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I AM Present

Friday, December 13, 2013

Nelson Mandela Dies…Again?

Nelson Mandela Dies…Again?

by Shellee-Kim

Nelson Mandela is dead. Again. Well, let's just say this time around his 'official' death date was last Thursday, 5 December. His unofficial and true death date was very likely the 25 June 2013.

And that story was broken by one independent freelance writer, Laura Oneale. Of course, she stood practically alone in her claims and shortly thereafter came under severe fire from all manner of controlled presstitutes and their keepers and so-called ‘independent’ journalists from all sides. Mandela was still alive, they said, although admittedly in a weakened state and in intensive care. And this was followed by South African president, Jacob Zuma, assuring the South African public that Mandela was still very much alive.

Oneale’s story only made MSM in a negative context. The South African shadow government who help ensure a controlled media on behalf of their global Zionist Talmudist bosses were probably under the strictest instructions to ensure no suspicions were made about the reality of that situation. Hence Zuma’s assurances and MSM’s continual updating on Mandela being ‘alive’ thereafter.

But I did feel deeply for Laura Oneale when I read the varied and ridiculing responses to her initial piece. It was nothing less than a serious case of cyber witch-hunting and burning. A case of having something serious to defend. And how better so than by attack.

[Note the article on the subject is one from the SA MSM]

Just as fast and to corroborate the theory that Mandela WAS actually dead, the controlled mainstream media quickly got on with focusing for a week or more on the decoy story, as I'm calling it. In it, Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela, was the source of much bitter family feuding. And ‘suddenly’ he became the central focus of MSM news in SA, very busy supposedly moving family bodies between graves in different locations and supposedly getting the ire up of various family members. And the MSM journalists were obviously ordered by their newsroom presstitute bosses to focus on it while the real family proceedings, a funeral? and mourning got underway.
Which could all have been accounted for by the presence and spotting of hearses, grave diggings, burials and all else needed as a cover story and decoy for an actual Nelson Mandela funeral taking place – hidden in plain sight.

And to my mind and worthy of sharing, was the recent local radio interview with someone who was close to Mandela for many years. Zelda le Grange was his personal assistant. During the interview she said she last saw him a few months ago and had since taken the decision not to see him further in his dilapidated physical state. Perhaps what she was saying was also that that was the last time she’d seen him ALIVE– period. I had the thought that she was one of his 'handlers'... I wonder what her family connections are to the ZT’s.

So, who or what is the body in the glass coffin that people are traipsing by daily to view in Pretoria this week? I believe this could either be a lookalike or the ‘real’ Mandela’s body (which in itself may be a duplicate of the VERY original) which could have been on ice for all these many months.
Why? The ZT’s are the thugs of the universe. And like all thugs, one of their main motives for existence is power/money. So this event of Mandela’s death had to wait to coincide with all the shekels the greedy, psychophants could make off the even bigger tribute being paid to him on the November 29 and Christmas opening of the ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ movie, based on Mandela’s life.

Cast your mind back to Michael Jackson’s death and his music released immediately after. Or the death of any number of celebrities and the ways in which the ZT’s who run the entertainment/media circus have used these as cash cows.

I believe that another of the motives for prolonging Mandela’s ‘death’ is the one of numbers and dates. These are mega-important to the ZT’s to accumulate psychic power. They’ve chosen this time for good reason. His official funeral’s on Sunday 15 with many of the world’s head of states here along with all manner of VIP’s and celebrities. With so many of the ZT’s dark minions gathered in one place at one time, you must know something huge is up.

When global events of this type are planned, it is always because the ZT’s plan to steal something.
Remember, these creatures that have run our world are like your common flea or mosquito by nature. They are parasites and like fleas, they themselves are difficult to pin down and don’t die easily. Or at all. And why particularly the public figures amongst them have been cloned/lookaliked countless times.
So whatever they plan or oversee of such epic proportions as this funeral IS for the purposes of taking something from you – in one form or another. Because that is who they are and what they do. And they are also compelled by the invisible dark forces they’ve sold (what’s left of ) their souls to in exchange for what THEY think is real power from a REAL god.

Here’s how they do it.
They build the energy in the collective human field by programming the mass mind with repeats of every aspect of the person focused on. Why we’ve had Mandela and nothing BUT Mandela instructed to be aired on ALL MSM operations nonstop 24/7 since last Friday 6 December in South Africa. With the rest of the MSM world following suit. This ensures the necessary building of idolatry over the projected image; raising the perception of a being to heroic and god-like status. In this case, that worshipping and awe was already there and it was just a case of amping it up during this period.

The ZT’s and their forces hone in for the psychic kill when enough e-motion is roused collectively. It is that energy innocently sent out by the masses that is their power which they can then use to arouse more fear=control in the mass mind. This is a feeding frenzy for them and where their parasitic nature really comes to the fore.

Cast your mind back to their sacrifice of Princess Diana, the media bombardment and her funeral which followed. This is a repeat of that. They milk the event and the millions of human souls who are programmed by the media blasting their brain to give over of themselves. Think also of the events of 9/11, various Olympic Games and their openings especially, and mass musical events. Mandela’s funeral is right up there with them.

Nor does it really matter as to the truth of who these ‘figures’ were. But in most cases, it seems most were either willing or unwilling puppets of the ZT’s. And, in Mandela’s case, it appears as if the REAL, original Mandela died many years ago.

I started to get suspicious when, some years ago during his public speeches, I’d watch him pausing…as if to listen to ‘something’ (ear device?) which would clearly be telling him what to say next. Well, I guess the ZT’s spent enough years in preparation on programming him into an ‘icon of forgiveness’ and humanitarian hero for his role on the global stage.

Imagine the mass shock which will follow when discovering that Mandela, the humanitarian hero, was only ever aligned to the ZT’s cause and just another puppet, acting his role to perfection.

But before that happens along with other shocking revelations of our time, the ZT’s could well attempt another plan on the back of this funeral, if South African Seiner Van Rensburg’s prophecies from almost a century ago are anything to go by:

On the morning of 8th September 1925, the Seer told his daughter, Anna, he sees a black man being released from prison in the distant future, visit Russia, and on his return, be appointed in an important post. The country will be thrown into chaos under his rule. However, it is only after the violent death of a black leader, and a massive strike cripples the country, that real trouble starts.

This black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people flock there in their thousands to ‘pay their last respects’: “The body of the king(black leader) is placed in a glass coffin and he lies in state on Church Square, Pretoria—for seven days. Mourners came from all over the world to pay homage to this king (of the rainbow-nation). Nobody worked—for seven days, for people moved past the coffin day and night, fell on it and wept bitterly, and could not be consoled—for seven days.” On the eighth day he was buried in Heroes’ Acre.”(A special plot in the old cemetery in Church Street, Pretoria, reserved for statesmen)…

However, when the armed forces advance on Pretoria at dawn, the Boers are ready for action and Johannesburg is bomb-attacked, which shakes the whole world. The ensuing war will quickly spread northwards until the whole of Europe is in flames. But England will suffer the most as a result of race riots and famine...”

Siener also saw civil war and violence erupting after Mandela’s funeral.