I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, May 13, 2014



By Shellee-Kim Gold

It’s been a very creative campaign’, admitted Marius Fransman, western Cape leader of the country’s ruling party, the African National Congress. And he likely wasn’t talking about the yellow ANC T-shirts issued to thousands across the country on election day alone.

Officially, the ANC deny any such thing happened. Despite photographic evidence of many receivers showing off their ‘freebies’ in photos standing right next to ANC stands on election day.
Why? Because that would clearly be demonstrating an impropriety on their part as the ruling party. Not to mention making a mockery of the existence of the supposedly independent Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Part of the IEC's expected code of conduct is tasked with dealing with all manner of election irregularities and fraud, including this. But then, those same rules and regulations are steered by none other than Pansy Tlakula, head of the IEC , who herself was found guilty of misconduct in a court of law. A decision will be made by the courts in June to determine whether she is to be removed from her position as IEC head.

Despite five opposition parties wanting her to step down before the election, none of the powers that be were about to get rid of a good team player prematurely. With or without her, the IEC still needs to maintain ‘appearances’ of being an independent body from the ANC. But it's clear the IEC bows to the ANC's boss’s boss ultimately.

Now don’t for a second think I’m singling out the ruling party’s lackeys here. The same system of manipulation using different guises at different times to fool the public has been worked and re-worked and run countless times in South Africa’s past by the global shadow government and with whomsoever happens to be visibly ruling the roost in the country at the time. And I’m going back way further than just 20 years worth of elections here.

Point being that the same system run by this ‘hidden hand’ of global Khazarian Zionist minions here are also the very same ones responsible for the installation and removal of all sorts of leaders worldwide at various times.

These ones are all too clear on what works and what doesn't regarding tactics around both campaigning and election day deceptions. And they work them to the hilt. Including being aided and abetted by their wag-the-dog marketing and media allies. Still, the countless ploys posing as pockets of ‘incompetence’ and chaos sold to the public on election day here was all exquisitely executed, I thought.

Because where else would you find a list of nearly 20 separate irregularities and fraudulent acts all occurring on election day, nationwide and in clear breach of the IEC’s rules and regulations? Most especially if there's proof that even a few of these were deliberately and knowingly manufactured.
Before reading what happened on election day, bear in mind that the 2010 elections here were delivered almost flawlessly. It goes without saying that organizers had the necessary practice and preparation time of years to get all those fine details perfectly ironed out for the day – just like they successfully did before.

But on 7 May 2014, de-mock-racy here hit entirely new depths.

The day began with random polling stations countrywide opening up to two hours later than stated; certain station staff were told they had been 'instructed'(by their authorities) to leave ballot boxes unsealed; voters at certain stations were told to put both their marked Provincial and National papers in the same box (Provincial and National are always in separate boxes, as per the IEC’s ‘rules’); voters were issued with ballot papers pre-marked in favour of the ANC; staff ran out of ballot papers midway through the day preventing voters voting altogether; there were no ballot boxes and papers for almost two hours; training was being conducted two hours after opening for ‘standby’ staff, creating chaos; scanners weren’t working; numerous stations failed to receive stamps for ID book stamping and vote verification; equipment didn’t arrive; thumbs weren’t inked to identify voters from non-voters...and on and on.

All these are just some of what occurred on election day across the country. And word of further irregularities of this - the opposite of the much bandied about 'free and fair' election phrase (overused by the IEC) - continue to reach this writer's ears.

To add insult to injury, perhaps thousands of ‘special voters’ (the elderly, disabled, the infirm) received notice at 10 pm the night before their special vote was due to be made that their voting rights were to be cancelled. Organisers of old aged homes confirmed this further. When the organisers went to obtain their voters confirmation from the relevant authorities some walked away with a huge two-thirds of their list of people not being able to vote as their data hadn't been processed.

Naturally, the department hid behind red tape, ie. the appearance of incompetence again, as to the reasons why their jobs hadn't been done properly or at all. But it was more likely they were ordered to by their superiors or sabotaged from a way loftier height than their own.

And this is where the soap opera election-production turns comic. Hundred or even thousands of women voters were told by numerous station staff, including some presiding officers themselves apparently, that if voters had manicures or acrylic nails they wouldn’t be able to vote. Which was absolute nonsense and another 'creative' scare tactic to stop voters voting that was inserted into the day’s drama.

Although information’s still filtering in about yet further irregularities, certain stations were also…wait for it… shut down half way through the day due to ‘full’ ballot boxes.
Never before in the recent history of South African elections have such creative means been employed to radically reduce voting numbers or/and spoil votes from that portion of the public that did arrive to cast their votes.

Then add ex Minister of Intelligence, Ronnie Kasril’s No Vote campaign to the mix. He began this in March and after his conveniently-timed official retirement. His mission? Not to spoil votes but to provide the public with options and encourage them to consider small parties. So he publicly claims. But methinks he's another covert KZ lackey - with the definite whiff of a double agent agenda around him. Even if he does publicly decry Zionism.

The mostly quiet sabotaging and hijacking of an unsuspecting public was the order of this election day, though. It was illegitimate and fraudulent - from beginning to end. And it was heartbreaking to see voters arriving to cast their votes in such a state of hope and expectation, in the face of this well-constructed sham. With almost zilch knowledge by the majority of the real game being played behind the scenes.

Most ‘incompetence’ in South Africa today in various government departments is ‘staged’ to justify non-delivery of a huge range of basic services. Depending on your skin colour – yes, race is still a big deal here – you will either take to the streets in protests or marches if you’re Black, or retreat into self-conscious acceptance and acquiescence if you’re White.
Problem is, while the latter have always emulated British colonial attitudes from our past associations, this diseased approach to our basic human rights has spread like a cancer across all population groups in recent years. And the once-conscientised and highly politicized masses seem reduced to just a minority today.

This has also been part of the longer-term plotting against this country's downtrodden masses-to snuff out any and all attempts at resistance. Which includes murdering the masses to make that point, if necessary. Think the Marikana miners massacre here, which you can Google.

Nontheless, there were a few post election pockets of protests countrywide.

One of these was in Alexandra, Johannesburg, where 30 people were arrested on Thursday and another group of 59 on Friday 9 May, following the elections. While the former was said to have torched an electoral commission office, the latter group were arrested for supposed public violence. A peculiar element was that the army was brought in to ‘back up’ police who used rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse protesters. Although it provides proof of further intimidation tactics against the people.

But president Jacob Zuma made no mention of this publicly. Nor gave any explanation as to what else may have triggered such a response to the protests in the first place.

Such as the possibility of the dumped ballot papers found both in Alexandra, in Diepsloot and Lynwood Ridge during the vote counting phase. Additionally, refuse bags of ballot papers were found in a Pretoria park featuring those special votes – and most of which were purportedly marked in favour of the country’s opposition party, the Democratic Alliance. Also, two ballot boxes were found in a party agent’s home the day before the election. And that’s just a trickle of what we’ve heard about so far.

The IEC merely acknowledged that the dumped ballots were handled inaccurately, but contradicted themselves elsewhere in the same time period. Then they responded to journalists questions around these discoveries saying they weren’t aware of the (ballot dumping) incidents. Evidently, a total criss-crossing of lies and forgetting about who said what to whom in the release of public information all became a bit too messy and confusing for them, too. And I rest my case.

Anyway, I think this was all part of the globalist KZ's plan that the boxes, bags and ballot papers be discovered by the public. There’s an essential psychological operation that is regularly put to work on undermining the national psyche of this country during positive nation-building events which can promote unity between us. Including during election time. It happens with many South African events - particularly if they're to have global impact. And whether or not these take place in South Africa or elsewhere.

Remember the recent fake supposed sign language ‘translator’, Thamsanqa Jantjies, who signed unrecognisable, nonsensical signs to a deaf global audience during Mandela’a memorial in December 2013? Or the 2009 tuneless reggae singer, Ras Dumisani, butchering the South African national anthem in a rugby match in France where the South African flag was also hung the wrong way? There's numerous other examples I could add here.

But point is it's this same mixed messaging that the Khazarian Zionists love to taunt our minds with. They mock us in our attempts at feeling united with one another in this land of divisions. Their modus operandi is to both appear to build this unity and then break it down. And this same psychopathy was at work during this election, too.

That’s quite apart from the use of their minions usual assortment of media tools. Their favourites being: dismissing, denying and downplaying whatever fraudulent election discovery was made by members of the public or more-independent journalists.

This basically means making light of and giving ‘appearances’ of investigating matters brought to the authorities’ attention during the election. But as with Jantjies and Dumisani and the countless others deliberately set up before them, there will be no real investigation into most, if not all of these election irregularities. Once it blows over in the mainstream media, all will be written off or 'postponed' until the public forget.

Most countries’ citizens would have, at the very least, taken to the streets in outrage over the many factors that put the 'mock' back into democracy this election. They would have called to have the election declared fraudulent and criminal or at the very least, put enough pressure on authorities to demand another, authentic election. Or even justifiably marched on the IEC and the ANC to topple them. At the very least, their smug self-righteousness would have been challenged.

But we did not demand objective intervention from outside South Africa. We did not demand or declare the election null and void. We did not pressure for a re-count or/and a re-voting in spite of all the many fraudulent and illegitimate activities listed above. Nor did we try to overthrow the election or the ruling party.

No, we chose to turn the other way that leads to further enslavement of our individual and collective rights. While Zuma, being a KZ puppet and a master chess player on Robben Island back in the day was probably already laughing at us a few months ago when he cockily said: ‘The ANC will rule until Jesus comes back’.

He would never have made such an utterance and with such confidence unless he was quite certain of the election results in advance.