I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Input From The Hathors

Input From The Hathors

thru Shellee-Kim

9 July 2013

We are the Hathors come to you once more after a long absence. How have you been, my friend?

Yes beloved Shellee-Kim, the way has been hard and steep for many of you. Yet you have not given in or given up. And you are all due to have some very good external help coming from outside of yourselves shortly.

Too many on your earth have lingered over their choices, even though this has been an ideal period with which to consolidate the aspects within that required this. And, as we see this, there has not been the commitment by a large portion of those that were thought ready. This was partly expected. And a plan existed to cover this possibility also. It can be seen by many at this time as the ‘critical’ hour. Most are feeling this in one or many ways, yet know not from where the feeling comes and great unease prevails amongst your global population, as a result.

Have no fear, little ones. Your Father has made plans which are quite exquisite in their perfection. And all is to be played out in accordance with His will. Ah, this one smiles, and so she should. For these plans are quite magnificent and of the order not experienced on earth for millennium.

Our role is to become one of way more direct mentorship as we enter these coming times. There will be numerous of you that are to work with us and our guidance will be a recognizable force, helping to sustain change on your world. Of course, we are to be one of many such groups or influencing energies.

A potpourri of thinking and subsequent resolution from all over your universe and beyond will be a greater part of solutions to come forth for implementation on your world. Always in co-operation with you on the earth. And we are delighted with our soon-to-be involvement more personally with you.

Our beloved friends on earth: as you go about your daily work, your interactions and struggle your way through your various challenges, know that we are ever present. We are far more closely involved with you all, based on our history. And much of that link is yet to be revealed.

We hold you in the highest possible esteem, friends of earth. For your journey(s) have truly been astounding. And what’s more, you emerge – more or less intact, albeit very war-weary survivors.
We are so very proud of your achievements. And we wish to blow a bugle in honour of them and you.

There are many who, had they the opportunity to have this earth placement at this time, would have jumped at the chance. But it was decided in advance to round up those ones who’s experience in planetary ‘takeovers’ was superior, as an extra safety measure. And thus the assignment was offered first to all of you.

We do hope you have no regrets about coming here at this time. You did know exactly what you were in for, in advance. But you and those of your respective teams had great faith in your abilities. You are boundary-breakers, after all. And not ones known to withdraw easily from the ‘battle field’.

Indeed, we will sign off as this one grows sleepy. And we wish for her to be well rested.
As we wish our Love upon all of you. We are most anxiously watching and waiting for the moment when we can step forward in greater service to you.

For now, we hold you all in our embrace.

We are the Hathors.