I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Active Participation by Creator Source

Morning All

There's something wrong with my blog functioning. And so wasn't able to reply to a comment on the recent Tara -Winds of Change (in Channelled Chats).

Annonymous asked 'what happens if the plan changes again'?

Yes, it's possible that it could. Given the ever-changing circumstances here on earth and what we collectively generate. And if it does...so what? We must become reliant not on outcomes-based experiences that sway us hither and thither, but rather on our own inner compasses to guide us through. That is what personal mastery requires of us. Whether events such as these come to pass, are delayed or altered.

In magic, madness and mystery



Through Shellee-Kim


9.40 am

Good morning beloved. It is Creator Source. I wish for you to take a short message. Will you do so?

SK: Certainly.

Indeed. Let us begin.
Please allow yourself to look around you. What is it you see in your world currently? What is it people are be-coming? Are they appearing to be more connected with their inner selves or less so? Are you? And what of it? How and what is it you feel you can bring to the lives of those you touch daily?

You believe - many of you – that this is a waiting period. A time of passivity and of preparation for what is to come. Preparation it is indeed. But I say to you now that the type of preparation needed is the kind that best serves others at this time.

Declare yourself as the light workers and warriors you say you are by practicing the principles of Light and helping to guide others with it.

Your world has fallen amuck to the forces of ruination and many are stuck in the ever-deepening quicksands of their own making. Please do take it upon yourself to give them a helping hand up and out where and when you see opportunities to do so. And where appropriate to do so.

This is how best you can prepare at this time, in addition to self-reflection as a commitment and necessary tool towards your personal mastery.

I AM Creator Source.