no longer has regular access to a machine and the internet.

Bless each and every one of you, our beloved Light Warriors. For were it not for you, we would also not be where we are today; proclaiming this grand victory of the Light and God.

I AM Monjoronson

Wishing you farewell.