I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MORE ON OUR ROLES by the Divine Dancing Daughters


by the Divine Dancing Daughters

through Shellee-Kim

22 March 2014

We come forth tonight with more news from the higher realms and as it affects you.

There are numerous preparations in the making for your graduation party, beloveds. We wish for you also to have and anticipate joy and celebration as we move further along this timeline.

So many of you are to know the great rewards that your courage to stand true to your path and CM’s Plan has brought.And the joy, once activated, is to be a permanent fixture within you. You are to never again know the sadness of separation.

And those who have been working on this union within and with God for many thousands of years are to finally know the fruits of their labour. Oh, happy days! And happy days they will be indeed as you all shall be leading the pack, as it were, for those on earth.

Expressing all that you truly are gives others permission to express themselves more authentically. And in witnessing you in action, YOU provide an example of one they may aspire towards.

Let us not forget the many who will NOT be open to changing their consciousness, for one and/or many reasons (some of which have been discussed). Be compassionate with these ones, but know within when it is time to let them be. There is nothing you have to prove. And there are no ‘winners’ or ‘losers’ per se; no right or wrong choices to make.

You can only offer yourself as witness, plant seeds where possible and allow what takes hold, to take hold. And then to let go of that which cannot take hold. And please know that whatever happens, this is no reflection on you as a failure. There are to be NO failures. This is an important point. And the most important to remember throughout this ( trial of an) upcoming period is to honour another’s free will in all things.

Obviously, if that other or group of others mean to harm you or other innocents you will need to rely upon your inner voice as to whether your involvement is required in the name of the highest good. Once established, you will know just what to do.

But again, it is NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ‘SAVE’ EVERYONE. Or even anyone, for that matter. According to each one’s individual skills, talents and contracts, so your particular role in the grand picture will emerge.

Through it you will learn the art of being fluid and flexible, you will learn and demonstrate sensitivity and compassion and you will leave behind you a trail of positive associations as regards your trustworthiness, your Truth talking and your balance and stability as a person. All most important that the masses may draw their own conclusions.

Remember, you are our ground crew representatives. And some of you will additionally be working more directly with some of us (*SK: Again, they refer to 'us' collectively - as being the celestials and galactics, mentioned in general terms*).

We will leave this with you for now. And, as always, we are delighted to come forth once more at this propitious time in your history and lives.

WE are the Divine Dancing Daughters, aka the DDD’s.

And bless each and every one of you as you go forth. We shall be together again.