I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


[I received this on the 16/12 and have been reluctant to post it. During my activation period of the past six months my telepathic abilities have been somewhat fuzzy. Although I’ve received quite a bit, I’ve not been able to identify the origins of some messages. This one included. However, I have recently been assured this new, collective unknown voice is of the Lighted realms. And that’s good enough for me.]

There is much we wish to bring you at this time. Events on the horizon of all of your lives are to change…for good. Take that in both senses of the phrase.
For, in fact, the due date has now been reached. And the moment of change is upon you.

It is encumbent on each one of you reading here to rise to the challenges that are to present themselves to you. This you already know. What you perhaps don’t know is some of us will be joining with some of you.

SK:Which means what exactly?

This means we will also physically be at your sides. To assist and advise and offer our support in numerous other ways, as may be required. Our expertise will be on tap, so to speak.
This will be a life-changing experience for us all via these many upcoming partnerships. It is to be an invaluable period of co-creation and learning. And we would ask that all be open and receptive to the opportunities that come your way in this. It will certainly be an honour and a great gift to partake of such.
Some of these partnerships have been long planned, while others have recently been agreed upon. We would also ask these ones involved to treat these relationships with the due reverence they deserve. Remember, we will be as unfamiliar with your ways of doing things in your world as you will be with ours. And while we come to assist you out of love and in service, know that we are come as the equivalent of you ones bearing the Light on earth. We too now come to witness, experience, learn and partake of the soon-to-be-unfolding new world. And we do need each other here.
You are not expected to go it alone. Although it will be you of earth that will be doing the work of building anew. Nontheless, our presence will be ever constant.

Tools and technology that we will bring with us will be shared with those at the level of responsibility enough to use these for the benefit of humankind and to help raise one another. And not for the purpose of exploitation, greed and as a means of power to have and hold over others. This will not for a second be tolerated.
Should it occur that tools or technology have been placed in the hands of those who waver or turn away from their commitment of service to the whole, that which those ones have been gifted with will be immediately withdrawn to protect all concerned.

There will be no place for faltering, particularly amongst the Lightbearers, the forthcoming leaders and wayshowers. It is imperative that integrity and service to others be at the heart from which all things spring. The driving force behind all things, if you like.

Not all of you will be gifted tangibly. Some will. Yet this does not make those who have the gifts better than those who don’t. Or those who haven’t received these as lesser-thans. It is merely a question of already agreed upon contracts, the level of responsibility the soul is willing to carry and the ability to remain unaffected by external ‘power’ identification.

Ultimately, what is to come forth will be regarded as an enormous boost, a leg up, into the new world. When worlds end and begin again, there is always a certain amount of chaos to be expected. And this is what our role will be for, amongst the others already mentioned, to assist through the coming chaotic moments. We see this, with your assistance, as being handled relatively smoothly during the interim period after the major stasis.

There will be upheavals, of course, but with your guidance and calm, we see the residents of the new world adapting fairly well to the enormous upcoming changes in every area and on every level of their living experience.

For you ones, you forerunners, it will of course be remembered for being the most exciting time of being present in the physical human form. One where advancements are made in leaps and bounds, both personally and in worldly terms. And one where obstacles you have known all your lives will seemingly be no more. This is not to say you will suddenly have a ready-made instant nirvana of a society. Far from it. Yet it will be apparent that progress is consistently being made.

Your world has not chosen to evolve instantly, but evolve it will. It will be exactly at the pace that you pioneers will be most comfortable with. And you ones shall show the rest how to do this.

This is all we would like to leave with you this day.

We thank this one for opening herself to do this with us.

And we greet each one of you with great love and joy
In anticipation of our meeting