I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIFFUSING (ANGRY) MOB ENERGY By The Divine Dancing Daughters

12 March 2014


By the Divine Dancing Daughters

Through Shellee-Kim


Tonight we wish everyone a wondrous upcoming period. It will be the times of revelation like no other. It is also important to say how important each one of you in the grand scheme of things are and especially regarding how this plan is to play out. Know yours is a vital role in the greater picture.

Beloved friends: There has been much talk and desire about us showing ourselves to the public. We have heard and acknowledged all sincere, heart felt pleas in your petitioning us to appear and wish to acknowledge this in turn. SK: I GET THIS IS A RESPONSE TO THE TIU REQUEST THREAD]

WE come again this night to bring more to you. As things are to get underway, we wish to ensure all are in reasonable shape and preparation for this.
The series of events – once they start – will come fast and thick. And there will be no time ‘at the time’ for any last minute preparations. Although you have been warned often enough about this and again recently. So there really is no excuse in not being prepared – in all the ways you can think of and have discussed with one another.

Let’s change focus. WE wish to help you tackle something that could be useful to you in times to come…how to deal with angry people collectively, specifically those in a mob.

Most times when anger arises in people collectively it is created by an energetic wave of negative thoughtforms; this is typically what occurs during a mob reaction.

When people are emotionally aroused en masse they seek action. That action may be made manifest to demonstrate their anger and that there also may be an outlet for those they deem the ‘responsible’ party. This is the case in most mob-type scenarios.

Public protests could take the form of active demonstrations showing dummies or pictures of those they feel are responsible for their woes. It could take the form of silence, which is rare or it could take the form of embattled rage, where people take to the streets and become caught up in violence as part of the frenzy stirred within them.

We are looking here at groups of people, and sometimes large groups. When these thoughtforms are out to play, mobs are driven by pure e-motion. There is very little ability left to reason within as this has become smothered by the group frenzy. There is usually no desire or ability either to find the quiet space to return to a balance within, for all are usually caught up in the emotion of the moment. So what to do?

We suggest, beloved ones, especially you who are the guides and wayshowers, do something first to divert mass attention. And then seek methods to begin diffusing the anger. Once the anger has subsided, you will be able to begin reasoning with people better and you will have taken yourself from harm’s way also.

Diverting mass attention is simpler than it sounds. You and a small group could start by singing alongside the mob. Increasing your collective volume with each moment. This will ensure energy is detracted and the spell of anger ‘hypnosis’ is broken within the crowd.

Then choose one person within your group to begin speaking- using the same words repeatedly to start with until enough within the mob have your attention. At this point, it won’t take much for the rest to pay you and your words attention.

Of course, you may not have enough people in your own group to sing loudly or strongly enough. In which case, you may need to resort to the art of diversion using a decoy. Which will require your full trust and faith in your protection, as with the above scenario.

In the decoy scenario you may wave a large distracting object from a higher vantage point or a passing means of transport. Or you may do something very physical and blatant, such as switch on a water hose and spray in the crowd’s direction or use a megaphone to play distracting music/sing or some such.

The point of all this is to have you, the guides and wayshowers, gain a measure of control during such crowd scenarios. A space where YOU are in a position to take charge and speak your Truth. Once you have created this gap, you may begin to share your thoughts and ideas on what is happening and why. And try to answer questions as you can. As many will wish to know much from you.

The anger and excitable feelings of panic and fear won’t have disappeared from the crowd, they will merely be momentarily dissipated. Most important, therefore, is to use your moments wisely. And your words. As you will then be in a key position to CALM PEOPLE DOWN. You will be given help here. Please listen to the God within AT ALL TIMES. This way you know exactly what to do and what NOT to do.

These are situations which can change from moment to moment and your objective is to offer calm from chaos and provide a level of comfort and reassurance. Therefore you need to BE it.

Each scenario will be vastly different from the next and the one before it, so we speak in general terms here tonight. And leave some of these tips and our advice in the hopes that this can be useful to you.

We love and bless each one of you for you are All dear to our Hearts

WE are the Divine Dancing Daughters

Saying goodbye for now.