I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choices And Getting Real With The Self by Nada

A warm Hello to you All!

Please read what Nada had to say here in context - given that this is two months old already. I guess since then more of us got more 'real' with ourselves.

Love Of The One Heart


Choices And Getting Real With The Self





Beloved Ones

We wish to bring forth some information for your perusal this night. It has come to our attention that many of those who’s missions it was to stand up and be counted are shying away from their work.
This is not in accordance with your contracted agreements. And it is imperative that you ones find the courage within to face your respective Dark Night Of The Soul in order that you can reclaim yourselves.

Ask yourselves where your complacency has taken you. Is it where you would have liked? Is it taking you to the next step of evolution and service? Or is IT leading you down the garden path, rather than you directing IT?

When the calling occurs, we expect those of you who are ready to jump to attention. However, there are many more that are required to be at the ready. With the extra time given you, we hoped you would put this to good use, using it as further preparation time.
However, it appears as if many more of you have instead become lackaidaisical and more bogged down by your daily trials. We wished and hoped that this would be different.

Further, we ask as many of you as possible to now make that internal commitment to your contracts by ACTING upon them. A commitment to serve means you are required to serve through ACT-ION. This is how you solidify and anchor in such a promise. Doing this then allows the next natural step to unfold, allowing for further choices along that path.

Understanding the dynamics of choice is mightily important here. To choose is not merely to say something is so. Or to intellectually choose it alone. It is to embrace with your entire being that which you have decided is your choice. And if there are obstacles in your pathway to embracing this, then it is to get to grips with these obstacles, removing them one at a time (if needs be) from your pathway.

To move fully into the wholeness of yourselves requires this anyway. So it is merely a question of doing this now or later. Of course we would suggest there is no time like the present moment.

There is much work to be done at many levels and all hands are needed on deck, as it were. We have relied upon you Ones (the sincere Lightseekers) to hold the fort. Now it is time to go forth from the fort into the field, to help those flailing about and in real need. You have spent, many of you, years in preparing for what is to come. And now is the time when your preparation should pay off. And we would like to see the success of each and every one of you.

That, we think, is all for tonight. Although there is much more to say on this important topic. For choice, is that which consciously and unconsciously, guides your every next move. As you journey ever onwards and upwards.

With great love