I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, August 30, 2012

To Be In Service (Part 2) by Monjoronson thru Shellee-Kim


I AM Monjoronson come to you this evening, once more. And I am of the Light. I wish to speak to you this evening further of the coming times.

There are those now who are being activated, as we speak. These are ones who have been preparing themselves unconsciously on your surface. And in alignment with their contracts made so long ago. Some will wake up smoothly and easily, while others will be subject to a spell of confusion and disorientation.When these ones seek you out, please do remember how rocky was the road for you when you first stepped on to it. For some it may take a little longer than others to ‘get with the programme’. Show these ones patience and understanding. They too have jobs to accomplish, when they have returned fully to themselves.

Now, the new order of things to manifest is to follow strictly to a programme of events. You have already read about some of this through Candace.(www.abundanthope.net) What we are chiefly concerned with is finding ways to secure peoples’ attention. Here, we mean specifically beyond the 3DD and into the teaching period.

SK: But won’t Starfleet under CM’s command have taken over global media?

M: Oh yes, but that’s not all we need to have in place for the full focus of the people. This is to be their (either longer or shorter) moment of choice and decision-making. In order to have maximum impact, there needs to be further measures in place. And once you are all fully activated to who you are and why you are here on earth at this time, things are to be far clearer in all of your minds. Including the newly-awakened - who you shall nurture to the same state as yourselves.

Some of what you will be doing will involve group work. But this will be no ordinary group work. And many from other civilizations will be present at meetings that will be held continuously throughout the teaching time. Their input, you will find, will be highly valuable. It will serve, in many ways, as what you have already intuited – presenting ways forward that you as a valued member of your society can share with the many on your surface. Not to mention begin in implementing, where possible.
Some of these beings you personally shall recognize, while others you may not. These sessions will be very powerful as it is the coming together of those from numerous civilizations who – in various instances - have already gone through what you are to be going through on your world.
High councils pertaining to these cultures will be on hand at all times to trouble shoot with you, should it be needed.

Now, the next thing to note is the importance of the acts of discipline that each of you are expected to pay heed to each day. This will take the form of communing with the Divine within each of you and certain rituals we will ask you to observe.

Those that have been working with the AH meditation directives, will of course have a great foundation from which to continue on with this. But many from elsewhere would not have had this opportunity or support. And again, your initial energies will be much needed in bringing those under contract into fully awakened states, to the point where they are comfortable with operations and all that is required of them. Of course, this is over and above your work with the general population.

Then, there is also the question of money.
While many of you will be reliant on us for an income, there will still remain a small portion of people that will continue to earn an income in the previously-known manner. But everyone will be given duties to do – services rendered in exchange for the provisions we are to make available. There will be no ‘lounge lizards’. Unproductivity produces laziness which, in turn produces sluggishness of mind and spirit. And this is the last thing we want after all we are setting up for this period.

It will be the first time in a very long time that people will work - contributing to the benefit of all - and without the anxiety that the potential lack of resources or bill-paying produces.

We feel this is adequate for this evening.
This is Monjoronson wishing you every blessing on the road ahead. Our love and support are ever with you.