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Monday, December 31, 2012

Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan

Morning All!

I would never give Henry Makow the time of day, being an obvious out and proud misogynist(who likely has also been overtly or covertly government psy ops exploited) of his ex Save The Males site. To know where he personally comes from in encouraging gender separation, you'd need to explore his past writings in some depth. But I came across this piece from there on Before It's News and must state my source.

Be that as it may, here's an interesting piece to highlight further manipulation of the mind via fear and confusion in the guise of being spiritually discerning in the Christian context.

Written by someone called Mastral (M-astral...really?) - the entire piece is an excellent example of the planting of further seeds of mixed messages in the minds of seekers looking to make some sense of the times we are in and what's immediately ahead for us. But we've come to know this perspective as typical of Christians pumping bible ideology and from evangelists that Mastral proclaims himself as.

Some of the be-lie-fs herein that should put you on Red Alert include Mastral's reference to:

'demonic spirits materialize in the guise of benevolent
beings' (a fear-based warning to ensure your hearts and minds are as closed as tight as possible when the planet's people ARE exposed to contact from benevolent space brethren?) twisting who and what ancient Egyptian mystery school members were about and the black and white approach to communicating with other dimensions. Including mixing in the assumption that spiritual gifts are 'classic occult tricks' (everything depends on the intention of the one communicating or using the gifts).

In the latter this is a biggie for Christians. The premise being that if you're in communication with beings from other dimensions, you have automatically opened yourself to possession by demons. Particularly if you've NOT given your life to Jesus Christ.

And although this author tries to convince the reader that this sort of communication is commonly aligned with blood sacrifices and drugs (established Illuminati practises), nothing like this actually occurs with those who commune with authentic Realms Of Light beings. Yet the author is intent on sending out contradictory messages to confuse here.
As with his reference to kundalini awakening also being 'demonisation'.

All failing to address the one important issue - that opening yourself knowingly or not to what I call the Darkies (on and off world varieties), lives in your own very unaddressed ego imbalances. And the very thing all Christians are notorious for ignoring because it means the taking back of personal responsibility and ownership of all parts of yourself. In direct conflict with Christianity which says giving your life to Jesus Christ along with all your 'problems' will take all the pain and suffering of your life away.
This ties in nicely with a piece I wrote a couple of years ago about what is at work when Christians 'give their lives to Jesus Christ'. Will repost this next time.

In my opinion, this author person is still very much knowingly/not a controlled Illuminati/psy operative employee - whether parading Christian be-lie-fs or any other.

See what you feel. And it would be great to have your comments for discussion.

And A Happy New Year to you all

Love Shellee-Kim


Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan

(Portal earth, from Stargate)

The goal of Satanists is to eventually have demonic spirits materialize in the guise of benevolent
beings. A former Illuminati tell us how they will do it through the use of
rituals and dimension portals.
Marcos writes:

“Why would the elite spend hundreds of years studying these rituals, gematria, numerology, etc? Why do some spend their whole lives studying this crap ? If it didn’t work at all, they would just get tired of it and go spend their millions in Monaco.

Many witnesses say spirits really appear. I personally know people who have seen and even talked to them. Many are very down-to-earth people (a software engineer for eg).

We live in world where people worship a wall where water has formed an image of Mary or a toast with the face of Jesus.

I wonder what would happen if these spiritual apparitions become commonplace. People wlll need another explanation apart from the one given by the media, about the benevolent aliens.

[Editor's Note: I reserve judgement and present this material for discussion. I am not sure I agree that meditation and opening of chakras are demonic.]
by Marcos

A recurring theme in TV and movies is the concept of portals that send travelers from one dimension or universe to another.
For example, “Stargate” presented this concept as well as aliens and spiritual ascension.
Even the Smurfs wait for a specific celestial alignment in order to open a portal to our world.
A book, Rastros do Oculto, from Brazilian author, Daniel Mastral, may explain the recurrence of this theme in the media.
Mastral used to be a high ranking Satanist, bred specifically to lead the group in Brazil, but instead he turned to Christ and became an evangelical.
In the book, he states that occultism, magick and Satanism seek the opening of portals and communication with evil fallen angels, or demons.
The accumulated esoteric knowledge of the ages was passed down by demons in the form of rituals, in order to open these portals and alienate people from God, assuring their damnation. Misery likes company.
The author tells us that in Ancient Egypt, Satan promised an alliance to a few. These people, who became the Mystery School members, are known as the Brotherhood of the “Children of the Fire”.

According to Mastral, there are two kinds of portals: portals to the body and portals to Earth.
Portals to the body allow demons to interact and control humans.
The most basic ritual is channeling, where a medium lets a spirit talk through his mouth, dispensing counseling and commands.
Blood sacrifices, symbols, music, drugs and special meditation permit a higher level of demonic attachment and consequently, more spiritual powers to the follower.
These powers are the classic occult tricks of divination, telepathy (in fact messages delivered by demons), creation of fire, telekinesis, etc. These are not enhancements on the individual, but merely deeds done by spirits to look like the person has “evolved”.
Much of the doctrine of chakras and the awakening of the kundalini spirit (total demonization) is in truth opening of bodily portals to demons.
More advanced followers can leave their bodies and perform astral projection, where they move around in their spirits, while their bodies are resting.
In this condition, they can also visit and interact with demonic spirits.
The whole hierarchy in Satanism depends on power and the level of the demon who is “residing” with the person, his protector.
Usually people with long family ties with the occult have the most powerful demons by their sides. Strong demons can indeed inflict disease and create accidents, and fights among satanists are common.
Fortunately, they can’t harm true Christians, who are protected by the Holy Spirit and angels from God.
Portals to Earth are more complicated. According to Mastral, reality is comprised of nine dimensions which overlap in space but are separated in practice.
He gives us the metaphor of an elevator. Spirits from more elevated dimensions can go down to lower floors, but no one can go up.
We live in the fourth dimension. Below us there are several powerful demons who have been imprisoned by God as judgement. Lucifer is the only evil spirit to visit the ninth and highest plane.
Some portals are temporary and some, the most important ones, are permanent. Temporary portals depend on exact timing and special alignment of the dimensions, and this knowledge is beyond our science or perception.
That’s why occultists obsess with numerology, gematria and astrology; for these are the tools that allow the calculations to be performed in order to profit from the portals to contact high level spirits.

Evil spirits cannot manifest in the middle of Fifth Avenue. They need the strong energy created in blood rituals in order to materialize. But once the ritual ends, they must go. More stable contact can only be achieved through portals.

Permanent portals are the main objective of Satanists (they like to be called children of Lucifér, with stress in the last syllable).
According to Mastral, there are 90 of them, and 72 have been opened by the turn of the century. Nine more have been opened by 2006 and the last the last nine will be in 2013. The exact conditions for the openings of these portals are known only to few witches of the highest rank.
We can expect that they require huge amounts of human sacrifice and psychic energy. A great honor given to a Satanists is to be able to pass through one of these portals and meet demonic powers in their “home turf”. In this process, there is a temporal shift, with minutes on Earth meaning hours in the other plane (much like what happens in “alien” abductions).
The opening of these portals is the reason we have seen since the 1950s so many spiritual manifestations such as UFOs, light orbs and apparitions, sometimes in plain daylight.
Satan’s hope is that with the opening of the last portals, powerful demons from lower dimensions will be able to come to earth and eventually, interact with humankind. They will not present themselves as demons, but as benevolent aliens and evolved spirits of light.
Mastral tell us that some human individuals are indeed empowered by changes in their DNA. This can happen in three ways: demonic sexual spirits (incubus and succubus) can transport semen among humans; a demon possessed man can fertilize a woman, or, very rarely, a couple can pass through a portal and have sex in the other side.
In all cases, the higher energy affects the embryo’s DNA in a way that makes it easier for the individual to interact with spirits and be a channel for more powerful psychic powers.

Normal people can’t stand perfect possession from high level demons, the body would die, and that’s why channelers are always exhausted after a “session”.

The Satanists’ goal is to eventually perfect a human who can stand a complete possession from a very high demon and exhibit powers never seen on Earth. This person may even exist today, and he will be the antichrist.
Mastral’s explanations match what we know about Satanism and Mystery Schools. Even if you don’t believe in this weird spiritual reality, you should be very concerned that our globalist elite does, and that they require human blood for their plans.
We live in the age of Alice Bailey’s Externalization of the Hierarchy, when centuries-old occult secrets will be revealed. The bad guys know that we know what they are doing, and we should expect open war soon.
However, this is not a material war; it is a spiritual one: we have God on our side and his holy angels to protect us. Mastral himself decided to leave the group when he faced the fact that demons could not touch Christians.
Satan knows he will be defeated, and wants to take as many as he can with him, while deceiving them with the promise of victory over God.
Ultimately, we have to remember Jesus’ words: “I am the Way [...] none comes to the Father but through Me”. God has given us a “portal” to a higher dimension and perfect evolution, through the sacrifice of His Son.
Fortunately, no rituals, sacrifices or slavery from our part is required. That’s the secret Satan doesn’t want us to know.
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Source: http://www.henrymakow.com/ex-satanist-details-illuminati-spiritual-plan.html